something something alienji terrified of kissing bc it means his waiting eggs will be fertilized (alien spit magic don't ask) which means he has to insert them somewhere to incubate and that means he will get horny and that he will have to fuck someone.. anyways wwx kisses him
so you know. it's like. accidental fertilization. and accidentally induced egging-horniness. lwj knowing wwx's spit fertilized them and going thru his days thinking about it and how wwx doesn't know and how wwx is meant to carry them..
a lil swollen youknow and his wet alien dick getting ready for it...being so attached to wwx that he has to spend all his free time with him..
this was for cat okay

• • •

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24 Nov
roommate au where wwx is the one inviting lots of over to fuck him and lwj has to listen to them fuck all night and wwx's loud noises. wwx is very vocal about his preferences in general so lwj knows all about what kind of cock he likes 😩
lwj also knows how deep wwx likes it and how rough he likes it. he knows how wwx sounds when he comes and that wwx likes riding and taking it from the back. and getting his hair pulled and ass slapped and cock edged and and
wwx tells lwj many times how much he would like to suck cock for breakfast and each time lwj is just like. mm. sure. (you've told me this before but please tell me again.) lwj does catch wwx eyeing his cock a lot ..but wwx thinks lwj is straight.. so he looks away when caught
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23 Nov
i had so many dreams again... i was at work and i was able to go through walls and objects? i was some sort of zombie thing and it was wrong to be that? and then i started watching anime in the break room and i took too long to leave, so i got told off for it 😂
and i was like well if this is the thing that gets me fired i might as well leave! i went downstairs and there was this very angry, bitchy woman who everyone disliked and decided i was gonna quit and yell all the rudest things at her before i leave lmao.
then i went to another city to visit a friend, and i was going to attend a graduation party where mau5 was gonna perform but i wasn't actually gonna graduate 😂 so i was mad bc it was everyone else's party but i was also allowed to attend so i was happy about that!
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14 Nov
and now i'm in a mood for (naked) foxxian with his bushy brown tail, appearing at lwj's cottage door and inviting himself inside so that he can eat his food and make a mess of his place and flirt with him, and when lwj would ask why, wwx would just grin at him
wwx with his ears pointed forwards, getting up close and personal to lwj, smiling at him, moving his big tail around and then brushing it against lwj's wrist.. wwx lounging around in front of his fireplace where it's warm, falling asleep and lwj not knowing what to do...
wwx sniffing all of his herbs and going through his book collection, getting way too curious about all the objects lwj has laying around.. wwx demanding food, constantly, and asking lwj about all sorts of things.
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14 Nov
thinks about witchji getting gravely injured. he's in the forest, spitting black blood by a pond, legs soaked in the freezing water as the nightly mist falls. he leans back to breathe once the cough subsides and everything's fine until he suddenly feels someone else's odd magic
and then, just some distance away between the trees in front of him on the other side of the pond, through the thick mist he can faintly make out the shape of an animal. a big, monstrous brown fox.. just staring at him with its red, gleaming eyes
and he realizes that everything--the chill air, the mist, the eerie silence all around him and the absolute stillness to all movement of the forest--all signs of the brown fox. he must have been a fool to not realize it sooner. or maybe it is the injury that got him.
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14 Nov
lwj asking wwx to undress one evening and lay on his belly on the bed. lwj doesn't tell him what he's about to do, but gets all the needed items ready.. as wwx waits, he excitedly waits on the bed bc the anticipation is always so good with lwj!!
but that evening, no matter how much wwx tries to tease lwj, the latter just ignores him with a slight smile and takes his time until wwx gets bored enough to finally go silent.. lwj collects his brush and ink and returns to the bed, so that he can start writing on wwx's back.
he thinks that wwx will like the sensation of the paintbrush and the slow, steady way lwj does calligraphy. he is right. the ink is almost cold on wwx's skin, a canvas that's soft and alive, and then it warms, and lwj watches how it moves when wwx breathes.
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13 Nov
it's my first time i'm actually a bit sad about a rude tone in someone's comment lmao
i am sorry that this is the only thing you got from a 30k story?? not to mention that it is also you who actually misread my story bc you thought i was describing sails twice when i was describing 1. sails and 2. a flag oof
not to mention that now i really feel like i have to explain "fantasy-story prologue" which would include some more.. metaphorical terms like "pure" to describe certain things.. i'm sorry you thought it was literal impurity lol
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