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23 Nov, 7 tweets, 3 min read
ok then tell me why these so-called "hypercapitalists" are implementing every ideal outlined in the communist manifesto
plus the CULTURAL revolution was engineered by literal marxists from 1930s-70s. CRT for example was invented by marxists. "woke capitalism" is largely a result of leftist hegemony of academia, media, etc., which indoctrinates each new generation of elites
globalists aren't neoliberals. these people aren't out here preaching hayek and von mises
basically, I think they have a spiritual worldview ("chosen people", "repairing the world", one-world government, and so on) and that socialism/communism/leftism (same shit diff names) is the closest/main ideological expression of their spiritual worldview
they arent ideologically dedicated to marx or w/e, they're religiously dedicated to the world government project (and enslaving humanity) which communism was a major step towards. and they definitely arent ideological liberals, they hate freedom and they hate plebs owning stuff
yea exactly, there's no functional difference between a global communist state in which "the party" (the oligarchy) owns everything and what we have now
here's the saint-simonianist worldview, who marx described as the patriarchs of socialism. it sounds exactly like the world economic forum / united nations / etc today

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23 Nov
this acc is like a CIA generated ai designed to make nationalists seem as disgusting and unappealing as possible, it's worse than 100 matt heimbachs

I didnt even wanna QT this to be associated with this sick freak
i dont get involved with this wignat vs groyper bs but come on bro that shit is just disgusting
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22 Nov
people see globalists creating a radical far-left ultra-progressive anti-racist world government that is pretty much just neo-communism and they label it "nazis," despite it being literally the exact opposite of everything nazis stood for
still blows my mind that people do this. why dont they at the very least call it communism? like globaloids (e.g. anti fa) will literally wave a hammer and sickle around and babble about karl marx and people *still* call them nazis. phenomenal
"bl*ck lives matter??? hmm yep, clearly nazis. this is exactly what hitler would have wanted"
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21 Nov
"i'm a conservative!!!" - cant even conserve ur own bloodline
people mad in QTs: w*men, br*wns, communists, libertarian guys with azn wives

cant we just get like one rightwing facefg who isnt married to a brahmin or j*w or g*y or whatever? even the unironic neonazis like mike enoch are at it lmfao
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19 Nov
the entire chicago world fair cost 1/3rd the price of the burj khalifa and was built in 3 years in the 1800s but sure tell me more about why everything needs to be disgustingly ugly
and this was like peak extravagance funded by the world's richest people at the time. imagine how beautiful buildings could be today for a fraction of the cost
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18 Nov
liberalism and capitalism (1600 - 1960):
not su*ciding western civilization, white supreemist, conquering the entire world, giant empires

"liberalism and capitalism" (1960 - present):
western civilization su*cide speedrun
iirc, keith woods argument was that leftists arent naturally degenerate/woke (the nasty CIA made them so to defuse the imminent and totally real "workers revolution"), that "liberal capitalism" is the real problem and western marxism is actually somehow capitalism
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18 Nov
are you completely r*t*rded?

the leftist establishment isn't seething because kyle is working-class lmfao its because an ostensibly white kid defended a city from their useful idiot communist rioters who were burning a city down on behalf of a black nationalist organization
"clearly, this is a class conflict"
the only "class conflict" in any multi-racial western society is the white upper-class being financially incentivized and ideologically indoctrinated into betraying the white working- and middle-class by giving our territory and resources to br*wn people
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