just explained the etiology of adverse jab reactions as I understand it and figured I'd share it with the rest of you: A 🏮

these products cause your cells to express the antigen on their OWN surface. Not extracellularly.... like with a virus or a protein subunit vaccine or
@HippopotamusRi1 attenuated virus or deactivated virus etc... sooooo the immune system sees an antigen, what does it do? It marks it for destruction.

If that antigen is attached to ones own cells, what happens? That cell, Your cell, is marked for destruction.

If your lucky
@HippopotamusRi1 your immune system will only learn to attack the antigen and none of your cells that were destroyed initially were critical, your good to go no problems.

If your unlucky, your Immune system learns to target proteins that are an ordinary part of the cell that the
@HippopotamusRi1 Antigen was attached to... IE connective tissue disorders, MS, diabetes, Parkinson etc...

If you're even unluckier the cells that were initially marked for destruction will be critical, say the myocardial cells, optic neurons etc...
Cells that can't be
@HippopotamusRi1 replaced.

That would cause:
Sudden onset seizures,
Movement disorders,

This is basic first year immunology and common sense if you actually think about it...

If there is a logical biological explanation for all the
@HippopotamusRi1 issues we are seeing it is complete insanity to ignore it.
Just thought to add that there are numerous other pathways for things to go wrong like reprogramming of the innate immune system, or spike specific pathologies like lysis of blood cells, hydroxyl radical formation, cellular senescence, ferritin dysregulation....
But the above accounts for most of the Acute damage that we are seeing, the more bizarre issues are likely related to the Spike being used as the choice antigen...
The conversation continued so here's the rest of it:
Science as a whole still doesn't understand what to do when things go wrong through this pathway... I wouldn't under any circumstances put myself in that position again if I'd been unlucky the first time....
The way the immune system works each successive exposure will produce a stronger inflammatory response and a strong t-cell response, meaning more destruction than the previous dose.

Up until a point... if the immune system is exposed to the same pathogen
I high doses enough times.... it decides it isn't a threat (this is called Orginal Anti-genic Sin, it's a real thing not from the Bible haha ) when this happens you are essentially immunocompromised when finally re-exposed to the wild-type virus, your Immune system is....
so used to seeing it that it doesn't think it's a big deal... the virus overwhelms you... you get the picture.

• • •

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21 Oct
I keep seeing people saying that they are going to clamor for novovax when it's available... There is one major problem with that I feel the need to point out:

Yes it is a traditional protein based vaccines mostly... the thing that sets it apart is that the Spike proteins...
Are attached to a Lipid Nano Particle, just like the pfizer and moderna mRNA vaccines.

This means that the biodistribution is almost certainly going to mirror those of the mRNA vaccines, if not perfectly mirroring it will certainly allow for systemic circulation of the Spike...
And penetration of the Blood Brain Barrier by the Spike protein Subunits...

This still leaves room for widespread potentially fatal damage albeit probably in a modestly reduced way conpared to the currently circulating vaccines...

This still leaves Novovax orders of magnitude
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Prion Musings; With a Side of ARDS Round Two:

I'm going to attempt to paint a picture for you here; about a whacky little molecule with big implications for our collective health in the coming months

Fulvic acids are a family of organic acids, natural compounds, and components of the humus. They are similar to humic acids, with differences being their carbon and oxygen contents, acidity, degree of polymerization, molecular weight, and color.

they also
@HippopotamusRi1have a profound influence on a shocking array of biological processes.

in regards to covid-19 and post vaccination syndromes it has the potential to inhibit the inflammatory cascade and development of cytokine storm in individuals suffering from acute Sars-
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