Between the Wisconsin parade killings and the Gabby Petito murder, we're still clearly stuck in a world where a failure to take domestic violence seriously just leads to more killing.…
There's a tendency to talk about domestic violence as "apolitical". (Even I fell into this trap after the Wisconsin killing.) But it's actually very political, and about preserving male dominance and patriachal forms of control.
Men who commit acts of domestic violence — especially very dangerous stuff, like strangling or, in this case, trying to run someone over with a car — are live threats to public safety. But they're rarely treated that way.
Similarly, the Gabby Petito murder is a reminder of how cops often treat victims of domestic violence like *they're* the problem, and even glad hand and sympathize with their abusers. Which leads to more violence.
Domestic violence is a big, blinking warning sign for other kinds of violence. Most mass murderers start off by hurting or killing people at home. How many mass killings could be prevented, if we just took domestic violence seriously?
It's not just cops. Judges — including the Supreme Court — have repeatedly dismissed violence against women as not their concern or no big deal. Treating it as a public nuisance instead of a real threat to public safety just leads to more killing.

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25 Nov
When Bernie Sanders went on Joe Rogan's show, critics were dismissed as hysterical feminists who don't understand the rough-hewed but ultimately good-hearted politics that Rogan embodies. But, as usual, feminists were right.…
Left-leaning sexists don't want to admit that the kind of toxic masculinity that Rogan peddles is always going to trend towards fascism. (A lot of them have those tendencies themselves!) But it does, especially when it's wrapped up in the pseudo-intellectualism of Rogan's show. Image
Reframing right wing politics as merely "asking questions" and "intellectual curiosity" is a big, red, waving flag that fascism is happening. Wrapping the reactionary impulse in these kind of pseudo-intellectual justifications for fascism has a long and nasty history.
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24 Nov
Trump doesn't need violence to steal the 2024 election, as the plan is do it by taking over election systems. But he and toadies like Tucker exalt violence anyway. As the Rittenhouse case shows, the reason is his base craves violence.…
Trump and Carlson are exalting Rittenhouse because they want thousands more like him (and like the January 6 insurrectionists): Idiots who will take up arms or commit violence in the name of far-right politics. Image
But what's weird is that a fascist takeover doesn't *need* violence, and, in fact, it's arguable that it would be more successful without violence. Stoking cynicism and despair is the better strategy for fascists, not violence. Image
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22 Nov
The right's celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse is further evidence that the distinction between right wing trolling and outright violence is collapsing. After all, "triggering" liberals is easy to do if you're literally pulling the trigger.…
The right's reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict resembled sports fans celebrating their team defeating a major rival. The problem is this isn't sports. This is deadly serious stuff, and will likely lead to more violence.
When the driving goal is "trigger the liberals," violence is the logical endpoint. Violence is much harder to ignore than, say, a mean tweet or yelling "let's go, Brandon" at someone.
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22 Nov
Interesting analysis and strongly suggests this is a coordinated campaign that is designed to hijack a celebrity fluff story and use it to stir up white resentment and further radicalize conservatives to fascism. Weird, but it makes sense.…
I've definitely seen Markle hate jump the blood-brain barrier between the virulent fringe fascist right into the minds of what you might call everyday Republicans. They don't know why they hate Markle, and would deny it's racist, but they do and they are very outspoken about it.
Why do so many ordinary Republicans give a shit about drama in the English royal family? Why do they take to social media to opine about it? The likely answer is they've been influenced by a coordinated hate campaign that told them it's important to care.
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18 Nov
The Rittenhouse and McMichael-Bryan killings are the result of decades of NRA propaganda and lobbying that encourages white people, especially white men to think it's somehow "self-defense" to go out looking for fights.…
One thing is absolutely certain: If Rittenhouse, the McMichaels, and Bryan had acted like sensible people instead of indulging their cowboy fantasies of going out and looking for trouble, the men they shot would be alive today.
The law only addresses the "in the moment" concept of self-defense. But the larger cultural problem is right wing propaganda and the NRA encourage people to instigate or escalate violent conflict, even though the smart and moral thing to do would be to avoid it.
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17 Nov
The weirdest part about people losing their shit over this entirely correct tweet is nowhere in it do I actually, as accused, blame Biden or the Democrats. I know they're hamstrung.
That, I would argue, is only adding to the tune out and fade away reaction among Democratic voters. If they vote in Democrats, but those Democrats are utterly helpless to make change even if they win, then it seems pretty pointless.
Republicans win when they win and win when they lose. Soon their power will be beyond even the already ineffectual efforts of the people to get rid of them. That's why I use the term "learned helplessness." It's what happens to people when nothing they do changes anything.
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