How responsible science communications should be done. Excellent writing @tarahaelle.

"Myocarditis after the vaccine is rarer and usually milder than the cardiac complications from COVID-19, including those from multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C)"…
"'[W]e encounter many more heart issues and more severe heart issues from COVID-19 itself compared to the vaccine”"

Yes, this. Discussing relative risk is critically important, yet COVID contrarians don't seem to be willing to be honest about that conversation.
"Regardless, fixating only on myocarditis and ignoring other impacts of the virus doesn’t tell the full story, says @dfreedman7...Then there’s the potential long-term impact of the disease to consider, including neurological effects he has seen."
"'I saw the vaccine as the same,' Brown says. 'We would take the incredibly small risk of a potential short-term vaccine complication over the lifelong, unpredictable and possibly life-ending or life-altering risks of contracting COVID."

Bingo. Exactly this.

• • •

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25 Nov
I wanted to share a little slice of humanity that happened to me today. Buckle up, this is a long thread.

I was out running errands and while I was in a shop, I heard a loud crash and the power suddenly went out.
There was a car accident right out front. One of the cars had struck a pole for the power lines and flipped.

My emergency medicine instincts kicked in and as soon as I recognized what had happened, I ran to the car.
The pole had broken nearly in half, and the top portion was somehow upright and stable, holding power lines up. Fortunately, the driver of the flipped car was able to get out on her own and was safe, and there was no one else in the car.

None of that, of course, was remarkable.
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31 Oct
I don’t know, trainees, do you know what it REALLY means to practice clinical medicine, or do you need to be lectured by a narcissist who doesn’t practice clinical medicine anymore to truly understand? 🙄
The level of condescension is astounding, even for someone as entirely self-absorbed and bloated with underserved over-confidence as VP.

As someone nearly 5 years out of training, exactly as he references, I can tell you that I was as committed to the art of medicine as…
…as a medical student and a resident as I ever have been, if not more. Trainees are the backbone of academic hospitals. I will never forget so many of my patients from that time. So many names and faces. Some memories that haunt forever, because I cared so deeply.
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22 Oct
His descent to Godwin was rapid:
“Dr. Prasad has previously expressed disdain for doctors who counter medical misinformation, comparing it to dunking on a 7-foot hoop…”
“As such, those of us who have long-believed that combating anti-vaccine misinformation was a worthwhile endeavor likely understand some important things about the anti-vaccine movement that he does not.”
“The risks of specious comparisons between public health measures and fascism becomes clear when one appreciates the extent to which many anti-vaxxers believe they are grievously persecuted victims and that vaccines pose an existential threat…”
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9 Oct
“Groups known for spreading medical misinformation, including FLCCC, America’s Frontline Doctors, Children’s Health Defense, Urban Global Health Alliance, and the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd., all have campaigns or donation pages.”…
“Even though these fundraising efforts appear to violate the platforms’ policies, these groups have managed to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help fund their misinformation projects.”…
Hey @nandoodles this seems right up your alley!
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4 Oct
For everyone who thinks that because on an individual level you have have a low risk of dying of COVID and therefore haven’t taken vaccinations or public health precautions seriously: I’m sorry.

A thread 🧵/
I’m sorry this year sucks again. I’m sorry we’re still stuck in a pandemic. I know that you don’t want to have to listen to more bad news and to have to think twice about seeing friends or family, about traveling, about attending big events...
...about having to calculate risk for what would have previously been easy decisions. Or at least that you should be doing these things, but maybe aren’t.

But most of all, I’m sorry that you’ve been lied to by the contrarians and grifters and sycophants.
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3 Oct
I don’t have words anymore.

I don’t know how @UCSF @UCSFHospitals @UCSF_Epibiostat could possibly believe that assertions from one of their physicians that public health measures for COVID are akin to Nazisim are appropriate or within the bounds of “academic freedom.”
This is outright offensive, and likely intentionally so given his trajectory towards increasingly inflammatory rhetoric and rallying his growing anti-science and conspiratorial follower base.

I just didn’t think he would reach Godwin’s law this quickly.
I feel sorry for folks who had tied themselves to him via his “lab,” working hard only to have hard work and publications linked to him. They are not at fault and should not have their work or reputations diminished because of him. Unfair to them.
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