They failed to lock up Kyle, so they try to agitate w/ the Christmas parade massacre & now this.

UTR was an obvious glowfest from start- certainly thereafter. The right has been detached from Spencer for years now, but I remember the reports that day. Narrative inversion.
Much like Kyle was targeted for self-defense, UTR was targeted to discourage anyone who would dare protest removal of historic monuments.

All of the violence was caused by anteefoids. Even Fields was trying to flee violent leftists.
Also, was it not confirmed that his alleged victim had died from heart attack or that medics didn’t resuscitate? Or was this debooonked? Either way, he wasn’t out mowing people on purpose. That’s BLM’s job. 400 years in prison. Crazy.
Also- this. Lol. Theres no way this ever happened. She was either fed or made this up for plea deal.

Anyway, they continue to send their message wrt Charlottesville. Don’t protest without support of 3-letter agencies.
Kind of hilarious they’re still trying to use Spencer as some lightning rod. He’s disliked by nearly everyone on the right, and he was distrusted before this event even happened.
Anyway, drooling class continues waging demoralization & fear campaigns against regular people. 1 by 1, even normies are learning the stench of psyops. The timing of all these trials at once is obviously no coincidence. Yet their efforts remain flaccid.

We’re still winning.
They broadcast this same day. Desperate to provoke a reaction.

• • •

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23 Nov
I checked t*l*gram to see what L i n W o o d had to say about Kyle’s claims regarding Wood & Pierce as his initial legal counsel.

Wood is an interesting character, but he does have a good track record as a defamation lawyer.
He’s worked in some capacity w/ Jon Binet Ramsey’s parents, Richard Jewel, Nick Sandmann, and established Fight Back as a 501c3 designed to support the second amendment once bail money was raised to get Kyle out of jail.
He claims that it was Kyle’s criminal defense attorneys who were responsible for Kyle’s elongated 87-day imprisonment. I don’t know if that’s a reference to John Pierce or Kyle’s replacement team.
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20 Nov
Kyle Rittenhouse’s victory that night in Kenosha and now in the courts is an important political victory, but it is important far beyond politics.

This is a thread on Divine Anointing and the Mandate from Heaven.
1/x Image
Kyle’s success in Kenosha was the clearest example of Divine intervention I’ve ever seen recorded. This should have terrified our enemies, but they are arrogant.

For some reason God anointed Kyle. Only a fool would continue to antagonize him after that night. But they did.
2/x ImageImage
Remember the Trump Curse. This was much more than meme magic. God anointed Trump and gave him victory. I don’t think that saga is over, but history alone shows that many who went after him did so to their own demise. Some yet still.
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8 Nov
After some trial and error, here is how I would address parasite cleanse. 🧵

First, keep on hand oil of oregano, raw organic garlic, and black walnut/wormwood/clove tincture (Nature’s Answer) Also a chelating agent like activated charcoal, chlorophyll, or certain clays.
Then find a food herbal complex. I really liked a product from Teraputics. I have also used Scram. But there are many out there. Read reviews. You usually do a course for 20 days or so.
If you really want to go nuts, research recommended diets for cleanses. Usually something low sugar/grain. No processed food or alcohol. Easy on stimulants. In my experience I cleanse fine without the above but supposedly it really helps starve the parasites.
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19 Oct
Do you ever think about how easy it would be to shove a man into a pond or the ease of taking another’s life or die in a car crash?

Order and disorder are inches apart. Society is upheld by intentional action and restraint.
Modern society has already been described as a rat race, but the events of the past 2 years are another level: mask your face, scramble your brain with a qtip, take a laser to your pineal gland, receive a compulsory injection in your arm, keep your distance, stay home, etc.
The purpose, as it always has been, is to break man’s agency and reprogram him like a missile.

Instead of society being upheld by virtuous men rearing good families among other virtuous men and their families, everything is deferred to the corptocracy.
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17 Oct
A woman will numb her entire spine and have a pain free birth and then say “Heeeahah a man could NEVER handle childbirth!” Image
I have never heard a holistic mommy brag about being stronger than her husband. There’s always mutual but differing regard and appreciation for the other.
Let’s check in on the stable boss babes in the quote tweets....

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6 Jul
Speaking of erasing history. Who here is World’s Fair Pilled?

Not just Chicago in 1893- London (1851, 1862), New York (1853), Philadelphia (1876), Paris (1878, 1891, 1900), Barcelona (1888), Prague (1891), Brussels (1897), St. Louis (1904), and San Francisco (1915).
So called facades were allegedly erected for the fair subsequently demolished. This is particularly relevant in the case of the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893.

The architecture and infrastructure seemed too complex to be built in such short notice and subsequently demolished.
If they were truly facades, surely they were demolished for ritual significance.

We see this in the case of the Cabal’s destruction (they blame ISIS) of ancient Buddha’s and Roman cities.
Read 7 tweets

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