On September 4, I wrote this article on Substack bout Jake's plea agreement and the actions of his former attorney Albert Watkins.

On Sunday night Jake Chansley told us he wanted to fire Albert Watkins as his attorney, and he wanted John Pierce and myself to take over his representation based on our discussions about what might still be done.
What is important to understand about a federal criminal case is that the case ends with the sentencing of a defendant and the entry of the Judgement by the Court. For the district court case, that is "The End." There is nothing left to do unless directed by the defendant.
Albert Watkins stated yesterday that he remains Jake Chansley's attorney.
That is not true. There is nothing for Watkins to do in the criminal case, and he has no authorization to do anything else on behalf of Jake Chansley

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25 Nov
Reaching back into some of my writing about what a terrible political VP Harris was throughout her career, and why Dems finally seem to realize the likelihood of disaster from her ascending to nominee for 2024:
Harris had never before run for public office before running for District Attorney for the City of San Franciso. She ran for DA in 2003, against a particularly odious incumbent named Terrance Hallinan who had hired her as an Assistant District Attorney in 1998.
She had a falling out with the management in Hallinan’s office. In 2002 she began planning her campaign against him. She had become involved in a romantic relationship with married California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, the “power broker” in California Democrat politics.
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20 Nov
Rittenhouse Verdict:

If you chase and assault someone who is carrying an AR15, you do so at your own peril.

Interesting comment during interview of Richards last night by Chris Cuomo on CNN.
Richards laid the blame for all the events on Rosenbaum who he said in his press conference was just a bad guy. Richards said it all started basically from a miscalculation by Rosembaum -- that he didn't think Rittenhouse had the guts to use the AR15 to defend himself.
Being the idiot he is, Cuomo jumped in and made a comment that showed he didn't listen to his guest's comment. Cuomo said "I don't think what Rittenhouse did had anything to do with guts."
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20 Nov
Not my view.
Auten would not have been involved in ICA decision-making, and Auten was biggest advocate of the claim that Danchenko's statement supported claims made in Steele Reports.
You are assuming way too much coordination by numerous actors all operating in different spheres and with different motives for believing what they wanted to believe.
The biggest reason for the position to not include claims in ICA was they had ID'd Danchenko ...
And they knew in 2010-11 he was suspected of being an asset of Russian Intelligence.
That made anything Danchenko touched--every part of the Steele Reports attributed to Primary Subsource "unreliable". If "unreliable", should not have been in ICA.
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19 Nov
The battle between Harris and the WH now playing out in the press via surrogates is really a battle between Harris and Jill Biden (Dr. -- the other kind). I wrote a couple of articles at Red State (I think -- too lazy to go look right now) wherein I predicted that ....
Joe Biden will run a "campaign" for reelection with the same kind of vigor and energy he showed in 2020. But his campaign would be a stalking horse for a last minute entry into the contest by Jill Biden in his stead.
If the Harris camp or other potential candidates believe Joe won't run, they will certainly begin campaigning as soon as the midterms end. As long as Joe remains a likely candidate, the WH can control matters to a certain degree. But keeping Harris in line might be toughest.
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17 Nov
Something to consider re the Rittenhouse jury -- given the odd manner in which the deliberating jurors are chose in Wisconsin, when the 18 members of the jury arrived this morning, none of them knew they would actually have to reach a verdict.
The lottery system used in Wisc is unlike any I've ever heard of before. The idea that the case is tried to a large group of people and as a lawyer you are uncertain as to who are actual jurors is a bit perplexing.
All my experience -- and all I'm familiar with in other jurisdictions -- is that you select 12 jurors to serve on the jury, and after they are picked, you select 2-4 alternates. The alternates know they are alternates. The jurors know they are jurors.
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16 Nov
That is an excellent point. There may still be rules in Wisconsin that the jury can only review the actual exhibits under the eye of the judge and parties. This has been relaxed in most jurisdictions. There were technical reasons for this for a long time.
Go back 50 years -- film rather than video might have been evidence. The jury needed a projector. Maybe someone to operate the projector. So they were brought back into the courtroom to watch the film.
I knew older judges who wanted jurors to watch video in the Courtroom and not in the jury room on the weird theory that they shouldn't put too much emphasis on any one part of the video and ignore others. So they had to watch the whole thing start to finish without stopping.
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