Here's how IMA break it down for people who don't ''GET'' out TRIBE - know what THE GODFATHER was/is to Italian guys? And know how they all kinda identify with La Cosa Nostra (even TODAY in its deteriorated form)? Even cats who don't APPROVE of shit like Org CRIME STILL dig it?
OK - if you're a PECKERWOOD, the CONFEDERACY is YOUR ''mafia'' - I mean the psychological-symbolic MEANING of it, NOT that the CSA was somehow ''criminal'' or ''evil'' (in FACT it exemplified the very BEST and most NOBLE of American culture) -
If you're a 'WOOD, BIRTH OF A NATION is your culture's version of ''THE GODFATHER''. Young Studs don't GO for ancient movies like that - so strapping young 'WOODS go for movies like SHOT CALLER (2017) -
Even 'WOODS who are MIDDLE CLASS and very MODERATE in their views still feel the CALL OF BLOOD when they see someone flying the BLOOD STAINED BANNER. Even 'Woods who aren't POLITICALLY minded get a rush when they witness a White, PROD American son kicking ass in some MMA event -
That's how it IS, mang. SO - all of you gotta DEAL WIF IT. That's what Russell Kirk and Shelby Foote called the American, ''Genius for Compromise''. The cost of MY TRIBE tolerating you and treating you like MEN, affording you equality de jure is you CAN'T FUCK WITH OUR SHIT.
*OUR Tribe

• • •

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25 Nov
The TURKEYS didn't know MAN was coming that day...had they known, the would've run. But they didn't know. All they had heard was whispers from the womenfolk, and tales of escape from WIDE-EYED elders who had taken to constant ingestion of intoxicating roots and berries -
tales about MAN and his worship of strange gods...gods that demanded ALL Tom Turkeys to be sacrificed on a cold Thursday in November, and their flesh EATEN - while man watched his own fellows don armor and joust over the corpse of a skinned PIG -
The PIGS had long claimed that MAN was massacring them, playing gladiator games with their HIDES, eating their corpses alongside EGGS stolen (for some imperceptible reason) from underneath the HENS that layed them -
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24 Nov
I've posted this a FEW times and it NEVER gets the views it warrants. Clive Derby LEWIS was a HERO - and he was truly an exemplar of what the MEN of OUR TRIBE (the WHITE TRIBE) should aspire to - in mind, morals, conduct, honor, FAITH and duty.
MY TAKE on relations between OUR TRIBE (in America) and Black folks is IDENTICAL to that of Mr Lewis (Obv I am not speaking of his paramilitary and extra-legal activity or violence, as we do NOT condone that in this BRAND/Organization).
If you DO NOT or CAN NOT understand the merit/wisdom/TRUTH of LEWIS' view, you're too dumb, too obtuse, or too immature to be a part of this thing. LEWIS also btw did DECADES in a SOUTH AFRICAN PENITENTIARY - think about that. A SOUTH AFRICAN PENITENTIARY -
Read 5 tweets
24 Nov
Im NOT gonna ''OUT'' anybody - goes w/out saying that the Men and Ladies who make this BRAND possible are the readers/subscribers - its just INCREDIBLE the debt I owe all of THEM/YOU -
But you wanna know WHO (demographically I mean) with ONE exception are the guys who have and do just dropped UNSOLICITED cash/hardware and the like on THIS brand? Infantry and SOCOM combat vets, ex-POLICEMEN who became disgusted with the SYSTEM, REAL down AF 'WOODS -
Dudes who did HARD TIME and cliqued up with HEAVY 'WOOD gangs that shall go unnamed. You see a PATTERN here? These men who have LITERALLY been under fire AGREE with the TAKES/strategy/philosophy vis a vis other races being DROPPED here?
Read 6 tweets
24 Nov
I'd advise ANYONE to read Gen STONEWALL Jackson's letters to his wife - NOT just because Jackson was a TRUE warrior/shaman of our people, but some of you REQUIRE education in MASTER CASTE thinking in history -
JACKSON taught the slaves in his charge to read because it was imperative that they be able to learn SCRIPTURE and because a man can only be CIVILIZED and COMPLETE (regardless of his RACE) if he is literate. Jackson also stated - in NO uncertain terms -
That if the SOUTH deteriorated into a HAITI type of open RACE WAR, he would NOT hesitate to order his men to KILL every MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD on the other side if he had to in order to DEFEND his people and WIN.
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24 Nov
Sorry to keep BELABORING this but, I've a MASTER caste mentality, I'm a CHRISTIAN, and I'm not a LOSER - so I don't HATE other people. I am DOWN for my RACE and I fly COLORS to that effect every DAY. Its my ''JOB'' to represent OUR PEOPLE'S interest. I despise moronic bigots -
Not because of ''racism'' - ''racism'' is a meaningless conceptual contrivance. But HATING people is lumpenprole LOSER, PUNK shit. People who attack me for not HATING Blacks are basically saying I'm fukked up for OPENLY ADVOCATING FOR OUR RACE - in lieu of abiding SYSTEM values -
superficially while passively aggressively HATING other peoples like some pathetic RAGE case. If what I am describing is YOU - GTFO. NOW. THIS THING is the OPPOSITE of what people like you are about. YOU are the inferiors. We're the MASTERS.
Read 4 tweets
24 Nov
I wanna APOLOGIZE to anyone I was SHORT with, needlessly CRUEL to today here, on my OTHER platforms, IRL - I wanna be BETTER at that as a CHRISTIAN and a civilized individual. HOLIDAYS are emotional. Being mean to people tho isn't MASTER CASTE behavior. Its SLAVE behavior.
ADDENDUM: SURVIVORS become embittered - even people HAPPY to be alive. That's one of MY sins. And there's ZERO excuse for it. I'm THANKFUL beyond ability to convey in human language for the MOB here who LOVES me, for my Father and fact I am ALIVE.
I mean ACTUAL survivors BTW - of combat. Of the STREET. Of DOPE addiction that becomes DEADLY. I kno nowadays people are ''survivors'' if they had bad experiences socially or sexually or things of this sort. I'm speaking LITERALLY. But you knew that I'm sure.
Read 5 tweets

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