In re: (weirdly unkillable) Last Duel discourse: It’s a terrific movie about the horrible weight of sexual assault, AND making a movie with a rape in it will turn off some portion of the audience. No one is “more right.” They’re just arguing completely different value statements.
The real reason the movie failed is obviously that the Disney corporation doesn’t know how to market movies aimed at older audiences, and it doesn’t terribly care to learn either. There I fixed it.
Most movie and TV arguments on Twitter consist of people treating two true, even complementary, statements as oppositional, then scaling up the stakes dramatically until you’re arguing that, like, Ridley Scott should personally apologize for rape culture. It accomplishes nothing.
Anyway, the only review of The Last Duel that matters is my personal trainer’s.

“Really good. It made me think a lot. I don’t know if I like Ben Affleck as an actor.” — Emily’s personal trainer

• • •

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6 Nov
Have officially reached the point where I will read about a TV show on Wikipedia or somewhere; think, “I’ve never even HEARD of that”; then do a quick google and realize I reviewed it at A.V. Club.
I just straight-up dissociated away most of the AVC years, which is why I have a weird relationship to that time of my life, but also, I reviewed a ton of TV shows nobody (including me) remembers, which taught me… something?
This thread brought to you by me—

1.) Watching Clifford the Big, Red Dog
2.) Seeing it was directed by vulgar auteur Walt Becker
3.) Discovering he co-created a TBS show I’d never heard of
4.) Reading my review of the show I’d never heard of.…
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31 Oct
Ahhhhh thank you to @NotCombustible, @sarahshachat, @TheLeslieGideon, and @AlexWelch81 for making a wonderfully weird Halloween special!
Every year, we bring on guest writers for the Halloween special and tell them they can do whatever they want, and every year, they’re, like, “Let’s get Halloween in there as little as possible,” God bless ‘em.

Next year: Everyone’s a farmer for some reason.
Also: check out @midwestspitfire and my ad reads, to which Chris said, in horror, “These really should have been a minute, tops.” Find out what was salvageable from what we turned in!
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23 Oct
When I wrote my coming out essay, I pegged the odds of “Margaret Atwood tweets something terfy” at 3:1, and I obviously should have gone lower.
By far the most common misread of my essay is “Emily became trans because she watched the Handmaid’s Tale and wanted to experience quiet suffering.”

I never quite understood this read, unless you assume womanhood is primarily defined by structural suffering.
I don’t hold that definition, but I suppose if you do, someone like me “opting in” after 37 years as “a man” feels like a negation of what cis women go through.

This POV ignores the suffering closeted trans women experience, but this POV is BUILT to ignore our pain.
Read 5 tweets
8 Oct
I get a press release proclaiming, “Can you imagine? A podcast that is FICTION??” once a week now, and it’s always from some production company that seems completely unaware audio fiction podcasts have existed since at least 2008.

It’s INCREDIBLY annoying. Text: “The age of the first run narrative podcast has arri
This press release even mentions “a revival of radio drama,” when the top podcast that covers the world of audio fiction as an artistic pursuit is CALLED RADIO DRAMA REVIVAL.
Like, I produce a successful audio fiction podcast that has been running since 2018. They could at least take me off this list. But then they’d have to know audio fiction exists.
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5 Oct
anybody wanna go to the rowdy screening of god’s not dead 4 i have an extra ticket
Alamo Drafthouse Employee before the rowdy screening of God’s Not Dead 4: This auditorium is now a ROWDY zone.
The best part of any God’s Not Dead marathon rowdy screening is when everybody goes nuts when Duck Dynasty grabs Thor’s hammer during the final battle.
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4 Oct
Fight Club is a good movie.
When I tweeted this, I was unaware there was Fight Club discourse. I had just looked up the last scene on YouTube and thought it was still pretty rad.
Most art isn’t responsible for its worst audience members, and most bad critical takes are fine, and it’s not worth worrying about them. Like the shit you like, and worry about dismantling global capitalism while The Pixies play and you kiss your new girlfriend.
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