I've found this last week or so that on social media (here, Reddit etc) it's the hostility that just *exists* that's causing me to struggle. Happily, nothing that's directed at me at all, just scrolling and its just nasty people being horrible to nice folk ad nauseum.
It must be completely fucking up our collective mental health in ways we'll only really understand in retrospect in textbooks.
The pre-Internet equivalent would be spending all your time in an extremely hostile pub with people with extremely different views to yourself who were prone to extreme aggression, somehow listening to every single angry conversation.
And as a pub connoisseur, back when I could be, pubs likd this don't actually exist and never have.

We've concocted these vile spaces for no reason, with no precedent, and spend so much of our time in them.
BUT! As a very shy autistic person this weird, violent pub is the only place I can talk to my mates, cowering down as chairs and pint glasses smash around us.


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25 Nov
A #thread of threads:

I've been trying to collect all of the #autism threads I've written over the years so they're easy to access. Here's the links...
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24 Nov
"Everyone is a little autistic"

It's not a cheese board to share; you can't just help yourself to a bit. You don't have any autism cheese. Whereas I'm a block of Wensleydale.
"You don't look autistic"

Do I not? Oh damn I'm wearing my 'I'm not autistic' t-shirt again. Silly me.
"You're nothing like my nephew though"

Ah yes, your nephew, the Grand Vizier of Autism, Lord of all Autists and Grand Prince of Stim?
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18 Nov
My favourite things about being autistic...

A thread.

1. Films and music and video games and art wallop me with such emotional force that I can barely stay standing. I attribute this to the 'everything in extremes' aspect of autism.
2. The intense calm and peace I feel when I'm enjoying a special interest. Like in a minute I'm going to carry on doing my ghost map of the UK and it'll be like sliding into a warm bath.
3. Being good at spotting patterns and details others miss. It's just a very satisfying feeling.
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13 Nov
10 things you need to know about #autism

1. Autistic people *do* feel emotions - we're not robots. Often we may struggle to identify them, though, and we may not show them on our faces.

There's some evidence to suggest that we feel emotions more strongly.
2. Autistic people are usually extremely sensitive to our environment, from sound to light to textures and smells. This is often a cause of our high stress levels.

It's like our senses are dialled up to 11, like Spider-man.
3. There are wayyyy more autistic people out there than you think. It seems likely its at least one-in-thirty people anx it may be more.

There's probably an autistic person right behind you, right now! (joke)
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9 Nov
Autistic kids refusing to go to school is a problem for schools to solve, not the kids and parents.
Expecting an autistic child, refusing to go to school, whose stress levels see already through the roof (because of school) to adapt and somehow change is just ridiculous.

It's the school that has to adapt to them.
We spend too much time blaming the poor kid, rather than the school they are so traumatised by, and that's frankly disgusting.
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8 Nov
Considering it's only 400 metres down, the Britannic is curiously unphotographed. Considering it's whole, on its side and in reasonable condition, that is very peculiar.
Just in case you weren't following my internal train of thought that led to that tweet, the Britannic was the third of the three Olympic-class sister ships - the one that was put straight into service as a hospital ship for WW1. Hit a mine in the Mediterranean.
Artist's impression...
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