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24 Nov, 28 tweets, 10 min read
HAPPENING NOW AT THE NATIONAL GALLERY: His Excellency the President is about to officially open International Conference on African Cultures - ICAC - which those of us in the cultural field know as a key UNESCO-sponsored fixture integrating appreciation of African art, discourse
…on African Cultures and reasoned agitation for the repatriation of Africa’s stolen and pillaged heritage and artefacts.
Zimbabwe was not spared this pillage, with remains of her ancestors, priceless artefacts, flora and fauna, having been spirited to the western world, before, during and after colonial conquest. Although UNESCO has passed a resolution to the repatriation and restitution of
African remains and heritage, the holders of that stolen heritage have stone-walled, reflecting long colonialism and despoliation which continues well into Independence.
Although heavily contested by colonial knowledge-builders, there has never been any doubt that Africa was in the forefront of making World Civilization, as evidenced by, among other things, her material culture!
Whether looking at arms of war, textile, utensils, walking sticks, musical instruments, pottery or garment, Africa stands foremost in world cultures as a creator and contributor to Human Civilisation.
You are struck by the sheer excellence and overwhelming artistic detail in artefacts such as the one below, not to mention the message on social relations and gender roles depicted. There is a way in which tools integrated not just utility, but artistic expression and social
…messaging reflecting a way of African life! Those of us who grew up in the village will readily recognise guyo and huyo as the source of our nourishment and thus life!!!
Not many realize that the roof of the African roundavel, it’s rooftop especially, takes the form of a thrustful female breast, itself the source of life’s nourishment. This is not coincidental; the roundavel was the kitchen, the granary, the bedroom as well as the crib, meaning
…it was at the centre of the African life’s cosmos!!!! The tip of its rooftop thus deservedly represented the female nipple!!!!
The President’s attention was grabbed by a MUTEYO - BIRD TRAP - which Zimbabweans across ages used to entrap birds which destroyed their small grains. The technology involved is simply intricate, and bespeaks of a highly sophisticated and advanced technology!!!!
The DUWO or FISH TRAP - CHIKANDIRA in some dialects - is designed around the strategic principle of easy-entry, as against well-nigh impossible exit!!!!
The President, accompanied by Hon Minister Kirsty Coventry, in front of his audience which includes distinguished leading scholars on African culture and heritage studies!!!!!
Included in the President’s audience is a king from Ghana, accompanied by his imbongi, praise singer, something quite central to African configuration and rituals of power!!!
The King from Ghana and his heavily ornamented retinue!!!!
His Excellency the President intently following proceedings before the official opening of ICAC!!!!!
My young brother and fellow MuHera, Cde Guzha, took the President on a tour of the National Gallery’s priceless collection and exhibition. Cde Guzha leads our Gallery!!!
The King from Ghana donated a mural to the National Gallery depicting Ghanaian heritage pillaged in the 17th Century, but since recovered!!
The President is now addressing ICAC in what has been an eventful and seedy opening co-sponsored by Youth and Culture and Home Affairs ministries!!!!
Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, hosted the first ICAC in 1962 at the same National Gallery. Then, only a few African countries, led by Ghana, had attained Independence. Then, too, denialist scholarship on Africa’s contribution to Human Civilisation enjoyed real apogee!! Of course the
…situation would soon change as Africans took up arms to free themselves and become assertive Nation-states. Only then was UN, through UNESCO, forced to re-evaluate Africa, including challenging a whole epistemology - knowledge structure - which had marginalised the continent.
Those who read - as indeed we all should do - would be familiar with the UNESCO GENERAL SERIES ON AFRICAN HISTORY: an iconic collection of more than ten volumes, starting with an inaugural one on a new historiography that would serve Africa better. Rapid scholarship strides were
…made in West and East Africa, where giant African scholars emerged to challenge western historiography. Woefully, Zimbabwe and greater part of Southern Africa, did not do all that well, with their scholarship remaining indentured to western knowledge systems!!!!
In his address, the President situated the fight for the return of pillaged African heritage within the general, broader context of African emancipation, principally CHIMURENGA CHEPFUNGWA - THE LIBERATION OF AFRICAN MIND AND THOUGHT/KNOWLEDGE - which thrust, the President added,
…should be led by conscious African scholars. He also bemoaned Zimbabwe’s captured human trophies, principally those of chiefs and fighters who led in resisting colonial encroachment in the 19th Century!!!

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24 Nov
Vehama, kana toshaura batai mazwi; ndiko kuti musazodudzira nepasipo!!!! Havadi maELECTIONS vanhu ava!!!! And if the young man is not careful - I wonder if care will save him though - chinomwashuka futi chinhu ichi!!! His MPs know no other income, wield no other skill except that
…of heckling in Parliament and being paid for it. Their sparse assets are all on lay-by from Parliament of Zimbabwe. Havana chavanacho nekuti hapana chavanogona kunze kwenzara nehavi kupera! Now with the trough wrestled from them by Doggie - he knows the chink in their armour -
….they are gasping, hoping for a lifeline from the looming by-elections. Mudzimba hamuchagarike umu, masmall house have fled hunger, and in flight, taking with them saccharine moments of flesh. When you hit a man’s livelihood, income, marriage and only source of carnal pleasure,
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23 Nov
Hezvoka vaMamoyo!!! Kause Madyira, padivi tsvee!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is the high point of a folk tale where a male chitsere is moraring uchi from a mukoko high up a tree and gamuchidzaring her darling. Father chitsere is Madyira; mother chitsere is Mamoyo, mwana wa @Hon_Kasukuwere.
A hungry hunter happens by and sees honeycombs dripping with rich honey exchanging hands between husband up the tree, and wife down below, all to the Hezvoka vaMamoyo/Kause Madyira refrain. The hungry hunter clubs dead Mamoyo, to take her position and simulate her voice so honey
…continues to flow from on above. So He-Chitsere hands down more honey to the same words: Hezvoka vaMamoyo!!! To which the simulating hungry hunter responds: Kause Madyira padivi tsvee!!! Upon realising the mukoko is empty, and the He-Chitsere is on his way down, the hungry
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23 Nov
WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT PRESIDENT MNANGAGWA: Towards close of the struggle in late 1970s, late Chief of Defence, CoD, Cde Josiah Magama Tongogara, rounded up all senior officers & commanders of then ZANLA for a serious talk that would lead to an Oath. One fighter-commander,
Peter Baya, had succumbed to a liver condition which doctors had traced back to excessive drink of a strong alcoholic brand which was available in Mozambique, and which fighters often took to relieve pressure of a liberation war which had escalated. The visibly upset Tongogara
….reminded all present that as freedom fighters, they all had taken oath to die from enemy bullets, not from alcohol as had happened to Cde Baya. From now onwards, bellowed the no-nonsense ZANLA CoD, every senior officer had to take MHIKO committing them to a restrained drink
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20 Nov
The Kazungula Bridge has been lit blue in honour of children of the world!!! Refulgent!!!!! Image
The four Presidents sitting in a row awaiting the countdown!!!! Image
Kazungula Bridge at night!!!! Image
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20 Nov
HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT, DR ED MNANGAGWA, is in Kazungula, Botswana where he joins his counterparts in Botswana and from Zambia for the UNICEF WORLD CHILDREN’S DAY COMMEMORATION. Image
The highlight of the event is the lighting of the iconic Kazungula Bridge blue to commemorate the Day. Blue is the brand colour of UNICEF, a United Nations Agency responsible for children’s welfare. Also joining the three heads is the President of Namibia. Image
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16 Nov
HAVADI MABY-ELECTIONS: A few weeks ago, I tweeted that both opposition factions don’t want by-elections. Not only are they unprepared and broke; they mortally fear that a thorough thumping by the ruling ZANU-PF will remove the benefit of the doubt on which they hoped to fundraise
…ahead of 2023. By-election results, particularly margin of defeat and inability to rouse their apathetic supporters will make them unbankable in the eyes of their western sponsors. Further, I made the point that those pretending to agitate for the opposition by demanding by-
…elections, were not only out of touch with the thinking in the opposition; they were actually singing a hymn the opposition does not find melodious. At KOPA in Chimanimani, the President called the bluff & hinted by-elections will come in the first quarter of 2022. Predictably
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