let's have a look at what happened around 1800, let's see if we can read between the lines

for starters, it was a World War - even Iran was involved in it

and then, it was known at the time as "The Great Northern War"

in a typical obscurantist move, we're told the "Great Northern War" was another 20-year long war which happened a century earlier and it had Russia against an International Coalition (as usual, the Brits were involved)

WTF does it all mean ? Well, I believe we can make some sense of it

In Smolensk there's a monument dedicated to the heroes of 1812 - supposedly from 1913

It shows a rather curious map of Russia - and our legendary Tataria shows up again
We have this Catherine the Great, except she was a German by the name of Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst

We're told that under her, Russia expanded greatly and never lost a single battle

Oh, and all the radial cities conquered were converted into grids

So this "Russia" was a foreign imposition upon the natives - they most definitely didn't call themselves that at the time

This was the "Deutsche ostsiedlung"

This also neatly explains was The Third Reich's Lebensraum was all about

Gauls / Franks / Napoleonic Empire - they were all the same entity - it was what the invaders set up after landing on the Atlantic coast

We have this curious monument - supposedly erected in 1816, so right after the end of The Great Northern War - in celebration of an event 200 years earlier

And then there's the fact that the fellow with an outstretched hand has weird hair
this is amazing - two fellows both with Roman-style tunics - one of them with a Stahlhelm (later remade into a bad hairdo), the other with a strange shield
And then there's the fact that the conquerors renamed everything

Once again we have a Roman-looking Suvorov - who bears the curious title of Rymniki

We're told that it stand for a town in nowadays Romania where he defeated the Ottomans

Except ... he was actually busy in the Eastern frontier of Russia defeating the Tatars
So here's my interpretation of what it all means

Westerners are a very recent arrival on the scene - whitey literally came from nowhere (beyond the ice ring maybe ?) and promptly proceeded genociding the natives, destroying their cities and enslaving the survivors
They arrived on the Atlantic coast of Europe very recently - maybe that's what the French Revolution is all about - and promptly proceeded to advance eastwards

As usual, the natives were either killed or expelled, their cities would be razed and rebuilt
In Eastern Europe they set up this thing called "Russia" - which was a German-led entity over natives of a different language and culture

A certain moustachioed Austrian painter would later attempt to recreate this exact entity
It seems that by 1812 there was internal friction among the International Coalition - and someone (I suspect the Brits) lost and got expelled from the continent

They would be back some 50 years later to genocide everything east of the Pulkovo meridian


• • •

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24 Nov
So we've got this invading army that landed on the Atlantic coast and exterminated or expelled the natives

And then quickly proclaimed themselves as the real Europeans

This raises a huge question - where did they come from ?
oddly enough, you've got a Dutch - or maybe Deutsch ? - presence in South Africa that long predates the Brits

and then there's South America

Argentina's got quite a variety of Spanish dialects

and there's a lot of German and Italian being spoken
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23 Nov
not to mention that there's no single German language - and they don't even call themselves that

so a bunch of separate people speaking related languages came by sea, landed on the Atlantic coast of Europe and made their way eastward

and this is something that's pretty much admitted in mainstream history

except that it didn't happen in the Middle Ages, it happened quite recently - likely less than 300 years ago
and it gets even more interesting

the previous inhabitants already had "castle towns" (I believe this means what some call a "star city") which were replaced with a grid layout

and look, Wikipedia even shows us how it looked in practice !
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23 Nov
This is what the industrial architecture of the past looked like

Even their utilitarian spaces were a lot nicer than the brutalism shoved down our throats today

But this is not what I find of interest ImageImageImageImage
What's of interest is how history is retconned to the conqueror's needs

This is the exact same place as it (supposedly) was in 1858 after the Sepoy Mutiny was suppressed

Please look at the second photo - and notice the exact same style as the one in the above photos ImageImageImageImage
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22 Nov
Further thinking along these lines - you can tell when the new owners took over the show by the start of railway construction

In the Old World, they apparently transported everything by water - they had canals literally everywhere
Either the fallout from the indiscriminate use of plasma weapons clogged up the waterway network

Or it was simply decided this yet another goodie the slaves were no longer allowed to have

But it came to be that rail replaced water
And when did this happen ?

"On 1 September 1865, the English company John Trevor-Barkley began construction on the Bucharest–Giurgiu line. Commissioned by the King of Romania, the line was opened to traffic on 26 August 1869."

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22 Nov
Turns out there's photo evidence for this

first pic - cereal growing twice as tall as a man, in Moscow's climate

second and third pic - mystery cylinders attached to the trucks and tractors ImageImageImage
All of this is from the VDNH - apparently Stalin was so proud of his achievements, he wanted to show them off to everyone

Unless you're a total moron, it must be painfully obvious there's nothing new about "electro-culture"

It's what made wheat grow huge in Stalin's USSR

It's what they used pre-Reset instead of poisoning the ground with chemical

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19 Nov

For those who don't know, here's a quick explanation - men have XY chromosomes, women have XX

That means the Y chromosome is passed unaltered from father to son

This makes it possible to trace paternal lineages ImageImage
Of particular interest is the European distribution of the R1b male lineage

It overwhelmingly dominates the Atlantic coast, then is on a steady decrease the further one goes to the East, until reaching non-existence in Eastern Europe
I believe this makes it pretty clear what happened

These are the descendants of the army that destroyed the Old World

They came by sea, made landfall upon the Atlantic coast - and steadily advanced eastwards

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