setting up a new youtube shooting drill challenge, you gotta run up 6 flights of stairs with a scoped bolt action, then you got 60s to set up your bench shooting position, and then a moving target bus goes past and you only get 1 chance to nail 2 small targets

the oswald run
the range was 265 feet (just 80m) which is closer than i thought
their fancy limo was closing for part of it and moving away for the rest so it was as close as 140’ (~43m) at times. Oswald coulda pissed off the 6th floor window and made it rain on Kennedy if the wind was right
if you want to know how i know this, i have pissed off a 6 story building in high winds and that piss goes faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ☔️
also what i'm getting at is now that i know the technical details i think any competent shooter coulda pulled this off easy, with 6.5mm carcano, Oswald is basically shooting flat. tho he is shooting downhill which will change your aim point
here's a fun fact, when shooting downhill OR uphill, bullets hit higher than your aim point in both cases

• • •

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25 Nov
reading an isekai about a dude who dies from overwork and he's reincarnated for his fabulous new life as the son of a family owned tavern having an easy going life managing their combination restaurant and hotel
the wildest dream one can have in the 21st century: doing various tasks serving a useful function in society and going to sleep not exhausted but satisfied with a day's work
転生したら宿屋の息子でした 田舎街でのんびりスローライフをおくろ or "When I was Reincarnated, I Woke Up as the Son of an Innkeeper" or "Welcome to my Inn"
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25 Nov
if you are pissing off a government I highly recommend having your own personal psychotic break. That will help you take psy-ops in stride
hallucinations and delusions are a perfectly normal part of the human experience. I get exploding head syndrome as I try to sleep. Just as I drift off, I hear a gunshot outside, my ex scream for help, a door slam, or a window break.
a trick for distinguishing hallucinated voices from real ones is to put on headphones and crank up the music. real ones gets drowned out by that

those ultrasonic parametric speakers emanate from the 1st surface they hit line of sight, so you can use a book to check
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23 Nov
one of the dangers of the modern mechanized battlefield are how many human constructs become consumed with psychic energies and twist into unearthly shapes
animals like horses and mules become traumatized instead, processing the horrors biologically by pretending to be wounded and developing nervous disorders naturally. A motorcycle, a plane, or a tank cannot do that and therefore becomes overwhelmed beyond reality.
it’s not unusual to see a burnt out APC on a battlefield start smelling of cinnamon and spice. The weeds around it transformed into visions of dandelions by your grandmother’s house. The carbonized skeleton of a driver turns into your mom, young again waving at you to come home
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15 Sep
it’s funny how now we get 10 billion stories about life under Taliban rule when there was none about what it’s like to live under a US sponsored Afghan pedophile warlord that kidnaps children with helicopters and is a guest speaker on CNN
we had to send multiple soldiers back to the states because they became so enraged by what they saw they laid hands on the warlords or their lackeys and that was not considered conducive to our "allies"…
it was so common, we had to tell the troops explicitly to do nothing and not assist the Afghan families who begged us to help

part of the Taliban's appeal to the populace back in the 1990s was that they banned the practice of warlords taking child slaves…
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14 Sep
the strange end to the circumstances of the Lin Biao incident. a tremendous figure in Chinese military history half-heartedly attempts a coup, gets into a plane, flies in circles, and crashes in Mongolia, sparking endless speculation
its believed that by 1971, Lin Biao had become deeply passive and inactive. Soviet doctors diagnosed him as bipolar in 1953 but his family rejected the diagnosis. Mao and Lin drifted apart, and he refrained from public appearances and any speaking unless he had to.
with his ill health, his wife Ye Qun and his son, a general in the Air Force, Lin Liguo began manipulating the old man and his name to get things done. They hatched Project 571, a plot to kill Mao and take over the government with loyal PLAAF units.
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14 Sep
LSS (Low, Slow, Small) targets such as multicopter drones and modern airplanes can be easily targeted by future laser systems. therefore, we must consider defenses against these systems now such as highly reflective paints and ablative armor

white paints like anti-flash white are the most basic defense against future laser weapons, but they may carbonize under directed energy attack

perhaps mixing in glitter or reflective metal or mica chips into the paint would help redirecting some of that energy
for larger vehicles, ablative armor in the form of paints with special behaviors may be considered. I believe the Russians now paint their new nuclear missiles with a type of paint that generates copious amounts of smoke when heated

this smoke disperses laser energy
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