1/ I can’t speak to specific person’s motives (only those who have a track record & connections to big $) but some, in fact, I would say most, are just ignorant about how they are being used to facilitate the assault against America.

Regardless of motive the damage is the same.
2/ For many, those in politics or media, etc., it is the way they make a living. Consequently, regardless of intent,
making a living, not the country’s best interest, becomes central to their motive and subsequently all of their efforts.
3/ Of these, many on the right and left believe that they have joined the fight against our adversaries. How many of them have done their due diligence to understand the war at home? Researching actors and understanding the war are two very different things.
4/ Any such effort is pointless without first acquiring the necessary knowledge & understanding of the left, their history, & the history of the right’s actions that enable the left’s success. Lacking this info, people’s research is not actionable in ways that make a difference.
5/ Very few people understand Marxism and the right’s central function as the left’s defeat mechanism. Not only do people NOT understand it, to a far worse degree, they aren’t interested in learning about it either.
6/ Their lack of desire to learn this imperative knowledge is key to everything. The result of 100 yrs of dialectical/mass line attacks & the transformative impact on our society as a whole has resulted in a mass psychosis for the majority who are now the enablers of our fall.
7/ While we can point to obvious examples of greed and even corruption, at every level, not all of these people understand or even recognize it as such within themselves.
8/ Clearly, the top tier designers and facilitators of America’s transformation understand their actions fully.
9/ But this is a relatively small group in conjunction with both the deliberate and complicit collaboration of various actors, foreign adversaries, and billionaires who hold no allegiance to American or in some cases any country.
10/ However, it is those who do the dirty work, those who make the change happen that we need to concern ourselves. The majority simply don’t know what they do not know and, consequently, they also don’t know what they do.
11/ The biggest body among these who are complicit are the masses which includes the majority of the left and right. Even though many on the right may recognize the communist and jihadist assault, they don’t understand the left and how “they” enable them.
12/ To be frank, self-centered people don’t know they are self-centered. People in denial don’t know they are in denial. Sadly, there is an arrogance on the right whether MAGA or otherwise that promotes ignorance and inhibits them from seeking real solutions.
13/ There are many complex reasons for this dysfunction (some certainly stemming from greed) that I won’t cover here. The point is we all suffer from it to varying degrees.

While it’s also true, it is not all of our own making nonetheless, as adults, we are all responsible.
14/ Just as legally we are responsible for adhering to the rule of law, even if we don’t know all of them, we all have a civic duty, even if we don’t take responsibility for it.
15/ It is our job as adults and citizens of America to find out what the laws are and comply. Well ordered societies depend on equal application and enforcement of the law to function. We have all seen what happens when these break down. A society falls apart.
16/ The dilemma of our time:

As we all stare down the barrel of our own destruction but still refuse to take honest stock and genuinely self-assess the error in our ways, I’m compelled to pose an important question. What else exists that could possibly motivate us to change?
17/ The times are calling all of us to look in the mirror but, sadly, most of us don’t know what a mirror is really for nor how to use one properly.
18/ More importantly, as we spur on the public to obsess over pointing fingers outward in the other direction, we all fail to recognize that there are three pointing at each ourselves as we do so. This has effectively kept us stuck in self-destruction mode for decades.
19/ We’ve lost our ability to be taught what we must learn to protect ourselves and to learn be good stewards of the country that have us everything.
20/ While we complain about having our EDU system irreparably altered to dumb us down, our focus remains fixed on the problem while we remain dumbed down.
21/ Stuck in perpetual circular thought patterns, throwing ignorant childish tantrums, refusing to EDU ourselves beyond 2 sec meme propaganda, & fully committing our effort to spreading the brainwashing of our elite class to our fellow citizenry. We call it “making a difference.”
22/ Suffice to say that you were to point out these issues, defects if you will, within their character and judgment they would attack you. They cannot see it. They aren’t aware because they deny reality.
23/ As I’ve written in previous threads, we need to understand more about our own psychology and how our society has been engineered. A great many of us have become addicts. To create a society of addicts is a crucial but barely explored element of unconventional warfare.
24/ One needn’t be addicted to drugs to have an addiction.
But every addict is self-destructive & also enormously destructive to those around them, and thus society at large. Much like a virus infects it’s host who becomes a carrier so too an addict infects others close to them.
25/ Addictions manifest in many forms via drugs (legal and illegal), alcohol, sex, food, pedophilia, social media, video games, TV, shopping, work, relationships (co-dependency), money, and many more.
26/ Even a high functioning addict is destructive intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to themselves but equally, if not more, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, & physically destructive to loved ones who carry this dysfunction to other relationships.
27/ Over time, the entire family system becomes dysfunctional and self-destructive. The impact of this is life altering for everyone. It is a problem which compounds outward to other relationships infecting the mental health of others and then society at large.
28/ While the addict lives only to pursue the feeling rendered by using their drug of choice, the loved ones existence centers around enabling the addict to use while believing they are helping. (Weaponized this is Psych warfare at its best)
29/ I won’t get into the dynamics of this further here because it’s far too complicated to cover in a thread. I’ve touched on the subject in a few previous threads which I will post below.
30/ I explore others to explore this aspect of unconventional warfare because I have come to believe that any political warfare analysis is incomplete without factoring in this aspect of the assault against America.
31/ The first and most crucial action to be undertaken is to understand the left and the right. After years of searching, I discovered the work of @S_Coughlin_DC and Rich Higgins which is vitally essential to any legitimate counter effort.
33/ REPORT: Re-Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left: The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America unconstrainedanalytics.org/report-re-reme…
34/ IMHO, no others possess the warfare expertise, while also comprehending the full depth and breadth of the history, as well as, the impact on national defense. There’s is the go to analysis that fills the gaps that is lacking in all other analysis.
35/ My previous threads which expound further on the elements that I covered above are posted below… here:

38/ I’ll leave you with some final thoughts:

Addiction is a serious matter.
Most drug addicts encounter legal problems, go to prison, or result in death. Intervention is mostly unsuccessful. Of those who genuinely seek treatment, most will fail several times before they succeed.
39/ The most important element in any professional intervention that results in sustained treatment and abstinence is ongoing membership in a Twelve Step program which focuses on changing behavior and encourages a belief in God.
40/ The affliction is so totally engulfing for its victims, most require professional help and or a power beyond their own to over come it, hence, the encouragement to seek a God connection. This is not an undertaking for the faint of heart which is why most will fail.
41/ Finally, consider the mass psychosis that has swept the globe, it shares many characteristics with those who suffer from addiction. Sadly, the response to any treatment or intervention will be met with the same aversion as we observe in addiction.
Forgive my typos, I really tried hard to do better. Twitter is my nemesis for many reasons, not the least of which, is the lack of an edit button. Lol.

Lol, I lost 4 followers so I must be striking a cord which is the typical reaction to my work. Oh happy day.

• • •

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24 Nov
1817 -Napoleon’s warning to the west: When in a war w/China, Britain would “doubtless, at first, succeed.” But “you would teach them their own strength.” In the wake of defeat, the Chinese would say, “we must render ourselves equal to them.” @S_Coughlin_DC project-syndicate.org/onpoint/drugs-…
1998: 1/ In a step toward joint operations to fight international crime, the United States and China have established a secret electronic surveillance post along China's border with Burma to eavesdrop on narcotics traffickers from the Golden Triangle. washingtonpost.com/archive/politi…
2/ The U.S. govt has also given China several dozen jeep-like Humvee vehicles for narcotics interdiction in mountainous terrain along the Burmese border.
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21 Nov
1/ Lol. 95 % of the 200 Founding Fathers were practicing Christians & exercised their faith in public office, & at home. The other 5 % acknowledged God & the Bible as divine truth.

Karl Marx, announced his object in life was to “dethrone God & destroy capitalism” for a reason.
2/ America was founded as a Christian nation

“In recent years modern historians and secular humanists have denied the fact that America was founded as a "Christian Nation." But America’s Christian roots run deep and wide.”
Losing faith

In 2019, the Pew Research Center reported that just 65% of American adults describe themselves as Christians, versus 77% 10 years prior.
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20 Nov
1/ If want to address the faith issue, I think that is a noble pursuit. Consider that people have generally lost faith because the church has been corrupted from within just as has our entire culture and way of thinking has been corrupted.

The enemy is inside the gates & church.
2/ You have to show people the how and why they lost faith, how their corrupted way of thinking is preventing them from rediscovering it, as well as, the manner & methods that were and still are used against them to achieve the state of things.
3/ Then you have to show them why it is their responsibility to self-correct and rediscover faith again through service and self-driven re-education.
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19 Nov
1/ As the result of 100 yrs of dialectic/mass line attacks we have lost our moral foundation, ability to think, & communicate. Underpinning this is a sickness of the soul born from unexamined lives lived without a divine rudder to guide them to lead lives of prudence and virtue.
2/ "Prudence is one of the Cardinal Virtues in the Catholic Catechism. They are at the pinnacle of human virtues that flow from the sacred virtues." S. Couglin.
These virtues were once part of the fabric of our society, anchored our founding, and established the foundation from which we could rightly proclaim a great nation. These have not only been abandoned, their meaning is corrupted and reality itself has been forgotten.
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19 Nov
1/ In "Abuse of Language Abuse of Power," Joseph Pieper reflects on the way language has been abused so that, instead of being a means of communicating the truth and entering more deeply into it, and of the acquisition of wisdom,...
2/ ... it is being used to control people and manipulate them to achieve practical ends.
3/ Reality becomes intelligible through words. Man speaks so that through naming things, what is real may become intelligible. This mediating character of language, however, is being increasingly corrupted.
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17 Nov
Thread: The fact that you asked this question tells me that some part of you recognizes that something is wrong. Your choices going forward will determine if you chart a new course into actual conscious awareness and become genuinely red pilled. Let me explain.
When people enter social media they do so innocently for various reasons. Some believe that they have made the choice to get informed, to meet other like minded people, support a political candidate, etc.
Their initial belief that this is what they are doing becomes the foundation of what in reality is not in fact reality. It is the world of a pseudo reality, the unreal, a fantasy world.
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