internetworking LEGO blocks

did you ever think you could play telephone between a block? that you have to destroy a world-thought (Aquazone, Space Police, etc. sets by the manual) then block gaze until the realm of toys hits a different toy lived experience?
the phone rang oftentimes for no good reason. they needed to use my name to gain credit, and credit alone is money. black money we know that neither drives out the good nor the bad, but is content-not to be a single-being


language was trains
swordphish Image
linked data is obviously LEGO blocks

why "you" and "i" wouldn't build literary machines in the realm of toys is beyond "me"
you may say, "but we must built atop a metaphor??"

i don't think timbl or rms or any of these cats were thinking they had to explain why metaphors were important to academic pedagogy (ontological, structural, teleological, phenomenal). notice two don't have logos, or LEGOs
call it "laterality" fuck if i care
subalterity, laterality, reflectivity, symmetry, the abstractive performative transindividuation of the radical necessity of contingency holo-nomically subtending the actual actualness of meaningful truth
hologeneity swinging leptographic ossification if a limit-possibility for inner products is aggregated between an immutable auto-rotational self-dual metastability
write a book? but book is book, n'est pas? brother coleman said talking is universal, not talk ex-change. you don't know the local customs. why are you talking at me?
they let you on this land, and that's fair. but if you're just going to lurk my replies in my sound space, you're inviting the caste system to break in on the mendacity of conflicts you as a man readily see. you're here for the protection it affords by the social contract, my dud
or maybe you're not a contractualist, maybe you're a constructivist

i don't know. why is this my problem before any of you discuss our pulverized black mothers?

why does it need to be refrained or reframed as some lindy penance that destroys the cave or whateverness?
keep away from me with your metaphors, dudes

you know it's technology, quit being obtuse

you can't dance, or play, or sing, nor engage these humanocentric activities with others. eric could mash fixed and hold another whole 🚲 on his back. i can do the same

you play "kind"
i'm not drawing lines in the matheology, "you" and "i" are
bear to mind i would sit at the agora for years, and they'd start to wonder if i wonder

very asymmetrical

now everyone wants social coding and i'm too read up, languaged up, blah blah too well-spoked to dance with. is this about me? what i've outlined is about you and yours
you can keep it up, but the other will gain greater access despite your efforts to engage in cryptonomic plunder

i don't have to care about any of this. i really fucking don't and you're pretending like "did i really mean that?" is the same as me challenging the gettier problem
stupid and boring
sound money, hard money, fat money, skinny money, gold, white, blue, black, fuck you money

• • •

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26 Nov
i have to deal with it so do you, so.

◇ 2+2=5.
necessarily, if ◇ God exists, then it is necessary that God exists.
necessarily, if God exists, then it is not the case that 2+2=5.
Therefore, ¬◇ God exists. (from A, B, & C)
my reply? well, there is no fact in my mental history that determines what i mean when i say things. communication performs, actions express
seems like a standard reply, but i think non-standard ones are conceivable, if not warrantable and even truth-apt. i have defended our lord's name for quite some time now, being the mountain of names. it is any wonder that a particle should pass through a mountain without one
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meta-nomically applied: known past rules, principles, tenets, axioms, policies, prescriptions, etc. form selectable relations for future rounds at play
so CHANGE, UNCERTAIN (CHANCE), etc. probability density stated in contingency tables, thanks wittgenstein

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is every number better than the quality of every number?
is relation better than the quality of relation?
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temporal terrorism? cyber-, crypto-, compositional semiotic meta-terrorismsm
inaccessible, unsustainable, relational capitalism is an operating system for and of the terror of value
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