In a new study with @DrMaryTBassett we asked:

What if everyone died of covid at the same rate as college-educated white people (of the same age and gender)?

In that scenario, nearly 90% fewer people of color ages 25-64 would have died in the US.… Image
Other key findings:

While it's a truism that men die of covid at higher rates than women, the 2020 cumulative morality rate was lower for white men than for women who are Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Latina, or Pasifika.
The age-adjusted death rate for white men with a HS degree or less was the same as the rate for college educated Black, American Indian, and Latino men.

The rate for college-educated Pacific Islander men was higher. Image
Multiple factors are likely responsible for these race-by-education inequalities. In the supplement, we show some census data on how people of color often have higher risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 exposure than whites of the same education level. Here is household crowding. Image
Not in the paper, but my own message: we're seeing the production of huge racial-economic inequalities in real-time. Specific institutions & politicians are making decisions resulting in group-differentiated mass death. Scientists & civil society are failing to highlight this.
Thanks to @AShihipar for the infographic in the first tweet

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26 Nov
Compared to white people, age-adjusted death rates have been:

28% higher for Latinos
30% higher for Black people
60% higher for American Indians

in the US, from August 1st, 2021 to present.
It's not just reactionaries who are ideologically opposed to vaccination who are dying. It is the working class, it is people of color, indigenous people, disabled people. If you are a liberal or leftist you cannot just wash your hands of this, we need a better pandemic response.
It feels like, now that Dems are in charge, there's silence about racial inequality in covid's toll. No more major newspaper or magazine features. Health dept websites that have race data often present it as cumulative, since early 2020, so we can't see how the inequities persist
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23 Nov
People who've opposed non-pharmaceutical interventions from the beginning have done an excellent job convincing everyone in US public health that speaking honestly about the limitations of vaccines (& therefore the need for NPIs) will substantially fuel vax hesitancy.
I'm old enough to remember the construct of "vaccine pessimism" (almost a year ago!). Arguing for continued precaution for vaccinated people was going to make people reluctant to get vaccinated.…
It's the old perversity thesis: advocating for more intensive public health measures will unintendedly harm public health
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13 Nov
I really do think this kind of propaganda is more dangerous than even hard denialism.
This is the kind of venue and language that appeals to a constituency that might otherwise support covid mitigation policies (professional class liberals) and are to some degree influential over the current US president
And we know from Leonhardt's spurious "1 in 5000" breakthrough stat, which made its way to a Biden speech a week later, the White House is reading the NYT newsletter and it's influencing their framing
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7 Nov
Thinking about the academic twitter discussions of the last week, which boil down to debate over what coutns as grifting. I am reminded of KYT's recent interview where she makes the point that the weakness of the US left has led academics to self-promote and monetize. Image
I also think that PhD programs, particularly those at the elite universities that produce the most TT faculty, usually don't do much to promote the idea of a duty to work for the public's interest. And the work itself usually feels pretty disconnected from that too.
And of course people want to reap the benefits of their credentials. What counts as "benefits" is going to be shaped by experiences within academia & beyond. We're in a place where philanthrocapitalism seems enticing for many (which imho, means their education has failed them).
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3 Oct
Okay let's take a look at this one. Public health measures will lead us towards Nazism? Hmm lets take a look because I'm feeling masochistic...
Surely Prasad is talking about Title 42 being used to detain asylum seekers and send them to their death under the pretext of public health. That's historically rooted in the same eugenic policies that Hitler cribbed from. But no, that's not in the piece at all.
The continued incarceration of millions of disproportionately Black people during a deadly pandemic? Sounds fascist to me. Also not in here.
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19 Sep
CDC estimates 30% of covid deaths are not counted as covid deaths. So while the US death toll is reported at 675,000, it is really more like 875,000.
Source: "1 in 1.3 covid deaths were reported"…
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