Ok heres my take on the should cis allies argue for trans people thing. Well. Its complicated.
On one hand a lot of trans people simply do not trust allies to represent their interests faithfully in the way they would want and need it represented. Its hard enough communicating within our own community about issues and deciding things like language and philosophy
Like what if the cis ally well meaning though they are is surrounded by transmedicalist circles and all they know is what they told them? Do we want that cis ally speaking for us? Probably not.
So theres a concern of education, do they know trans issues, do they understand them and can they communicate them in a way thats not harmful to us in the process. Because frankly. That last one? Kind of an issue in some debate circles!
On the other hand we do need people who bystander cisgender people will be more likely to take seriously and listen to. That means having some cis people on our side.
So we really need to lay out some ground rules/rules of engagement so our allies know what role they are serving in. I used the word serving deliberately here. You serve our cause, you are not our masters.
Now ive been in the discords of some of the left debate guys for a bit to observe, and they are being truthful when they say many people there are trans and are the ones telling them their version of the discourse. Saw it with my own face eyes.
You notice i dont accuse them of misrepresenting trans people. Also deliberate. They arent! I might not agree with their audience, and a lot of times i really think they are young trans people who havent been fully educated themselves.
Some of us better educated, more experienced trans people are wary of that kind of discourse and methods because we have experienced the ways it can go wrong and wind up harming our community.
Because a poorly educated trans audience poorly educating a cis ally who poorly educates his audience makes for a very poor feedback loop. And were here trying to clean up the mess sometimes.
Its a very complex issue! Some of us are so damn tired and sick of it they feel that person is just a bad faith actor. Which I understand. I dont agree, but I get it.
Here is some of that very understandable mistrust i mentioned before. if your response to that is to get indignant i suggest you dont and you just listen.
Trust must be earned after all. Nobody owes it to you. Trust is also a constant process. Its not points you rack up and cash in. Its a moving living process.
If i earn person A's trust that doesnt buy me person B's trust. I have to earn that all over again. So do you. Not everyone *is* going to trust you. Thats just life.
One thing I can give as general guidance however. If you as a cis ally see two segments of the trans community duking it out over something. Stay out of it. Its not your fight. Your fight is convincing cis people. Internal struggles are for us.
The last thing we need is some streamer who trends on twitter for days at at time sticking his big paws into an internal struggle within the trans community, inflaming it, directing his audience and drawing in even more outside attention. Its not healthy. And it doesnt help.
And the other part of that is of course, these people make money off of it. Our internal struggles should not be monetized for your consumption like a WWE match.
You wanna rake in money making some dipshit cis transphobe look like a jackass be my guest. If its an internal struggle please, stay out of it.

• • •

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24 Nov
Yes the right likes nuclear too. its a rare example of bipartisan agreement on domestic policy. Its not that deep.
Yes i saw the Prager U tweet.
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23 Nov
The trans community really needs to start copying the homework of antifascist groups when dealing with terfs.
This is not a game. They are winding up to push for genocide. If three people showing up to picket a billionaire terf makes everyone get the vapors were in serious trouble here.
Disrupting their networks and pressuring them into disengaging with the terf movement is not a nice, polite process. Getting them fired, getting people to shun them, disrupting their lives? This is what works.
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23 Nov
Ok so heres what happened forbes.com/sites/dawnstac…
Three cisgender people showed up to one of her homes to picket her. For the record all of her homes are public information, have been in the news more than once and are tourist landmarks.
Then JK rowling sent a barrage of her psycho terf followers after those three people who had to delete their accounts because of the threats.
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23 Nov
Hate has consequences
Thats the motto of the one peoples project by the way.
Using antifascist tactics against terfs is appropriate because terfs are fascists
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22 Nov
I get Natalie's reaction while I also disagree with it. Ive been in similar circumstances where i was deeply triggered by the smallest unkind act.
When I first made this account I was just getting out of my shell after years of being a trauma broken mess from mass cyber harassment.
So I get it. In that state you just wish everyone was kind to each other. Seeing any unkindness hurts deeply. It still does for me.
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22 Nov
I cannot rightfully blame any trans persons response to UK terfs and their transphobia. Would I send people threats? No its not what I do. But I will not, cannot condemn those who do.
How can you condemn them when none of you condemn the terfs for their daily bile, threats, attacks and oppression? How can you condemn those who respond in kind? How can you honestly blame them
You push someone long enough and they are going to snap, you cant expect rational behavior all of the time. terfs are threatening genocide. At most ive seen some trans people threatening an ass whipping. Its not the same lol/
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