As a racial fatalist, I am of the mindset that Ahmaud Arbery's killers will walk free. I have no more anger, tears or heartbreak to give. White folks evaporated my tear ducts long ago. Getting me to cry is like squeezing blood from a turnip.
If I am wrong, then how dafuck does it take the jury even an hour to deliberate over a case where we have a Samsung-Apple-Android-Vizio-Sony-LG-240Hz-10,000K-Ultra-Wide-Picture-in-Picture-High-Definition-video w/extra crisp showing exactly what happened? A nigger hunt.
I accepted long time ago America aint neva gave a shit bout us darkies. So I just ask my wife to always keep me in nice blue church socks so the good white folks dont make fun of my "long dirty toenails" once the cops or neighborhood watchmen gun me down.
Dont even have no trial. Dont need no funeral either. Throw me in a rowboat, set my body afire& let me float out 2sea. Not on no Killmonger shit. Just a tear free sendoff in da middle of the night. Dont put my wife thru a second lynching of watching my white killers be acquitted.
When its time for the good white folks to Ahmaud-Arbery me or maybe Sandra-Bland me or George-Floyd me or Eric-Garner me or Breonna-Taylor me or Mike-Brown me or Trayvon-Martin me or whatever other Negro verb U want 2 throw in that sentence, don't tarry too long. Make it quick.
2B black in America is 2B a verb in a sentence that describes how Uwere complicit in your own death. Being black is selecting your demise from a menu where U can order how U want 2die-by chokehold, knee 2neck or in a good old nigger hunt jus like the good old days& Ahmaud Arbery.
Me personally, when whitesupremacy comes 4me, I prefer a gunblast 2 the chest like Ahmaud or MikeBrown or Trayvon. I aint down w/all that gasping 4 air "cant breathe" shit. Kill me quick. You dont even have 2 wait for me to finish my Skittles or Ice Tea. Make it quick "Georgie."
Or maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe those 11 white jurors met black Jesus in the jury room & maybe they actually have a couple of ounces of sympathy 4 black folk. Maybe white tears do water black graves. I don't know. But here's one thing I do know: WHITE SUPREMACY IS UNDEFEATED.
Being black in this country is like having a death stalker waiting around every corner for U 2 make the wrong move or even the right move. The bible says "it rains on the just & unjust." White supremacy say "we get nonviolent & violent niggas the same." Just ask Dr. King's ghost.
Nonviolence ain't neva saved no nigga. When the white gaze turns its countenance on a black body, black death aint far away. I don't care if you preaching the word of God, singing "We Shall Overcome," smiling to make white folks comfortable or jogging down the street like Arbery.
When whitefolks come for U, you're done. So done that 11 white jurors are left to bully 1 lone negro juror n2 cosigning an acquittal OR what if out of all the Negros they could hv selected 4 jury service, they found the 1 Uncle Ruckus ass nigga whose holding up a guilty verdict?
I dont know but white supremacy gotta million ways 2break black hearts. Meanwhile we out here singing church hymns& prayin 2 white Jesus 4 a different outcome. Maybe if we throw another heartbreak log onto the fire we'll finally realize: N.I.G.G.A. Jesus dont give a fuck about U.
At least white Jesus don't. When the good white folks come for me, I'll be sitting' on the dock of the bay w/Otis Redding, but we won't be watching no tide go away. Maybe we'll disappear into the Ocean like the Igbo people did in 1803. Wasn't no suicide.
Dey say da Water Gods walked dem Negroes back 2Africa. Not sure but heres what we do know: alot of slavemasters got killed that day& dem slaves struck da fear of God in a boatload of whitehearts. White folks define suicide as opposing their reign. Careful, strange fruit ripening.
And when strange fruit ripens, Negroes get sick & tired of being sick & tired. What white folks need & desire is for black people not to consciously choose death over life. The more black corpses pile up WITHOUT white accountability, the bigger that black powder keg grows.
Riddle me this wypipo: just how much suffering do you think black people can take? Just how many times do you think black people can here "not guilty" & there is no recourse? White folks say, "damn niggers, we gave you Officer Chauvin, ain't that enough?".

&the definition of "ALL" is becoming more&more elastic by da minute. Let dem white boys in Brunswick go free& shit gone burn. Blackfolks be damn if America brings back lynching & Klan rides. Niggas shoot back now& the "South Gone Rise Again" aint got shit on da "Boyz in da Hood."
The point I'm getting at is black longsuffering has its limits & when you take away a people's reason to live, you simultaneously install in them a reason to die. I've always wondered what would it take to force black Americans into a Palestinian mindset. Careful. Easy now.
A word of caution ahead. No one comes 2 this world w/terrorist dreams & suicide bomber fantasies. Children of all races come to Earth wide eyed & full of hope. Somehow the world beats hope out of them. If white people aren't careful, they will beat the hope out of black people.
Think I'm off kilter? Ladies & Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Douglas McAuthur McCain, a black man from Minnesota, who a few years back, traveled to Libya & hitchhiked to Syria to fight along aside ISIS against America.
What a lot of us dont know is that ISIS has a strong recruitment operation for black American men. Their argument is simple: we're fighting against the same people U are. What is sadder is that they have been finding dead black AMERICAN men on the streets of Syria for some time.
That's some scary shit. Can you imagine feeling so left out of this society that you travel across the world hitchhiking thru war zones to pick up arms against your own country? Herein lies the risk America runs every time a white person walks free for killing "Us."
Dr.King said "the only thing we want from America is 2B true 2 what U said on paper." By "paper," Dr. King meant the Constitution. The problem is the Constitution didnt originally regard us as human. We were property & in much of this country's history& as the Supreme Court said,
the Negro was "so inferior they had no rights which the whiteman was bound 2respect." The whole idea of "correcting" Negroes is in this countrys DNA. There was an actual law by the KingofEngland that allowed 4 the "casual killing of slaves" if they "resisted" or disobeyed wypipo.
Thus those 3 white men who seized upon Ahmaud Arbery were following in a deep American tradition that allowed them 2casually kill a black man who was resisting their correction. Herein lies the genesis of white cops fallback overuse of the phrase, "stop resisting." Read dat back.
Black existence by itself is resistance for many white people. The mere presence of black people is enough to trigger a Karenizing event. For me, quarantining didn't start w/the Covid. I've been quarantining from white people for a long time, avoiding them at all cost.
Has nothing to do with hate. Has all to do w/survival. I've been around enough white people to know that a 6'2" 200 pound cock diesel bald head black man scares the shit out of most white people & one wrong move will certainly have them or some cop "in fear of their life."
We know what comes next. We've all seen that movie before. Therefore, to the best of my ability, I move thru the world in stealth mode & altercation free. No drugs. No alcohol. No strippers, except my wife & her friends & their friends. Otherwise, nothing illegal. Real talk.
&I add things 2the "No Negro" list every time somethin bad happens. The minute I saw that AhmaudArbery video I added "Do not got jogging in white neighborhoods 2my "No Negro" list. Now of course, none of this is full proof as white folks can always change the rules at any moment.
The point is, I am brutally careful about where I put my black body for I know at any moment the placement and location of my black body can literally mean black death. I know this is a hell of a way to live, but then again, black people don't get to live. We only get to survive.
Thank U kindly for taking the time to read the work of Dr. Alexander Hamilton aka AHAM.

If you dig the content, please feel free to support us via CashApp: $ahamllc

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22 Nov

Your son Jordan Davis was killed by a racist 4not turning down music at a gas station& how do U repay him? By endorsing the architect of Stop & Frisk policing Michael Bloomberg. Your sold your soul & spit on your sons grave in the process.
Stop & Frisk as well as broken windows policing profiled & terrorized black males just like your son. Black people should never forget your willingness to get in bed with someone like Bloomberg whose tenure as Mayor of New York traumatized black citizens.
You peddled your son's murder to a position of power & then dishonored him by embracing the very man whose policies traumatized countless numbers of black males & resulted in lethal outcomes just like the one that brutally took your son's life.
Read 5 tweets
19 Nov

The fight 4a black version of all things white continues. Black people are constantly consumed w/replicating whiteness in black face. Wypipo set the standard 4 everything. Sadly, we don't know who we are separate from white people.
Whether it be a black Disney princess, a black version of a traditionally white comic book character, black cowboys, cries for a black James Bond, a black monarch, the "black Bill Gates," or whatever other moniker casting a black person as the first equivalent of something white.
I'm sick of dis shit. I'm looking 4a few Negroes who are willing 2go on the journey 2 discover who blackpeople would be independent of white influence. Slavery& JimCrow eradicated our identity so much that whiteness became the measuring stick 4 which we determined our self worth.
Read 25 tweets
18 Nov
Wouldn't it be nice if it was impossible to fail? White supremacy always offers a nice cushy comfy landing spot for its brethren. What if black people did this 4 each other? U know, like what if Dave Chappelle did something like this for Monique w/Netflix?
What if Dave Chappelle made his contract negotiations w/Netflix contingent upon them giving Monique a great contract? Sounds crazy? Well that's just what Jessica Chastain, a white actress, did for Octavia Spencer, a black actress some years ago.
But hold up, didn't Chappelle instruct us Negroes to stand in solidarity w/him & not support Netflix airing his old Chappelle Show reruns w/o compensating him? N.I.G.G.A., how bout you do for Monique what U asked "Us" 2 do for you & what Jessica Chastain did for Octavia Spencer.
Read 5 tweets
16 Nov

Under the ruse of child sex abuse & sex trafficking, credit card companies are banning the use of their credit cards on sites like OnlyFans. Bullshit. This is about forcing your morality onto someone else. This is why I'm a misanthrope.
It's rare to meet another human being who somehow someway doesn't find a way to force their values on you. Forcing your values on another human being is the beginning of violence. I dream of buying my own island along w/its sovereignty. I don't want to live near no fuckin body.
America is like a big ass HOA, where every citizen seems like dey want force their politics on you & force you to live by their rules. Fuck you & fuck your politics. I don't give a frog's fat ass what you believe or don't believe. I just want to live my life uninterrupted by you.
Read 10 tweets
13 Nov

How dis shit not slavery all over again? Yall junglefeva Negroes betta stop thinking wypipo cant be racist jus cuz dey date or marry yo blackass. Wyte folks will marry yo ass off a sexual fetish & discard u when da thrill is gone.
I had a grad school classmate call me in da middle of da night askin me if I thought her whitehusband was racist just b/c he liked to do slavemaster-bedwench sexual role play. She told me her husband would say "suck it nigger bitch" while they were fucking. True story. Sick shit.
He then tried to pass her around to all his white friends (male & female) so all dem good wyte folk could see what it was like to "fuck a black girl." If U think dis shit sound crazy, riddle me this: why is slave rape reenactment one of the number one porn genres on the internet?
Read 31 tweets
11 Nov

AMERICANS suffering.

AMERICANS jobs leaving.

AMERICANS evicted.

AMERICANS losing homes.

NO student loan forgiveness.

NO reparations.

BUT you're going 2 give each immigrant who came here ILLEGALLY $450,000?


This is beyond disgusting. This is treasonous. Think about how many people you know are barely making ends meet & how this pandemic has set a lot of people back. All this begs the question:

Dis why AMERICANS should never trust 1 party getting all the power. Dems are committing political suicide & dont even know it. From vaxx mandates 2 constant culture wars over transgender bathrooms& critical race theory 2 immigration, Dems are shoving their values down our throats
Read 11 tweets

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