Sad to say all of this is true, and even crazier things happened in the years after.

Having an ambitious narcissist for a parent is exhausting. It's highs and lows with almost no periods of normalcy, and where the abuse from being gaslighted, guilted and bullied is constant. 🧵
When you have a family member who's ill like my mother is (histrionic personality disorder coupled with extreme narcissism), it's almost like living in a fog of confusion, because fairness, truth and integrity don't matter. They're masters at running a racket — it's all a facade.
It's embarrassing to say this, but it took a lot of years for me to recognize that the crazy things happening weren't just by coincidence. Thriving on chaos, seems a common trait of narcissists. That coupled with projection and refusing to accept responsibility.

Sound familiar?
It's my belief that in the mind of a narcissist, success isn't happiness, it's a metric of the willingness of people to believe them and is measured by the amount of attention and wealth afforded by those being conned.
People have always been drawn to my mother. She's gorgeous (was oftentimes mistaken for Cybil Shepard), confident (or at least presents as confident) and full of charisma. She makes it nearly impossible for outsiders to question her, because she seems to have it all together.
I'm not here to bash my mother, because I still am not convinced that she's even aware of how her words and actions affect the people around her.

But in the wake of eight marriages lies men who have all either passed away or are now incapable of having other relationships.
The name of Mary Trump's book says it perfectly - too much and never enough. Narcissists are never satisfied, and will drive everything and everyone into the ground in pursuit of the impossible. Just like Trump did. He never lets up.

For my whole life, his has been my reality.
I'll never forget when I saw this page in Woodward's RAGE, and felt like I had seen a ghost.
Speaks in third person, uses guilt trips, and will shift from sounding loving to this like the flipping of a switch, just because I didn't respond for two days (feeling unheard or ignored is an injury to their ego).

Hopefully this is helpful to someone, bc surely I'm not alone.
And, this is how I became a resister. After seeing and experiencing the chaos and destruction of pathological narcissist parent, I was horrified by the thought of Trump having access to the nuclear codes. I've spent the last five years on the edge of my seat, and unable to sleep.
If you have someone like this in your life, I'm sorry. I don't have the answers because I am still trying to navigate these waters. But what I can say is that regardless of what you've been told, you deserve love & happiness, and your worth isn't dependent on superficial garbage.

• • •

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22 Nov
Christina Bobb was at the coup meeting with Bannon, Giuliani, Flynn and Eastman. It's a safe bet that they were feeding her information to report on, purposely adding fuel to the fire of angry Trump supporters who truly believed their votes were stolen.
"Also present was One America News reporter Christina Bobb, a lawyer by training who was volunteering for the campaign at the time, according to people familiar with the operation. Bobb declined to comment."…
"Rudy Giuliani claimed in a recent deposition that the Trump campaign essentially had veto power over One America News reporter Christina Bobb’s stories while she volunteered for the Trump legal team following the 2020 presidential election."
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21 Nov
Wasn't Cleta Mitchell on the call with Trump when he tried to pressure Raffensperger into 'finding' 11,780 votes?
I forgot how insane this call was. And Cleta Mitchell (now on EAC's Board of Advisors) just sat there.

"And flipping the state is a great testament to our country because, you know, this is — it’s a testament that they can admit to a mistake or whatever you want to call it."
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I'm still a little shook up by something that happened to me yesterday 🧵
I went to my local pet store, and after shopping for items, I realized there was a couple in the store who weren't wearing masks. Perhaps I'm paranoid or whatever, but my belief is that the people who are least careful, are the ones who are most likely to transmit the virus.
(And I should probably mention that years ago, I managed to survive cancer and now live with an autoimmune disease so I don't take the threat of dying from covid lightly)
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29 Jan
Daniel Beck on Jan 5th:

"We got to hang out with Rudy Giuliani, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr., Michael Lindell the MyPillow guy, he's super funny, and just talk about the status of things, — several Senators sat with us, there was about 15 of us in a room"

Which several Senators?
Daniel Beck later posted this insane nonsense on Facebook on Jan. 21st…
After denying being there, photos put Tuberville in Trump’s hotel on Jan 5th. He later (Jan 13th) said Trump's impeachment 'makes no sense'.

Who are the other Senators?

And, if Senators are accomplices, why are they being allowed to vote on impeachment?…
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29 Jan
On January 28th — The first American evacuees from Wuhan, China, they were met by U.S. health officials who had not been told to wear masks, and were told to remove protective gear when meeting with the evacuees to avoid “bad optics.”…
On that same day, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien had told President Trump that coronavirus “will be the biggest national security threat” of his presidency.
But even after being warned that coronavirus "will be the biggest national security threat" of his presidency, Trump allowed health officials who were maskless around the evacuees, to board a commercial airline, spreading the virus to 'other destinations'.… Image
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20 Jan
kind of a funny story...
I started following @ProjectLincoln last summer, and hadn't even heard of @gtconway3d prior to that. For the same reasons as many of you, I chose to follow him (particularly for his insight on Trump being a malignant narcissist).
But in August, George went off the grid for a bit. Almost immediately, his absence seemed to leave a void amongst resisters that was noticable.

I thought maybe retweets accompanied by corgis could help, which was why I decided to create a ghost account that would be automated.
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