one of the lawyers who joined the “kraken” lawsuit is now posting about me, unhinged.

what a pathetic loser lmao
“why do people bring up my wife!!?!?”

uh, maybe because she was part of the team trying to literally destroy democracy and spread the lies that led to the 1/6 insurrection. this isn’t difficult my guy Image
very interesting how so many of siraj’s followers are pro-insurrection ImageImage
half the replies are like “that’s an unfair characterization they’re only insurrection sympathizers not supporters!”

and the others are like “hell yea I’m pro insurrection”

and then there’s some calling me gay/old/young/pedo/poor/elitist/stupid/nerd

all in all a pathetic bunch
they’re now trying to cancel me for saying that people who went to Trump’s rally in Tulsa last year would die from covid

this is incredible Image

• • •

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23 Jul
it’s wild how some people will look at a dense city with transit and think that’s “social engineering”

and then turn around and think that suburbia, which requires exclusionary zoning, massive highway spending, and car ownership is the natural way of life ImageImage
like, 100 years ago the government wasn't spending billions on highways or low-density zoning. what did cities look like? they were dense and had streetcars moving people far more efficiently than cars to do today.

for example, here's what houston used to look like ImageImage
and compare that to what houston looks like now. did these highways magically sprout up out of the ground? is that the natural order? no, the government spent billions of dollars and destroyed (largely minority) neighborhoods to build them ImageImage
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14 Jul
hot take: bicyclists literally just want protected bike lanes where they don't have to spend every second in fear of being killed by a car
I get that most of our roads DO accommodate drivers well, but it’s hard to earn sympathy when you’re literally running into outdoor dining sheds and killing people

more broadly speaking, hating on bicyclists is a perfect way to reveal to the world that you are more broadly incapable of thinking about issues from a systemic, analytical lens.

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27 Mar
full debunking of the claim that gas/VMT taxes are regressive:

1) rich people drive more and have bigger cars that use more gas

2) the impacts of car usage (pollution in low income communities & climate change) are deeply regressive

1/2 Image
3) car culture that forces so many people to buy a car, buy insurance, pay for maintenance/gas is regressive

4) the revenues from gas taxes can (and usually are) used in a progressive manner on transit improvements that primarily help lower-income commuters
5) social democracies in Europe and Asia have far higher gas taxes and far lower levels of inequality

6) entrenching the status quo of cheap oil, gasoline, and driving is not sustainable and the impacts will continue to be borne primarily by the poor and working class
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9 Mar
guess which transportation corridor carries more passengers per day

HINT: one carries 300K, the other carries 1.3 million
when people say that you can't build cities around highways, this is what they mean

the katy freeway destroys the fabric of houston, and for what? it has less than 25% the capacity of the lexington ave subway.

it's simply not scalable, and even EVs won't change that
also, i've realized that posting pictures of the monstrosity that is the Katy Freeway is a really easy way to get transit tweets to go viral
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18 Feb
did... did ted cruz really just fly to cancun today?
another major piece of evidence in support - you can see it's 4PM and there next flight is from gate E11 to Fort Lauderdale
As further evidence, the flight to Cancun was one gate over and set to leave 35 minutes after this photo was taken
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15 Feb
Breaking news: Supervisor @DeanPreston hates fun Image
i will say, if the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council truly cares about preserving history, they should instead volunteer to re-build the amusement park in their neighborhood…
San Francisco is truly beyond parody sometimes
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