One of the things that constantly bothers me about...well...tens of millions of people is just how dead satire, poetry, and the skill set of critical thinking and comprehension all are.

Turn your brain off? You're gonna miss the point of what you're watching.
One of the best things about problematic characters is not watching how they develop, but seeing the subtext--the way in which the irony of the situation in relation to the characters showcases itself in real time.

You're not supposed to like Tony Soprano.
The Sopranos aged like fine wine with it's critiques on things like toxic masculinity, mental health, the strain that tradition has on a person, the absurdity of modern life, the absurdity and futility of a wealthy lifestyle, critique of power and just so much more
A gag is whenever Tony asks, "Whateva happened to Gary Cooper? The strong and silent type? Y'know, men don't need to go see shrinks! They need to toughen up! Now there was a man! Did what he hadda do!"

To which folks usually reply, "Gary Cooper isn't real, Ton"
There's layers of irony here. Remember too, The Sopranos is a heavily psychological show. Having a psychological lens is helpful for critiquing this show.

For Tony, he signifies and idolizes Gary Cooper, an old actor who played parts in Westerns, bc Tony has insecurities

For Tony, Gary Cooper is a pure version of his father. His father was a mobster as well that traumatized him bc of him witnessing his dad cut off a guy's finger.

As a result, a trigger for Tony's panic attacks is eating red meat that he usually stress eats with...
So whenever Tony sees things that particularly annoy him, he projects his own insecurities, failures, and much more by invoking Gary Cooper as an ideal that people can do (and by extension, himself) just like a picturesque, romantic Western.
As a famous example, this scene is heavily discussed in academia, critic circles, and just heavily discussed from an entire episode of Christopher Columbus Day being turned into Indigenous People's Day

Notice how they talk together with this context
Same episode brought you this meme.

There's so much more to unpack.

To hyper focus on the surface level of a character's characteristics is ridiculous.

The idea that a writer endorses the actions that their characters do is absurd and Kafkian. It's anti italian discrimination
Things can be a bit complicated too

There ARE things to critique! There ARE things where the irony is stretched so thin, that it actually goes beyond the characters and portrayed culture being problematic, such as how this particular gay couple is treated
CW: homophobia, transphobia

One thing that never sat well with me is how some scenes really are dated with it's humor and graphic quality. It's in poor taste.

This couple with how they're offed is over the top and in poor taste. You can question that decision. It's weird
Idk. I just don't have much faith in most film critics in mainstream outlets. Never have. It's been a thing that's upset me since high school and it's what got me into content creation, actually!

Anyways. Enough ranting.

I gotta eat and work.

Sorry for the rant >~<

• • •

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23 Nov
For a place that I only run ads on for business, it seems like the organic side of things has finally returned.

Not quite sure how to handle the idea of gaining back 26k followers to work with
A primary reason why I dropped FB was that, at the time back in 2019, I was undergoing an episode of mania and was paranoid out the whazoo. I learned so much about how to protect my privacy and decided that FB was not the place for me…
I also came out in 2018 and was harassed by hundreds of my own fans for being trans.

It was brutal.

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That was a big reason why I didn't return.

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Y'all so intimidated and scared by me, so let's destroy that fake perception!

The reality that is me is truly a reality of a serial shitposting bimbo who is a workaholic that hates work. One moment you see me ponder about society, the next you see me eat shit from clumsiness lol
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As a serious workaholic, I hate work.

I typically work 12-16 hour days.

It's gotten so bad, that everyone around me is concerned. My own mother has noticed bags under my eyes and comments on it nearly daily now.

If I could stop working, I would in a heartbeat
Everytime I see people do the whole "rise n grind" around me, move at such a ridiculous fast pace, I realize how fast of a pace *I'm* working at.

Ik I can get clients to Twitch Partner as soon as 1 Quarter. But at what cost? Why must we sacrifice so much for a checkmark
The way we push ourselves, especially as content creators, is to abandon our creativity to please the masses. We sacrifice our individuality to conform to bullshit ideals we created ourselves.

All of this work is extremely unnecessary.

You don't need to stream 24/7
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The way in which my endocrinologist, who is normally super supportive, doesn’t believe that I have such a bad severity with my period symptoms just tells me that even the best health workers in the industry just aren’t that educated with trans health.
I was denied getting birth control due to health risks of a high possibility of blood clots bc of family medical history stuffs (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), but instead she was convinced about all of my period pains bc of notes taken from my PCP with my mother’s issues
I personally don’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, even pre-diabetic symptoms or anything, but it’s not a risk she’s willing to take for me. Which, yknow whatever I guess. At least she doubled the dosage for my progesterone to 200mg and I can also keep my 100mg prescription.
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What we are fighting against when it comes to NFTs and why we need more than public backlash: venture capital and Big Tech

Case in point: Open Sea (the place where you see all of the shit ugly monkey PFPs from CryptoBros come from, which is a place for ppl to spend crypto) 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
I think public backlash is great when combined with a guaranteed consequence such as blacklisting and ostracization for buying NFTs like we currently see. I think this is absolutely necessary and good to have around as a natural instinct and I’m proud of all of y’all for fighting
The reason why this is effective is because the culture we create does have a real impact on our daily lives. To actively, vehemently oppose NFTs and cryptocurrency wholesale is a net good for the environment by preventing more needless exchange and laundering
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9 Nov
Trying out Twitter Blue so y'all don't have to. I'll drop a review in December when my month is up.

It *is* a mere $3/mo, so it's not a total loss
Hot Article feature appears in the side bar and summarizes your feed a bit by showing your feed's most shared articles. Useful, but not life changing

It would be much better if this feature could summarize issues of the day via ML algorithms already in place for Trending page
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