BTS triggering Park Jimin so much that he wanted to Jim-Out — a thread 🦢
Starting off with this iconic video of Jimin being disgusted by the way Namjoon ate corndog and kept it back
When Jimin was ready to break his friendship with Taehyung because he trusted him throughout the game! This Vmin betrayal was iconic
Jimin’s reaction to Jungkook singing his part in boy with Luv!
Namjoon writing with a marker on chalkboard and Jimin was seriously so done with him!! Jimin’s reaction to Jungkook singing his part in boy with Luv!
Welcome to another episode of BTS testing Jimin’s patience.
When BTS were watching old clips of themselves and suddenly Jimin shows up and they all laughed loud ! Plzzzz Mochi was so embarrassed TT
I just want to ask, How was Jimin so patient at this time !
When jimin was so frustrated while trying to sing the tomato song. This boy was ready to throw hands !
Members were asked about the things they loved about themselves , and jimin’s reaction when RM said that he loves his height, still sends 😭
This sassy Park Jimin clip that gave birth to an iconic meme!
When Jungkook and Tae betrayed Jimin and made him fall into the pool! I could see the betrayal on Jimin’s face
Jimin was ready to fight with Hobi because he couldn’t hear the song as hobi was laughing
When Jungkook raised his hand too high and Jimin couldn’t clap it during anpanman! Poor jimin 😭
Jimin not giving two fcks about the chaos behind him and just eating cake peacefully! ICONIC
Jungkook testing every ounce of Jimin’s patience
This whole episode Jimin and Jin kept fighting because Jin kept triggering Jimin at every point
Jimin tried to set up namjoon and make him lose during the game but instead both he and yoongi ended up losing insted! HELPPP
Ending this thread with this clip of Jimin shouting andwae because he was losing on a game! He was so done at this point
In the end, Park Jimin is the sweetest, kindest, cutest and loveliest baby mochi ever! He is the embodiment of sass with beauty and humbleness at the same time! I wanna protect this precious baby forever! He is the Bestest boy and nobody can change this ♥️
Follow me guys, I make a lot of threads and I am cute and funny🥺♥️

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