4:30pm on a gorgeous LA evening

20 hours to Spokane

Should get there just in time for Thanksgiving

Let's hit the road πŸ˜”
Four freaking accidents on the road tonight

Barely out of LA

Getting food and will try slightly later πŸ˜“
Why is Google so bad at rerouting to avoid traffic?

I saved myself an hour of sitting in traffic by forcing a cross route while Google yelled at me the whole time πŸ™„
Now with food and coffee and no traffic I think I have a good 6 hours in me
I love not knowing where I am and not really caring

β€’ β€’ β€’

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24 Nov
Couldn't go all night

Crashing at a shady motel 6 for a bit, I was losing focus even chugging coffee

I'll have to finish my drive tomorrow

So many thoughts and feelings πŸ˜”
It's so weird talking to mom

Like we're pretending there's a shot and then we're acknowledging that realistically there probably isn't

Just a question of how much time we have

Switching between joking around like everything is normal and end of life arrangement planning
We might have a year with her

If we're lucky it's longer

If we're unlucky it's less

I hate the lack of control

I hate how we don't know yet
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23 Nov
I am 100% emotionally and physically exhausted

and on top of that I just got the worst news of my life so far

what a day
I was about 20 when my grandpa died of pancreatic cancer, and he passed far too young (in his 50s)

I was sad and mad about that--both for him and because I didn't get as much time with my grandpa as I wanted to
The text I got about 15 minutes ago confirmed that my mom has now been diagnosed similarly, likely stage 4, which is the outcome I was hoping wouldn't happen after her health scare last month where I went out to help her for a few weeks

I'm reeling
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12 Nov
This whole thread is πŸ”₯ but this survey in particular highlights how web3 offers a more democratic distribution of _opportunities_ for wealth than any other innovation in our lifetimes

What do you think the web2 economic class distribution for "making tons of money" looked like?
I would bet it was very heavily slanted toward the top of that chart

You can be almost completely broke and still improve your situation if you're savvy in defi just by keeping your ear to the ground and being willing to learn and participate

This is rarely true elsewhere
You can learn as much as you like about tradfi but if you're not wealthy enough to meet the criteria to be an accredited investor, there's little opportunity for you to jump on it even if you're perceiving the best alpha in the world
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12 Nov
I haven't thrown a tarot read that's turned out to be wrong in a long time, and friends now sometimes ask me for guidance on big financial moves.

It's fine for you to think tarot is dumb, period.

But there are also evidence-backed theoretical reasons for why this is a bad idea.
The bottom line is that if you're using this method for financial gain and come to rely on it, it's going to screw you eventually because (even accepting that it works), that's not what divination appears to be for.

See: liminalwarmth.com/esoterica-freq…
When I do something like my "Lim trades tarot" thread, a key component of that is that it's for a relatively small dollar amount. It seems to work _because_ I can't get rich off of it, and dovetails with the apparent purpose of psi as an apparatus to drive interest in mysticism.
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11 Nov
I would pay so much money for a tool to help me bridge inferential distances faster

I want an opt-in button on tweets that's like, "Would you like to understand and entertain this mental model to see if it resonates with you?"

And zzzzap it beams it into your head
Language is too lossy--you're always guessing at what your audience already understands and hoping that the experiences and meanings and assumptions are _close enough_ to share an understanding of something

Makes communal truth-seeking very hard for complex issues
One of the reasons in-person conversation is better at this than either text or video is that 2-way communication allows both parties to read and adapt to the other's understanding by reading nonverbal signals

You can adjust your approach in real time to accommodate
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11 Nov
One interesting argument that occurs to me about crypto is that if you see it as a mechanism of value transfer external to a central government fiat issuer, it solves for a felt need to insulate oneself from the perceived decline or ineptitude of that issuer.
One of the reasons the libertarian crowd is so hot on crypto is the privacy angle, but you'll also note that it creates a store of value separate from the dollar.

Even if crypto would _in fact_ collapse along with the dollar, the _idea_ of this addresses a fear some people have.
You may not perceive this need or share this same fear, but that's just acknowledging that someone else's case for that aspect of the utility is different from yours.

Making people feel good about their perceived reduced reliance on that issuer is a value creation mechanism.
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