1. The Democrat Party is using the full force of the federal government to change American’s ability to drive to be completely dependent on foreign countries like China, which dominates the EV battery market by forcing us to Electric Vehicles.

We’ll lose all energy independence.
2. Last year, America was energy independent under the leadership of President Trump & his administration.

Now, we are controlled by Communists & Biden, who begs OPEC & Russia to drill more oil and is selling our own Strategic Oil Preserves to artificially lower gas prices.
3. Many call Biden & the Democrats stupid or think Biden is making mistakes because he’s old & senile.

None of this is on accident.

It’s all part of the Communist Revolution in America.

They are intentionally crashing our economy & forcing us to be dependent on Gov to survive.
4. Forcing America into dependency on the global economy weakens Americans & takes our economic independence away.

It will strengthen our foreign enemies.

It will kill independent US small businesses & makes large corporations unstoppable.
5. The rich elites will thrive and become even wealthier and it will absolutely collapse the middle class, growing poverty all over America.

Biden’s new weaponized IRS will target conservative Americans and small business owners finding any little mistake to enforce penalties.
6. America founded on a revolution against over taxation by a tyrannical king, now the Democrats are working to get the BBB bill signed into the law that will bring crushing new taxes virtually stealing American’s wealth & stopping the transfer of wealth to the next generation.
7. All under the guise of Climate Change as the “greatest threat” to America, the Communist Revolution is raging and everyday Americans can’t grasp it because they haven’t felt it’s sting just yet.

The greatest threat to America is the communist federal government.

• • •

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23 Nov
1. Subpoenaing @BernardKerik claiming he was at the Willard, when he was with a family member receiving cancer treatment is a whole new level of witch hunt & lies to the American people.

The Democrats, complicit media, & participating agencies will be held accountable one day.
2. The J6 Select Committee is an embarrassment to our country.

Not only is the committee completely illegitimate, but it is Witch Hunt 2.0 by the mentally ill Democrats who suffer with late stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Congress only cares about itself and its agenda.
3. I simply cannot imagine taking care of a family member through the worst time in life, at their bedside while they fight cancer, then to be accused of being somewhere I wasn't accused of planning a so called "insurrection" that no one planned and no one is charged for.

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21 Nov
1. The radical Marxists in this country are currently building their attack to dismantle our #SecondAmendment.

They will stay on their lying message constantly about “angry white men are a threat to black lives.”

Building fear & propaganda into the mainstream is their tactic.
2. Their fake outrage and lies about Kyle Rittenhouse is their vehicle on the road to disarming America.

Communist Democrats will call for “gun control now to protect peaceful BLM protestors first amendment rights.”

The media will glamorize BLM and “victims of white supremacy.”
3. All lawful gun owners & freedom loving God fearing Americans DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT fall into this trap.

This is a time of great testing.

You have a duty and responsibility to our future to not be baited into the awful lies and insults that are being hurled in your face.
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15 Nov
1. #SaveAmerica

•Close the border & enact minimum 4 year moratorium, finish the wall, strengthen security, ICE, & double the size of CBP, & complete waiting cases.

•Deport all criminal illegals immediately.

•Stop drug & human trafficking & harshly punish offenders.
2. #SaveAmerica

•Strengthen Law Enforcement to end lawlessness in America’s communities.

•Care for our Veterans.

•Root out Marxism in every agency, the Military, and police departments.

•End all funding for any entity promoting woke ideologies.

•Deport CCP loyalists.
3. #SaveAmerica

•Completely defund all colleges/universities/schools that promote, teach, or use curriculums with CRT, Marxism, communism, socialism, globalism, climate change lies, & gender/sexual immorality.

•Reward people based on character & performance not identify.
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14 Nov
1. While the vaccine mandate deadline looms, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are organizing against the unconstitutional mandates.

They, of all people, know the truth about #COVID19 and #vaccines more than anyone.

This is the one industry no one can lie to.
2. Their protest carries more weight than most others because walkouts will affect healthcare, an industry already suffering from personnel shortage.

The truth this group needs to remember is that they need you more than you need them.

And healthcare workers truly hold power.
3. There is a very real movement already underway that may flourish bc of mandates.

A new wave of doctors practices, clinics, and even hospitals that refuse to take health insurance, but instead practice lifesaving medicine for the good of all patients.
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13 Nov
1. My office, my staff, and I receive nasty calls, death threats & wishes all the time, but the difference is they are from the deranged left, not Republicans.

I get great calls from Republicans.

But all death threats should be investigated.

2. However, the calls will continue and primaries will ensue.

Republicans in the House and the Senate need to learn a lesson.

Stop helping Democrats destroy our economy, take away our freedoms, enslave us in crippling debt, and corrupt our society with immoral policies.

3. The “Infrastructure” bill was only made possible by 19 Republican Sell-Out Senators, then it was only passed because the unlucky 13 Republicans in the House voted FOR it.

6 brave Democrats voted NO, and if the traitorous 13 had voted NO the bill would have failed.

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9 Nov
1. #BuildBackBetter means Build Back Broke and that America falls into the global economy and very dependent on foreign countries for our supplies and survival.

This plan makes us weak and reliant on the world.

It also weakens our dollar, which takes our power.
2. Allowing ourselves to be divided by identity and ideology arguments only blinds Americans to the serious damage being done to every single one of us as lawmakers force changes to our economy through legislation, manipulation of processes, and majority control.
3. If only Americans realized that the BIF & Budget, aka Green New Deal, will force them & American auto companies to rely on foreign country’s EV batteries, all in order for us to drive & US auto companies to sell cars.

Our governments role is not to change our supply & demand.
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