NEW AUDIO: #KyleRittenhouse accused his former lawyers of neglecting his wishes & keeping him in jail longer so they could raise more money.

This 2020 phone call with #LinWood suggests he was involved in discussions re fighting extradition to Kenosha County. No motives stated.
To be clear, I’m not accusing #LinWood, Mr. defamation lawyer of doom, of doing anything illegal. 😂

I don’t know what his motives were or are, but claims that he wasn’t involved in the strategy to keep #KyleRittenhouse in Illinois, at least at some level, are false.
If you think the call is nothing more than an adult showing concern about a kid leaving a juvenile for an adult jail, consider this Sept. email.

#LinWoon says the focus should be on delaying extradition, but posits that #KyleRittenhouse is safer in jail than out in the world! 😳

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25 Nov
Some comments about tonight’s #TimCastIRL. Firstly, thanks for the shoutout and kind words @JackPosobiec & @LawSelfDefense, but I may have messed up.

I texted Jack to tell him to give me a shoutout, but I may have promised too much! Let’s hope he doesn’t make me deliver on it! Image
Maybe @Timcast & @sourpatchlyds will finally follow me now!

If you never saw my video about the prosecution’s closing in the #Rittenhouse trial, here’s the link. It was pretty spot on!

Now that you’re seen the real closing, what do you think?
The thread got broken up, but this was the next part.
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22 Nov
There are many legal practitioners who are dismayed by the unethical behavior by the Kenosha, WI District Attorneys office, including and especially ADAs Binger & Kraus, who just tried #KyleRittenhouse.

I’ve obtained one formal complaint to the WI Office of Lawyer Regulation. Image
It is as a formal grievance that DA Graveley, & ADAs Binger & Kraus, put Gaige Grosskreutz up to false swearing, as yet another example of the DA suborning perjury.

They allowed him to say it expired to avoid stating why it was revoked. It’s a pattern, & I’m working to obtain...
additional complaints against the DAs office. Other legal practitioners will be, or have been, filing more grievances based on my work.

This includes Binger & Kraus suborning perjury when they allows the Khindri brothers to blatantly lie on the stand to defame #KyleRittenhouse.
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22 Nov
How the media inoculates itself against defamation suits & uses political trials to win:

1. Set a target & frame the narrative to advance political objectives.

Kyle was white (enough) & had an AR15, which are the blackest, scariest, most super deadly super automatic machine.
gun, & he killed people whom could be portrayed as, absurd as it was, racial equality activists.

They know they can’t be sued later on, so they can frame their target however they want. He’s just the beginning they’ll say, so elect who they say to stop the invasion of terror!
2. Sell fear porn & to the audience of easily manipulated sheep, get the trial!

White men, guns, those who don’t support BLM, critics of riots (language of the unheard), are all billed as deadly threats to progressive utopia.

We must make an example out of this terrorist!
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21 Nov
DAs Binger and Kraus conducted themselves unethically at the #KyleRittenhouse trial, & I’m not done with them.

One issue was a potential Brady violation, where they didn’t provide the defense with evidence.

I have the forensics report about the video. Here’s what it shows.
- The filename randomly changed from the original of “2020_0826...” to “B68A8C...”

- The .mov extension confirms that the DA must have edited the video before sending it to the defense, who received it in an MPEG-4 format.

- The DOJ ShareFile email was share with the defense.
The fact that the defense received the ShareFile means they could have easily fixed the defense the original file.

Instead, they only provided the 6 forensic edits in the ShareFile, and then sent the original separately.

The @StateBarofWI will want to review my findings.
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20 Nov
If you were outraged at the political show trial against #KyleRittenhouse because you believe in #SelfDefense, focus on #CrystulKizer.

If you think Kyle is a murderer & blah blah white supremacy blah the system blah, focus on Crystul Kizer.

Unite! This is insane. She’s a hero!
For those hearing about Chrystul Kizer, here’s the basic introduction to the facts. The #Kenosha District Attorney that forced a political show trial against #KyleRittenhouse, is fighting to preclude #ChrystulKizer from using an affirmative defense for killing her sex trafficker.
Kenosha DA Mike Graveley, who pushed to unjustly charge #KyleRittenhouse, is a repugnant, malignant human being, & he’s made himself my side project.

He’s fighting to prevent #ChrystulKizer from using a law written specifically for victims like her.…
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19 Nov
They’re brining in “civil rights” attorneys for comments because they’ll start suggesting that the @DOJ should charge #KyleRittenhouse federally.

We discussed this on @RekietaMedia stream right after the verdict. Are they that brazen?
Just as we talked about @RekietaMedia lmao. They’re so predictable!

I hear they want to consider federal charges for #KyleRittenhouse.

I have come here to beat down and destroy stupid fat local district attorneys and federal prosecutors...

And I’m all out of stupid fat local DAs.
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