Europe summary: I traveled through Europe for about 3 months and am home. Some quick thoughts/wrap up of my time there. Here is a doner kebab, my favorite food there. Image
I started my journey in the UK, London specifically. Great time, the city itself reminded me of an old, clean version of NYC. Good diversity, very cool history. Food wasnt as bad as everyone said, too. ImageImage
Next I went to Birmingham, the midland city. Much quieter but still very peaceful in its own way. I can see the appeal and it kind of reminded me of the midwest in the USA. Image
Next up: Berlin. I really really enjoyed this city. It is a big city but it doesn't feel like a big city. I spent a lot of time here and loved the sights very much. I didn't like how strict the laws were in Germany; everyone was very much a rule follower and strict/rigid. ImageImageImage
Amsterdam was next! I saw some really great guys here. The dutchies are all very well represented in CT and they have a fantastic community. The food was also really tasty! ImageImage
Dubai was one of my favorites. Not only did all of CT go there but seeing friends, doing sand dune trips, sky diving, watching the boxing event- all good memories I'll remember for a long time. The fighters are all warriors. ImageImageImage
I went to Belgium next to visit more CT friends and eat food. I thought Belgium was a nice country- seemed pretty relaxed, they party pretty hard though. Everyone was casual. Waffles were on point. ImageImage
Italy was really beautiful and the food was great. It's such an older country with regards to the sites and the churches. People were very friendly and helpful. ImageImageImage
Italian coast was a sight to behold. Didn't spend much time there but is what it is. Would like to go back in the summer. ImageImage
Last on my trip was Portugal. Visited a few other friends and had some relax time on the beach. I liked Portugal, it was very chill and the people seemed very carefree. ImageImageImage
This is all a very condensed version of my 3 months travel. Overall, Europe is quite different than the USA. I liked the vibe quite a bit- it's relaxed and people seem to care more about work/life balance more. Perhaps its just bc I went to the big cities but the population...
density might have something to do with it. Even big cities in the USA can be pretty spread out (less so on the East coast).

I liked the fact that there were more mom and pop shops. Less corporate stores, more people in cafes and restaurants and bars. More people in the park.
What did I miss about the USA? I missed some of the conveniences of it. Big grocery stores are nice. More food diversity can be nice. I missed having the freedom to drive around sometimes.
I can see why people love living in Europe. You're 1 hour flight from a completely different culture/country. It's pretty affordable to also live in some cities in Europe. I could see myself living there for 6 months or something.
I don't think the actual digital nomad life is for me, though. I moved around a bit too much; staying in 1 city for weeks on end would be better. I was exhausted by the end of it and was very ready to be home.
With that said, I'm home for a few weeks before I head off to Puerto Rico. I have a few weeks to relax, find some schedule, not live out of a suitcase, and get back to work. I've really missed not being able to trade / invest/ research/ etc with crypto.
I know that the move to PR will be a longer stressful process and after I'm moved in there, I will be set for a while. I appreciate all the advice everyone gave to me for places to visit, food to eat, and overall travel advice. It was a great trip!

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