This announcement from the Met police annoyed me enough to write an incomplete but hopefully illustrative thread about African witchcraft and child murder in the UK.

Makes for grim reading, but people should know that this is happening. Please rt and share.
In 2000 a 9yr old girl from the Ivory Coast, Victoria Climbie, was horrifically tortured and murdered by her great-aunt and her bf who accused her of being a witch. Her death could have been prevented, but the subsequent inquiry noted fears around racism.
Among the horrors inflicted on her: "They burned her with cigarettes and a hot tap, forced her to eat food like a dog, threw food at her, and hit her with bike chains, hammers, wires, shoes, belt buckles, coat hangers, wooden spoons"
She was hospitalised twice and social workers had ample reasons to intervene, but failed, costing Victoria her life.
In 2001 the torso of a young boy was found in the Thames. His throat had been slit, his blood drained and limbs/head removed. Dubbed 'Adam' the boy has never been identified, nor murderers found. His blood and limbs were likely used for a magical potion.

In 2010 another young girl, 4 yr old Nusayba Bharuchi, was brutally murdered by her mother, her heart and organs cut out and removed.

Weeks later the body of 15 yr old Kristy Bamu was found in a flat in East London. His death by drowning in a bathtub at the hands of his sister and her bf was unspeakably brutal. The bf, Eric Bikubi, was convinced the boy was a witch, intent on harming the family.
A brief description of his four day torture will suffice: "He was starved and deprived of water and sleep, punched and kicked repeatedly, floor tiles were smashed over his head, his teeth were hit out with a hammer and a pair of pliers were used to twist his ears"
In 2013, 8 yr old Ayesha Ali was killed by her mother in a bizarre case of brutal torture and death. Her mother believed her to be possessed by evil spirits and smothered her with a pillow, her other injuries included bite marks and carpet burns.
This list of savagery could sadly continue, but I don't want this thread to be torture porn. What's crucial here is that UK policing and social worker authorities have known about this particular ethnic and cultural risk to children for decades.
In 2005 a leaked report from the Metropolitan Police showed that the police were aware of an 'unknown number' of children being smuggled into the country from various African countries for sacrificial purposes

In 2011 the BBC obtained the figure of 400 African children who had been intercepted by UK authorities on their way into the country for 'blood sacrifice' rituals.

A 2012 article in the Evening Standard highlighted that the scale of the problem was out of control, that the police had only managed to investigate 81 cases.

In 2019 the Independent reported that 2000 a year are being identified as being at risk of torture and death for being suspected witches.

All this goes to show how pathetic and disappointing yesterday's announcement really is. We've had at least 20 years to tackle this problem, and in the meantime countless children have experienced the most unimaginable suffering, within our own borders.
The police have been long aware of organised trafficking in both directions from the UK to countries like Uganda and DRC. Alongside FGM and child marriage, the scale of the problem has become international as we've refused to police our borders effectively.
Please retweet and share. We should be pushing this issue back directly into the faces of these who allowed this to happen, allowed unchecked mass migration, allowed a culture of fear around race to dominate over child safety.

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