Message 11/23/2021: Driving to the ocean I tuned into the energy and heard the word gold repeated several times. I then see spinning and hear the whirring of DNA fibers unwinding and rapidly transcribing sacred spiritual DNA codes aligning us to the Creator.
2. Next I am shown new strands of golden DNA being anchored into our beings evidence that the close relationship we have with the cosmos is returning as this golden DNA connects us to all creation.
3. “Be still & know that I Am God. Be still and know that I Am the Creator of All. All power and glory is of me, for I am the King of All Creation. I stand upon a mountaintop singing the most majestic of songs, the harmony of which anchors into your DNA, vibrating your cells with
4. the frequency of my name. Do you not remember your connection to me? Do you not hear these songs singing magnificently in your being? For I Am the Father, the Alpha, the Omega the Being residing over all that is. I Am here to remind you of the glory that lives within you,
5. the flame of divinity I have gifted to you so you may live a life that is good, a life of abundance, a life of love, joy and peace. To live the life I have promised for you, you must seek the treasures that reside within the sanctum of your sacred heart. It is here you can
6. listen to your heart strings vibrating my song in consonance with the DNA fibers. This song is the key that unlocks the door to your higher consciousness, your intimate connection with me, the Father of all time, the Father of no time, the Father that has always been in the
7. infinite consciousness flowing everlasting, flowing to infinity as a wave of love. To find me, you must be still and seek me within for I Am with you always, a love note that plays incessantly in your heart, a note that opens the door to the kingdom of everlasting love.
8. When you find the key, open the door in order that you may live in the house of the Father forever by my side."

• • •

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24 Nov
11/24/2021: As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy and saw brilliant white and gold sparkles of light streaming down into the planet. I hear this light is the golden harmonics of the Creator. Once the light fell upon the earth, I saw the sparkles change into liquid 24
2. carat gold that covered the surface of the planet filling every crevice, every cavity or opening in the earth with the golden songs of the One Divine Creator. This energy is literally transforming the planet and all of its inhabitants. It is the energy of pure consciousness,
3. the intelligent frequency of the Creator reengineering any area of the earth and our energy fields that have been separated from the divine design. These are being aligned, brought back to the energy of the One. The next image I see are blue angels. These angels wear
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23 Nov
Message 11/22/2021: Driving to the ocean I tuned into the energy and for the first time saw beautiful white star light falling into the planet. This is the energy of the galactics indicating they are close at hand. There are so many of them in close proximity to earth and on the
2. earth itself. Many sit in their ships adjusting to the different energetics and once adjusted, along with the galactics walking the earth, help to raise the frequency of humanity and the planet simply by their presence. Their presence too is activating the blossoming and
3. transcription of the DNA of our galactic heritage. This will help unify humanity with each other and with our cosmic family because it shows the common thread (DNA) that exists within each of us. It is written in the stars that this day would arrive, the assembly of children
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21 Nov
As promised I am sharing a recording of the Seraphim I channeled on Tuesday. This is my most powerful healing channeling to date. In this channeling the Seraphim send customized color and sound frequencies to the individual to balance and heal their energetic fingerprint.
2. This is an awesome healing channeling to listen to. My sister Jane, affectionately nicknamed Producer Jane by a friend, works with me on my channelings. The channelings are part of a collection of work for the online community we belong to called Divinity Spiritual.
3. I have three more channelings on blog talk I will share. These have amazing energy. I noticed since the frequency of the energy has increased on the planet so too has the energy increased in the channelings. I hope you benefit from listening and enjoy our New England
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20 Nov
Message 11/20/2021: Driving to the ocean, for the first time I sense the energy of aquamarine, a gift from the galactics (my favorite crystal/stone), streaming into the planet along with diamond frequencies. The aquamarine is helping to raise the vibration of the
2. water within the self restructuring the water crystals to that like in Dr. Emoto’s experiments. These higher frequencies are vibrating the water to the energy of love, peace and harmony. This magnetically changes the structure of water to that of higher order consciousness.
3. When the structure is of higher consciousness, the function changes to create a sacred temple of light, the energy of the Christ consciousness, the I Am. The next image I see are blinking lights, a code of love light energies. I see the images of love light creating this
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19 Nov
11/19/2021: Immensely powerful light activations today. As I drove this morning I could feel light fill my BEing to the point I felt like I was glowing. This light is also activating our divine power & divine love, further opening our heart centers & blossoming ancient DNA codes.
2. On the way home later in the day I looked up to the sky and noticed unusual cloud formations. I then felt the presence of the galactics. There are so many of them, almost too many to count from a great variety of star systems. As I looked at their ships I wondered how
3. they are able to identify the origin of one from a different star system. I heard there is a barcode of light on the ships that can be telepathically scanned alerting others of their origin and intent. I then felt an immense amount of love from the galactics on these ships, so
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17 Nov
11/17/2021: This morning I felt more tired than usual and my thinking was off. Something feels very different. It feels as if we have been and continue to be deprogrammed of past consciousness; our memories erased of old world experiences (the slate is being wiped
2. in order for us to move forward into the new world. I then heard ancient galactic codexes are reinstated and the Law of One is returning to the forefront of our memory. We are ascending, moving up the scale of consciousness to live from the highest and best versions of
3. ourselves, our light bodies as we begin to remember our connection to each other and to the all. Additionally, last night as I channeled the Seraphim, I felt the beautiful healing blue light of the Star of Bethlehem. Our cosmic and angelic families are energetically assisting
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