I'm no health policy expert, but I don't think returning to normal healthcare services means dealing w/ the backlog of cancelled procedures. & we've only restored half the services. Makes me think we're not getting back to normal. Rather, we're continuing to accumulate a backlog.
Like, I keep hearing these talking points from the govt about soon restoring regular healthcare service as though that means: *claps dust off hands* "our work is done here". I don't know… correct me if I'm wrong but I suspect we're ages away from back to normal.
Again, not an expert, but it just seems that if we have a backlog, getting back to normal staffing levels won't help. Nor will getting back to the normal number of available beds. To deal with a backlog, don't you typically need excess capacity?
And if you aren't adding that extra capacity now to deal with the backlog, aren't you just asking your healthcare workers to continue working above-and-beyond normal even after COVID is under control?
I would think this is when the real healthcare burnout starts to kick in: once the COVID crisis is under control, the adrenaline has worn off and everyone starts to realize they still can't take some time off to catch their breath.
But again, unlike the people who've so flawlessly managed the COVID pandemic in Saskatchewan, I'm no expert.

• • •

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25 Nov
Council made some dramatic changes to how council and committee meetings work tonight.

And maybe I'm overreacting but the way this was done seems highly irregular to me. HIGHLY irregular. Here is Clr Stadnichuk summarizing the changes. #yqrcc /1
To summarize… First big change: the Community Wellness Committee and the Operations Committee have been dissolved and their responsibilities have been absorbed by Executive Committee.

But this isn't the really big change… /2 #yqrcc
The REALLY big change is that delegations will no longer present & take questions in council meetings. Delegations will only present at Executive Committee.

This is MASSIVE.

And here's the thing… none of this was in the public agenda released before the meeting. /3 #yqrcc
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22 Nov
I'm walking home down Albert & I'm crossing at Vic. This blue truck barrels around the corner behind me like he's barely looking, just w/in that too-close-for-comfort zone, so I turn & I mouth at him like I'm angry, "At least let me get up on the fucking curb." /1 #yqr
The guy in the blue truck pulls into the parking lot, rolls down his window and hollers at me, "What did you yell at me?!?! I'm on the phone!!"

Somewhere, an angel played a rimshot. /2
So I was like, "Exactly," then stammer out something about how I was trying to cross and he was racing through the crosswalk. /3
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18 Nov
There is a very simple reason why we should be mandating COVID vaccines for kids going to school which doesn't imply we need a mandate for all vaccines: We have an ACTIVE OUTBREAK OF COVID!!

Jesus fucking christ, why is this so hard? /1
Your kid doesn't have the polio vaccine? Fine. Polio is not ravaging our community right now. COVID IS!! /2
That said, lots of places do require kids to be vaccinated against measles, mumps and such if they're to attend public schools. This is good health policy. /3
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10 Nov
Council meeting today. The agenda may look boring. "Zoning" comes up a lot & most people's eyes glaze over at the sound of that word. So I want to quickly run through why today's agenda is actually worth paying attention to… #yqrcc /1
'Kay… First up is a request to demolish the Burns Hanley Building. I WROTE A FRIGGIN SONG ABOUT THIS!
In short: the owners want to tear down the bldg down in hopes they can build something else there. Planning Commission said, "Yeah nope" /2 #yqrcc
This is big b/c, well, RPC saying no to a demolition is noteworthy. But this is also interesting b/c it's a test of whether or not the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District (VPHCD) means something or not. /3 #yqrcc
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10 Nov
Moe is trying to flex his provincial muscles based off having 14 seats in a 338 seat parliament (that's 4%). If we had a fully proportional parliament where population determined # of seats, Sask would DROP to 11 seats (3%). Meanwhile, Ontario would GAIN 10 seats.
Every time you scratch at the Sask Party's anti-Ontario rhetoric, you discover that, no, actually, Saskatchewan has a pretty good deal.
Basically, when comparing the current parliament to a proportional one, it's like Ontario, BC & Alberta are giving up seats so that places like the Maritimes & the Territories can get additional representation.
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9 Nov
This is the noose-happy troll the @ReginaChamber invited to speak at Agribition. #yqr #regina
Here's the @ReginaChamber sponsored event. And here's their invited speaker calling for a military coup to overthrow a legitimately elected government.
My guess, the Chamber writes off Brett's lust for public executions as a lad having a larf on the internet. But I take this pretty personally as I'm the kind of guy Wilson says he'd enjoy seeing hanged.
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