1. Keep the economy humming along.

2. Keep saying "Biden Boom" over and over and over and over again. Give legislators $50 every time they say it in posts on social media and $100 if it's quoted in the newspaper. Biden Boom Biden Boom Biden Boom
If someone asks you why gas is so expensive just be like "there's so much economic activity in the Biden Boom that our producers are having trouble keeping up, so we're doing x y and z" etc etc
It's like a bad joke about how bad the Democrats are at messaging. They can't even get an economic boom right
Ya to be clear the focus group is garbage but polled attitudes about the economy are real

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18 Nov
Hochul can't say what the real reason NY policy makers want to push this is, which is that people who live in NJ and work in NYC don't pay taxes in NY when they work from home.
If it were me, the somewhat obvious policy solution would be to have jurisdictions in NY state build a lot of housing the same way those in NJ do but probably better to clog the streets and subways forcing people who can do their jobs from home to commute again for no reason.
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17 Nov
A lot of obsession about EVs as a disruptive technology, but ebikes are an even better candidate. A completely new vehicle class enabled by a technological advance that could radically alter transportation patterns (if allowed to)
Yes by far the biggest obstacle to e-bike adoption is the fact we refuse to make roads safe for them by getting cars out of the way.
Less so ebikes, but I think scooters (which can be folded and carried onto transit with you) have unbelievable potential to *enhance* transit use by extending the effective walkshed around stations.
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16 Nov
Say "Build Back Better is dead" then say you're passing an "Inflation Relief Bill" under reconciliation. It's just all the other stuff that you want to pass anyway but you also mail everyone a $500 pre-filled gas card that you can only use on gas, a bicycle or transit passes.
This would quiet down Gas Price Voters while also acting as a huge subsidy for bikes and transit. Even though it's smaller than the last round of checks, because it's targeted just to gas, which is actually cheap, it feels larger ($500 buys a lot of fucking gas even at $4/gal)
Oh ya or you can take it as a credit on an EV or a charger or whatever, don't want to leave those guys out.
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15 Nov
I suspect the next frontier in the conservative assault on public education will be to roll back anti-bullying measures implemented in the late 2000s-early 2010s
I think conservatives have definitely noticed that it is much safer to be openly queer or the member of a minority group in public schools than it was 30 or 50 years ago and they don't like it!
It's pretty weird looking back on it that within my own lifetime "psychologically and violently torture a vulnerable classmate until they become suicidal" wasn't just considered basically normal teen behavior but was often sanctioned and endorsed by parents and teachers!
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13 Nov
Unionized firms like UPS being much more able to weather a high demand/tight labor market environment has been a really interesting subplot in the inflation/supply chain saga
Also revealing of how austerity policy to keep consumer demand low and depress economic activity and exploitation of workers are complimentary policy positions
When I was living in Brooklyn, we had the same UPS guy delivering to our building every day and the only reason a lot of stuff got delivered is he figured out that I worked from home and could let him into the building if he buzzed me
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13 Nov
Here's my contribution to "who counts as working class" discourse. You'll like the first part and probably get mad at the second part:
The important class distinction is about your relationship to the means of production, and some of the most effective labor actions have involved highly skilled professionals and unskilled workers (who have congruent interests vs their bosses) standing together in solidarity
The people on the contemporary left who in particular should be circumspect about their class position are those from privileged backgrounds and elite educations who also can't seem to do productive work or manage their own finances despite their privileged upbringing.
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