I could teach a film class comparing these two scenes.

#CowboyBebop Anime:

#CowboyBebopNetflix Live-action:
On the surface, they are basically the same scene.

Spike enters a heist wearing headphones, pretends to be distracted, but takes the bad guys out. Black crashes through the ceiling to help. Surprise last bad guy is shot.

But every choice about how to show that is different.
#CowboyBebop Anime: No music. Scenes play in wide shots. Characters are shown as highly competent. Cool.

#CowboyBebopNetflix: Music scores every moment. New stylized shot for each movement. Characters are shown as goofy, incompetent, and unable to do job correctly. Unlikable.
Notice this shot from the #CowboyBebop anime. It has a fish-eye lens because to get a shot that wide in a real convenience store on a cinema camera, you'd need a wide-angle lens.

But this is an anime. They didn't have to do that.
Following cinema rules makes it feel cinematic. If you look at the #CowboyBebop anime, it's "shot" like a movie.

Oddly, the #CowboyBebopNetflix show is shot like a cartoon, with whip pans, split screens, and bugs-bunny level score-as-sound effects.
Compare how every shot in the #CowboyBebop anime is locked off to... well, this #CowboyBebopNetflix moment:
Black entering in the anime is accomplished in 2 shots - one on the ceiling, the other when he punches.

Black entering in the live-action is 3 - one of which is a punch in on the same shot, adding nothing new except to make it even more frantic, and a 3rd, to hide the stunt.
Black's entrance in the live-action #CowboyBebopNetflix is also played as a joke, to show he is incompetent. In the anime, it's just an action beat.
The #CowboyBebop anime scene ends with Spike shooting a surprise robber.

This sets up so much about his character.
It sets up that he is there for the bounty, not law. It shows his values - Black knows he will protect the hostage, even as he bluffs. It shows he is dangerous - he might shoot the hostage. And it shows his skill - he is so good, he still stops them.
Then to top the whole scene off, he says he is "just a humble bounty hunter."

Iconic line, because the definition of cool is being badass, but making it look easy.
Whole scene hits many likable character traits - funny, friends, skill, obsessed, in danger, hardworking, etc.:
The #CowboyBebopNetflix sets up the characters as unlikeable, by showing their lack of skill. The final shooting means they don't get the bounty and don't get paid.

It sets up the exact OPPOSITE character as the anime, while wearing a perfect cosplay of the anime's costume.
This why fans of the #CowboyBebop anime hate the #CowboyBebopNetflix adaptation. Every choice is the opposite of those in the anime and undermines the original while pretending to be a perfect imitation of it.
If you were to adapt the #CowboyBebop anime in the style of the anime - deep cinema lenses, locked-off tripod shots, realistic sound and foley, no music during certain action scenes, understated realistic performances, characters highly skilled, but 'just doing a job.'
In other words, the opposite of the #CowboyBebopNetflix.

Anyway, go watch the anime, it's good.
Also, fans of the #CowboyBebop anime pick up on this, even if they don't have the cinema language to break down each choice.
Filmmaking is often the sum total of tons of choices like this, and when they all come at once, you might not be able to notice each individually, but as @redlettermedia says "your brain did."
Ah, I totally forgot about the criminals.

#CowboyBebop anime: deranged, incompetent, plays mind games with innocent store staff, contrasts cool competence of heros.

#CowboyBebopNetflix: tells at Spike for being oblivious, makes him seem like dumb contrast to them, no innocents.
Looking at this list, you could do a "live-action #CowboyBebop" style film by just making all the same choices on a totally original story.

No one would ever know and you wouldn't have to buy the adaptation rights.

• • •

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