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23 Nov, 4 tweets, 1 min read
Is this a joke?

We are dealing with unprecedented supply chain crisis, partially driven by a labor shortage. Restricting the pool of possible drivers will only make that problem worse.
I’m honestly exhausted by the incompetence of this administration. They seriously don’t think about any consequences when they put stuff forward. Same story on issue after issue. And it’s bc all their decisions are driven by politics.
No different then scheduling Afghan withdrawal during fighting season bc they wanted it to be around 9/11. Or rescinding the Stay in Mexico policy at the border. Or suspending new and oil and gas drilling leases on public lands. Each time surprised they made the problem worse.
One more point: The US is getting hit by a big winter Covid-19 wave right now. If you actually believed that the public health benefits of this easily outweighed the harm from exacerbating supply chain issues, why wait 2 months to implement? Wouldn’t you do it now?

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21 Nov
The US is not where it needs to be on race. We have a black mark in our history that lasted a long time & not easily overcome.

With that said, we are now also one of the most racially tolerant and diverse countries in world history and have made enormous progress.
Both of those things are true. There are a lot of people stuck on part 1 and insistent on ignoring part 2. What's even worse is that many of those people, in powerful positions, have promoted the belief that only way to deal with 1 is to reverse the progress that led to 2.
The way we achieved 2 was by recognizing that racial differences are not central to a person's identity or what we should judge others on. But a certain religious-like cult which believes that is wrong has now been normalized in the parts of the press, politics, & culture.
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21 Nov
Here is this journalist justifying terrorism and the murder of innocent civilians.

What a despicable human being.
The attack she is justifying is a Hamas terrorist opening fire on a group of Jews at the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site. 4 were injured and 1 was killed.

Eliyahu David Kaye is the 26-year-old tour guide who was killed. Image
I like how one of the big crimes Israel is allegedly committing that would justify a terrorist shooting random Jews at a Jewish holy site is the effort to "Judaize Jerusalem"

The horror of allowing more Jews live in a Jewish holy city.
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20 Nov
Go to hell.

The cases aren't even remotely similar. These are such garbage people. And I'm not just talking about the attorney, but the press outlets trying to push this divisive and dishonest garbage.

Why would @wolfblitzer even ask him about the Kenosha case?
Despite what these deplorable clowns want you to think, today was an example of our justice system working correctly... not an indictment on our system. The flaws in our system, which do exist, were actually overcome in this case.
Every CNN show is basically starting with the premise that today's verdict was wrong because they spent so much time lying to their audience about what actually happened. And then they wonder why they have fewer viewers than midnight cooking shows.

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12 Nov
It is absolutely insane that the NYT pays this person to write about history or that any schools would then adopt that history and try to teach it to children, but making a completely revisionist and false claim about American history to smear America is par for the course.
No, we didn’t drop the bomb as Japan was about to surrender just to test it out. That’s 9-11 truther level nonsense.
And actually, I have to retract part of my tweet. I don’t really know what the NYT actually pays her for because she is listed as a correspondent but her last byline was in June 2020.…
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11 Nov
Are all these reporters ignorant of the supply chain issues at the Long Beach Harbor port or do they not understand the joke?
Honestly some of the most ignorant and humorless people on the plant.

The Long Beach Harbor port has a lot of freight from Asia that is currently delayed. It’s a supply chain joke about food being delayed bc they are hungry.
Didn’t even need to check to know who was promoting this nonsense.
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11 Nov
Wow. Just watched @stoolpresidente 's press conference. It's even more apparent that the BI piece was an intentionally dishonest hit piece targeted at someone the author didn't like. The author took 8 months trying to dig up anything on Portnoy.
She ended up with 2 very weak claims related to admittedly consensual sex that weren’t worthy of a news story and then tried to go after advertisers. And Portnoy has now presented evidence those 2 claims were also false and it seems BI had access to at least some of the evidence.
I wrote about this b4 Portnoy’s press conference & additional evidence. My concern isn’t for Portnoy, who has resources & a platform to defend himself, but ppl targeted in a similar manner often don’t have that ability and can be destroyed.
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