I was asked the other day which party I supported, Republicans or Democrats !! All of you who have been with me for awhile, KNOW, that I DO NOT support any party.. Especially when the parties in question, make no effort to support the people.. AND, when said parties don't exist
If you think they do, you're not alone.. The US Fake Government has been putting up a front since 1871.. If your not familiar with this year, it's the year The Act of 1871 was created.. What it did was strip the government of a legitimate representative body, ...cont
To NO representation at all.. Just a show that is continuously choreographed to make it look like a normal government.. All you have to do is take a look at the "Corpse" roaming the fake White House to know I'm correct.. Not only am I an advocate against Fake Governments,..cont
I also DONOT support the "Left, or the "Right", or anything in between.. To do so would make me a Hypocrite.. What I DO support is the Original Constitution as The Law of The Land... I support the original framework of a Republic created by some brilliant minds at the beginning..

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23 Nov
I am totally anti government for a very good reason. Any country who thinks they need someone to oversee their lives belongs in the nut house. Where did the idea come from in the first place? You can bet that those interested in such a thing had thoughts of greed and power ..cont
In the back of their minds before the first candidate was selected.. Think about it.. What would your life be like without a government looming over you and your family.. Am I saying you'd be better off without it?? DAMN RIGHT I AM!!.. You only think you need a government...cont
Let's back up just a little bit.. I'm NOT saying that every community does not need management with certain functions and services. Please describe any Politician that assists you with those now.. A central government in a country as large as America is ludicrous..cont
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10 Oct
I Know, I know, that idea of entering a different structure every day, became more of a pain in the ARSE finding and deciding which structure.. I DIDN'T REALIZE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE PRIVY TO SO MANY STRUCTURES!!! Let's go ahead and cancel that exercise for the moment...
Tonight, I have a Humongust Bone to Pick,, "Boy do I"... WHERES MY CHICKEN"!??!... No, No, No, BIGGER than that...... "WHERE'S MY TURKEY"??.....NO, NO, NO, BIGGER THAN THAT!!... GEEEEEEZE!...... "WHERE'S MY DINOSAUR"!!??... "Great, NOW GIVE ME A BONE TO PICK!!..cont
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7 Oct
I have a small bone to pick... "WHERE'S MY CHICKEN"?.. (This is to notify everyone that no harm came to any animals during this "Bit").. I was just curious as to why most of my followers hide behind something or someone else.. I've got males with a Beautiful woman..cont
As a Profile Picture.. I've got women with male jargon for a Profile Picture.. I know, I know, anything that'll represent you without letting on that it is actually YOU!! OK, OK, I get it.. It sure would be nice though to see who I'm actually talking to.. cont
Ya Know, "A Little Stationary Eye Contact".. It's a wonder that anyone can have a decent conversation.. Think about it.. Your doing so without Eye Contact, Body Language, Tone of Voice, and Mannerisms.. I do my best to express myself through the keyboard.. It takes practice..cont
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7 Oct
Good Evening, Good Morning, and Good Afternoon World.. Because My comments seem to disappear on their own, I would suggest you take notes on the upcoming class, describing the workings of the Federal Reserve and IRS.. That class will begin in a few minutes, but first..cont
Due to the controversial nature of the subject being discussed, and the fact that alot of the material will cause you to become highly agitated, I will require all those with the problem of Bursting into Flames (Internal Combustion) have a fully charged Fire Extinguisher..cont
Before entering the classroom.. And PLEASE, sit to the rear of the class so in case you do Burst into Flames, you can make a hasty retreat out the back door before scorching your fellow classmates or the classroom.. And, as per usual..NO SIGNING OF BODYCAST DURING CLASS!!..cont
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5 Oct
HERE HE COMES FOLKS,... NO SENSE GETTING YOUR ATTENTION FIRST,... DID YA NOTICE??... WILLIAM LOGANJ IS ENTERING HIS BRAND NEW "AIRCRAFT CARRIER"... ... ,,. "Show off", Boooo, Where dya get it, CHYNA!!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.......; "Go ahead and laugh...cont
It houses 10,000 Bodies.. It can Launch and Receive any type of Aircraft or Helicopter , Night or Day.. It can launch enough munitions' to completely evaporate any medium sized city.. It has "Invisibility Technology", recently fine tuned for seamless operation..cont
It can literally switch to stealth mode and completely disappear.. Power source is in a padded cell.. Soundproof.. Think of the possibilities.??. I was thinking of using that technology to cover a new town, like a firmament...Still vulnerable to attack from the air
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25 Sep
Alright Folks, that thread was a little long and I've had many questions.. First let me explain "Accountability".. I'm sure many of you have gone to Church and experienced what it's like to get Baptized.. The Pastor makes a visit with whomever is to be Baptized ...cont
And explains the importance of being ready for the event.. Any misconceived notions that you'll be saved are quickly put to rest once you are aware of the implications.. You see, like religion, which is manmade and should not be paid any attention to, ..cont
The Universe is conscious and fully aware of your presence.. From birth you are monitored on your progress.. As you go thru childhood and eventually reach adulthood, there are many mistakes made.. Depending on how good your parents are...cont
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