Women leverage perceived vulnerability into self-gain

Men look pathetic when they self-victimise

But when women do it, people feel bad for them and help them which incentivises more self-victimising

Poetically then, women's perceived vulnerability is a source of great strength
Male weakness elicits disgust, whilst female weakness elicits pity

Disgust leads to a loss of face which cannot be leveraged into assistance and protection, whilst pity can be leveraged into acquiring both of those things

Hence why women are more likely to scam with sob stories
Women can be openly and indulgently pathetic, to an absolutely theatrical and inauthentic extent, and get rewarded with help for it.

Whilst men with genuine deep struggle are often dismissed and told to man up. So stay silent

Women have no idea how privileged they are like this
One of the major reasons women tell you to open up is because it works for them.

When they do it, the cavalry arrives to bail them out.

There's no loss of face for them. Their honour is not undermined. They only profit from seeming weak.

The same is not true for you as a man.
As a man, you're playing on hard mode.

When she cries, no matter how fake her tears, people are concerned and want to help her.

When you cry, the bad people tell you to stop being a p*ssy and the good people freak the f*ck out and lose confidence in you.

Zero upside for a man.
One of the grandest gaslighting psyops of the modern world is being constantly told how strong, independent and powerful women are as they simultaneously benefit from and play up their vulnerability in order to accrue favour, protection and resources.

It's one massive headf*ck.
The mixed messaging is:

"She's resourceful, powerful and intelligent and doesn't need you"

"Don't condescend her, she can do that herself"

But also

"Hey that's no way to treat a woman"

"Leave her alone, she's just a girl!"

Why so protective if she's so strong huh?

Is BS.
People aren't protective of men like that.

So we are simultaneously expected to treat women as equals who are on our level that deserve the same kind of respect that we do

But also flip on a dime and feel bad for her and go lighter on punishments when she messes up or acts weak
So basically we have to treat women like men when it benefits them to be treated like a man, but the very moment it benefits them to be treated like a girl instead of a boy, we're expected to switch and become protective of the very people we're told are strong and powerful.
This constant doublethink headf*ck is constantly pushed onto the population, and accepted by many blindly.

But that's the psyop and ultimate scam of feminism: being taught to respect what we're meant to protect, when strength begets respect and weakness begets protection.
Meanwhile some dude out here is having a genuinely tough time, but because we don't feel protective towards men and only respect them for being strong, competent and powerful, we don't help a fellow brother out when he needs it but will empower professional victims.

Very unjust.
Men will never enjoy the protections + empathy women enjoy, and are unable to leverage their weakness to the same extent.

On the flipside, men get more respect precisely because they aren't as vulnerable.

Feminism is women infringing on man's niche whilst maintaining their own.
Feminism is saying "I'm just as strong as a man is, if not stronger, so respect me like a man or more than him, but at the same time, I'm just a girl, I'm crying, plz help me, that mean man was cruel, protect me!"

When really it's just one big scam trying to have it both ways.
The siren sings her seductive song of helplessness whilst internally smirking, high off the dopamine drip of attention from frantic and concerned well wishers, she's only further incentivised to embellish tales of woe so she can enjoy more of the same - more help, more comfort.
And then of course there is the risk that people become so cynical and so desensitised because they keep being played like this, that women who need genuine help end up not being believed.

Because too many lowly women try to play the rest of us like this, genuine women suffer.
How can one tell a genuine woman from a dishonourable siren when both weep just as profusely?

How is one to tell?

For a man to lean into his protective fatherly nature and help a woman these days, is to risk being taken advantage of.

This low trust environment is no good.
I have no solutions to offer, no bone to pick or any grand conclusion I'm building up to.

This is merely my stream of consciousness, laid bare.

I hope it was of benefit to you in some way, gave you pause for thought, or taught you something.

Thank you for reading.
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24 Nov
A woman who cannot soothe a man when he is mad, does not deserve a man who can soothe her when she is sad

Men refrain from crying, women refrain from raging

Simple rules.

A man must be a rock, and a woman must be a comfort.

Sounds unfair, but it's actually quite complementary
A woman doesn't want to see her man falling apart unable to handle things, even if he feels genuine suffering. He has to soldier through.

In the same breath, getting mad at a man who's angry with you even if you feel it's unjust only makes him worse. She has to soldier through.
No woman who is sad and crying wants a man there who is also sad and crying.

No man who is angry and argumentative wants a woman being angry and argumentative with him.

Men have to suppress their pain, women have to suppress their anger.

This is how we care for each other.
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24 Nov
If you get handed off a girl from parents who didn't do a bad job, you're blessed. They've saved you a ton of hassle.

Men realise they have to get it together before looking for love. Women think some man will come along + solve all their problems for them so do none of the work
Obviously generalising here.

Women who do the work (minority) are worth looking at despite their issues - because they're already set themselves apart from the majority by making a commitment to their own self-betterment.

And this is something all men can appreciate and admire.
But yes, average woman does zero work + expects him to handle her baggage and invest a ton of time and energy into making her a quality woman. Yet if she's too egotistical, she'll also complain he's controlling/trying to change her (by leading).

No good deed unpunished. Avoid!
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23 Nov
If you were a woman, you would use your looks to get ahead too. It's what they do. It's instinct to them. Because it works, and it's effective. And with all due respect, a lot of men are pathetic and prone to simp. They are easily seduced, and thus easily leveraged.
What I'm saying is, if the average man was a bit more cunning, a bit more disciplined, and a little less desperate - they wouldn't be as easy to take advantage of.

Many women have nothing but their looks to leverage. Absolutely zero. So they have to get something out of it.
So no point resenting them for leveraging one of the only assets they have. It's what everybody does. Yes, it's foolish to rely on only one thing and not diversify, and yes, beauty is a form of power and thus prone to corrupt with narcissism - but they're just playing the game.
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22 Nov
Whilst she may condemn violence, she would sooner apologise for a brute than fall in love with a pacifist.

Truth be told women are in fact great lovers of violence, just only when it is employed in service of them, be it for their sexual pleasure, or their bodily protection.
Women are averse to engaging in violence themselves, and of course, afraid of being subjected to it - given their small frames and lack of musculature. It is for precisely this reason they seek to benefit from it by proxy.

And so a man incapable of violence is no man at all.
Men aren't solely violent, but must possess a capacity for it

To be otherwise is to be rendered domesticated.

And in case you think this absurd

How does a man "make her feel safe" with zero destructive capability?

To neurotically neuter man is to eradicate your own protection
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22 Nov
Contemporary politics is proof that neuroticism driven hysteria - literal insanity - is a more powerful force of volition than testosterone.

The right may be more masculine, but the left is more zealous, more dogmatic.

And rationality has less force of intensity than insanity.
Dogmatic people hinge themselves to fences and scream their sacred platitudes as both a theatrical display of aberrant piety, and as a means of intimidating the non-believers through the sheer brutality of their insanity.

Sensible people don't exhibit this level of commitment.
This is why they always have a place in any dogma.

Because whilst the leadership disavows them, it tacitly supports them even if it doesn't entirely agree with them, because such crazies are useful - shock troops loyal to the cause that encourage conformity through intimidation.
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16 Nov
A woman's greatest achievement is giving birth to a great man. There is nothing else she can do in her life that will award her higher accolades, or bring her greater honour. Being married to a great man likewise brings her a similar sort of esteem. Nothing else even comes close.
Of course, great men don't grow on trees, and a woman cannot raise a great son without a great man.

The great men who came from single mothers forged their own paths in spite of the difficulties they faced. Crediting such a woman with raising a great man is unjust and erroneous.
It is always men who make the man, especially when self-made

I would call the struggling boy going through metamorphosis by answering the call to adventure in the pursuit of heroism an act of negentropic defiance, not well raised progeny

Not a "meant to be" but an "in spite of"
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