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23 Nov, 7 tweets, 5 min read
@NASAGoddard @NASA Prepare polarized electromagnetic repellant sender nodes for shielding and the electromagnetic attraction receiver nodes for establishing electron pathway channels to repel debris from craft, and twords a collection destination.

The laser data networking tech has this potential.
@NASAGoddard @NASA Simultaneously you transfer data to a node in EMR, power the data station, enhance it's electromagnetic field for repelling other EMR of CMB refraction/drag, discharge electron high voltage density buildup to local repeater stations with subtle electron drag "sweeping" any debris
@NASAGoddard @NASA Essentially... A stellar ion sweeping network to assure safe zone travels as well as protect the main data processing units.
The simulation holds up in conception. Potent EMR slowdowns into harnessing electron generation that naturally provides an EMF to disperse excess electrons
@NASAGoddard @NASA The later qubit chips with data retention algorithms should be capable of simultaneously...

Data processing operations from the restrictive converging flow of radiation.
Outputting excessive voltage conversion densities for retransmission of later electron structure based data.
@NASAGoddard @NASA Analogy
-Collect rain across surface area.
-Funnel surface area collection into pressure point weight stack.
-Prime compression cylinder.
-Drain into further utilization.
-Utilize pressure decompression.

Congrats you just made rain breath lung generators, but on an atomic scale.
@NASAGoddard @NASA The fek did I just invent in an attempt for making the analogy for a theory with another system that I don't think currently exists... Do I need to make an analogy for that or does Gravitational Rain Breathing Lungs sum that up enough

You just want Radiation Voltage Breath Lungs

• • •

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25 Nov
I believe that I identify the discrepancy of what is inaccurately termed "antimatter".
I provide my discernment of correction.
Counter-polarity matter is what this is more accurate to term.
A polarity pairing that merges ionization into the shockwave of pure EMR isn't "anti" ⚡️✨
If this was a true to the term representation then it would NOT result in waveform-based midmatter that is able to harness kinetic conversions from. The resulting interaction would simply void out into the dark quaternion absolute plasma-based catalyzing matter that structures it
No, true antimatter is not properly understood yet it seems. It is indeed there but this is NOT observable in a linearized manifested structure. There is a scale stepping law to entangle particles by the Fibonacci alternation to the polarity of FTL EMF cavitation structure motion
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23 Nov
Latin roots are interesting
English: Chamber
Latin: aethereum thalamum
Thalamum=*THE* Chamber?

Is there correlation of thalamum to thalamus?
"THE" brain chamber?

Ties an "Ethereal" brain chamber, "Eye Of Ra", pineal gland EMR/EMF circadian rhythm?
Instrumentation that picks up data in the sensor CATCHES the energetic structure information into that data into a tangible physical conversion of energy to data.
Utilizing quantum states of the Thalamus could sway a pineal gland to synthesize biochemical compounds
Data to energy
Thalamus biostructures in other creatures can be developed to read and UNDERSTAND the electromagnetics of the planet in navigation and disaster intuition. This cannot be dismissed to be anything less than a true to life form of psychic ability should a human develop the abilities
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22 Nov
@engineers_feed Well, I would personally hold off on "evil" since it's a concept centered around a sentient intention. But for the most "negative" impacting company?
...well that's also a hard choice/answer due to the diverse conflict of interests in a company the bigger the investors manipulate
@engineers_feed So what we want to look for here is a company where the highest investors of power is seen calling the shots with a clear intention to build the money on the companies human resources expense instead of supporting the company with their investment. Especially should it liquidate.
@engineers_feed How involved are they in the knowledge base on the decisions, how much fidelity is in the plans straight from the source, what are the investor to investor relations in and outside of the company?
What is the history record of accountability and follow up on corrections?
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22 Nov
Exercise your personal discernment enabled by your own free will. Many who love Science Fantasy benefit in the emersive experience, I personally do with inspirational motive only if I can fathom that possibilities
I worked to expand diverse independence, THEN I could be receptive
Calls of priorities imposed on you are unhealthy, those must be ln your terms of YOUR circumstances. Even if the intention is positive, we must not risk an organizational hysteria in our communities that divides us through prejudice in the extremes/obscene.
We upfront disclose it
Our reform success begins with a comfort zone of reception with healthy boundaries to maintain, evolve, and sustain that reform.

We all move as one organism with a united paradigm of mutually passive cohabitation providing our universal needs and enabling our social creativity.
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22 Nov
@DalaiLama Yup, "the benefit of my neighbor is the benefit of my own." If the same principle holds true for the neighbors of your neighbor, that's a LOT of benefit to web out indefinitely in the systemics. Hence it is true due to it's actualization of of a self fulfilling prophecy statement
@DalaiLama This is why we focus on the betterment of ourselves. An appropriate manor of healthy behavioral improvements that can enable us to be at our best. This arguably is selfish in individual interpretation, finding ways to rethink a second perspective enables you for cognitive choice.
@DalaiLama I experience(d) locked in syndrome in resulting from agoraphobia and scoptophobia. Specifically aspects of innate fear/survival mechanism to inescapable situations and being observed/seen. But it enabled me to deeply appreciate and grow through the unfiltered experience of others
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20 Nov
Ok, so for some insight on the chaotic jumbling nature of my mind, here's what just happened over the last 10 minutes.
-thought of medical bay pods
-correlated clear LCD, EMR, and sonic resonance to a crystal forming by another crystal
-Downscale med pods to crystal synthesis🤯
-correlated multiphase transitioning of producing new LCD crystal structures to evolve the capability of utilizing EMR patterns with specific intention based on the newly grown liquid crystal transitioning grids with introducing them to sonic frequencies that can rework EMR waves
-then correlated this as a quaternion algorithm projection.

[Utility Spectrum (orientation),
Crystal Structure (absolution),
Sonic Frequency (plane pattern),
EMR Frequency (depth pattern)]

The formula of the matrix itself holds up in the relationship between the parts by design
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