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24 Nov, 8 tweets, 8 min read
Demolition of Somnath Temple

In the 11th century, the Temple was looted and destroyed by Mahmud Ghaznavi.
It was rebuilt by King Bhim Deva Solanki of Gujarat and again renovated by Kumarapal in 1143-44 A.D.

The Temple was again destroyed by Alauddin Khalji’s troops in 1299.
'Padmanabha' in his classic work "Kanhadade Prabandha" described the scenes of demolition of the temple.
ईडे चड्या असुर आरहिडा, वेगि वावरइ घाण।
पासा तभी पूतली भांजइ, भूमि पड़इ पाहाण।।

Climbed up the shikhar of the Temple and began to rain blows on the stone idols on all three sides by their hammers, the stone pieces falling all around.
संघिइ सांधि जूजूई खींची, घर पाडेवा लागा।
ऊपरि थिकां हाथिया घोड़ा, घण तणे घाए भागा।।

They loosened every joint of the Temple building, and then began to break the different layers (thara) and the sculptured elephants and horses carved on them by incessant blows of their hammers.
परठइ सांगि लागि लोहडानि, प्राण करेवा लागइ।
इलहल करी चिंहु पपि विलगई, मोटी मूरति नांगइ।।

Then, amidst loud and vulgar clamour, they began to apply force from both the sides to uproot the massive idol by means of wooden beams and iron crowbars.
After the destruction of Somnath Temple during Alauddin’s time, it was rebuilt again. When Aurangzeb gave orders for its destruction. The artist, in this painting, has tried to recreate the scene.

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21 Nov
LW & RW Part 3.

The Part 1 & 2 if you haven't.

Many times in life you must have heard about the cold war. The Cold War started in 1947 & lasted till 1991.

Eventually, when the USSR broke down, then the world considers the end of the Cold War.
If you see at that era of Cold War, you can say in different ways that it was a military struggle, there was talk of influence in the region.

But in the end, if you analyse, you will find that it was a fight between 2 idologies.
On one side it was Capitalism which was followed by USA & Western Europe while on the other side there was communism to which the USSR was following.
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17 Nov
Part 2

Lengthy again..

By 1974 the debate focused on whether there was a credible risk of explosion from the liquid fuel, or if this was manageable.
This risk led to the beginning of a major policy debate in the very heart of the secret state about whether this was an acceptable level of risk, or if there were alternative options open to consider.
There appears to have been a difference of opinion between different parts of government on what the right answer was in this case.
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15 Nov
Part 1

It's a bit lengthy, just keep reading :)

The British Nuclear Policy In The 1970s.
The British nuclear submarine-based deterrent initially came into service in the late 1960s, providing ultimately 4 ‘RESOLUTION’ class SSBNs, each carrying 16 Polaris missiles, with 3 warheads, intended to deter aggression by the Soviet Union.
The power of the Polaris system was that unlike fixed airfields & other sites, it was practically invulnerable to a first strike attack, & could exist to threaten to wipe out #Moscow & other major Soviet cities if required, even after UK had been obliterated in a nuclear attack.
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3 Sep
The list of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist temples that were destroyed to build M∆sjids in #Bihar.

Remember the list is based on primary survey, that means more m0slim monuments await examination.

Source: Hindu Temples: What happened to them by Sita Ram Goel, Vol-l.
I #Bhagalpur District

1 Bhagalpur
i D∆rgãh of Hazrat Shãhbãz (1502) Temple site
ii M•sjid of Mujahidpur (1511-15) Temple site
iii D∆rgãh of Makhdûm Shãh (1615) Temple site

2 Champanagar
i Several Mazãrs. On ruins of Jain temples.
ii Masjid (1491) Jain Temple site.
3 Sultanganj, M•sjid on the rock on the river bank. Temple site.

II #Gaya District

1 Amthua, M^sjid (1536) Temple site.

2 Gaya, Shãhî M°sjid in Nadirganj (1617) Temple site.

3 Kako, D∆rgãh of Bîbî Kamãlo. Temple site.
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15 Jun
Pandit ? Jawaharlal Nehru?

Jawaharlal Nehru's grandfather Ganga Dhar was actually a sunni muslim his real name was Gayasuddin Ghazi.

He was Kothwal of Delhi while Bahadur Shah Zafar was the Sultan of Delhi, how odd to appoint a Hindu for an important post!

Read underlined txt
Further investigations were done too, but they couldn't find the name 'Ganga Dhar' as the city's Kothwal at all.

So how did he adopt his last name as 'Nehru'?

There was a canal (Nahar) near by their house in Delhi, people started recognising them as Nehrus because of the NAHAR!
Source: Encyclopaedia of Indian War of Independence 1857-1947, Vol. 13.

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13 Jun
Ok, here's a list of HINDU TEMPLES & JAIN TEMPLES which were destroyed to build Mosjids in #UttarPradesh!

UP had 53 districts earlier, so the list is based on that & I've divided it into 2 parts.

This is part 1 which has 22 districts only

Special tag @sensenlogic FACTS ONLY!
I #Agra District

1 Agra
i Kalãn Masjid in Saban Katra (1521) Temple materials used.
ii Humãyûn-kî-Masjid at Kachhpura (1537-38) Temple site.
iii Jãmi Masjid of Jahãnãrã (1644) Temple site.
iv Dargãh of Kamãl Khãn Shahîd in Dehra Bagh. Temple material uses.
v Riverside part of the Fort of Akbar. Jain Temple sites.
vi Chînî kã Rauzã. Temple site.

2 Bisauli, Masjid (1667-68) Temple site.

3 Firozabad, Qadîm Masjid. Temple site.

4 Jajau, Masjid. Temple site.

5 Sikandra
i Maqbara of Akbar. Temple site.
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