@scoiattoliviola @Fiamma_74 ➡️1) Qui si sta parlando dei vaccini inattivati (ad esempio il vecvhio Sinovac cinese) che presenta la sequenza genomica completa di SC2, inattivata chimicamente attraverso un "adiuvante chimico" denominato Beta-propiolactone.

➡️Per quanto la percentuale di
@scoiattoliviola @Fiamma_74 2) questo adiuvante chimico sia proporzionale alla dose, presente nella fiala di Sinovac, rimane sempre una sostanza cancerogena per il corpo umano.

🎯L'inattivazione (detta anche purificazione) di SC2 "selvaggio" (il virus originale di Whuan) puo' essere ottenuta in
@scoiattoliviola @Fiamma_74 3) vari modi come, ad esempio, attraverso l'uso di: inattivazione con ultrasuoni, inattivazione con centrifugazione ripetuta e poi precipitazione in solventi, inattivazione mediante fluido metallico in AL, che sappiamo essere cancerogeno per il corpo
@scoiattoliviola @Fiamma_74 4) umano (come utilizzato nel vax indiano Covaxin), inattivazione attraverso formalina (formaldeide), inattivazione attraverso raggi gamma (la piu' sicura👍), oppure 👉(quella usata dai cinesi 🤦) inattivazione chimica!

🎯Se scelgono quest'ultima soluzione e' chiaro che mirano
@scoiattoliviola @Fiamma_74 5) SOLO al profitto, perche' l'inattivazione chimica e' certamente economica ma, anche, vuole dire che te ne freghi della salute degli inoculati!

🎯Quindi, concludendo, ti consiglio di leggerti l'allegato che spiega le caratteristiche del Beta-propiolactone (BPL).👇

• • •

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21 Nov
🎯 PART SIX, REPORT: IR01A1110964, Year 2, PI: Daszak.👇

➡️1)..."The surveillance of COV infections in human populations by COVs, similar to SARS, was significantly expanded in the second year of research, which includes both the bespoke 👉 ELISA serology (a test developed
2) by the Institute of Virology,👉 of Wuhan,to test👉antibodies against 👉SL-CoV👉protein N) and PCR detection of viral RNA "...🤦

🎯..."Serological test for 👉SL-CoV antibodies in human 👉 samples,from Jinning,Yunnan province,in order to assess past exposure to COVs of bats"...
3)➡️ ... "👉223 human sera samples were collected, in these villages, close to the bat habitat, from which two SL-CoVs with interspecies infection potential (👉WIV1e 👉WIV16, were discovered in our previous research) "...

🎯 My comment, 👉 So in this
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17 Nov
@Paann611325591 @AleTrainerxxx @mari0ricca @MartinaSisters 🎯Esatto 👍 @Paann611325591 , perche' Moderna, a differenza di Pfizer, ha sempre creduto negli antigeni batterici /virali da utilizzare nel suo vaccino.

➡️1) Si il vax Australiano utilizzava GP120, che e' conosciuto essere la variante, progettate in laboratorio, e
@Paann611325591 @AleTrainerxxx @mari0ricca @MartinaSisters 2) utilizzate per lo sviluppo di un vaccino e per vari test di neutralizzazione.

🎯In pratica la 👉glicoproteina dell'involucro 👉dell'HIV-1 viene sintetizzata come una glicoproteina precursore (GP160), e viene quindi elaborata in 👉GP120 e 👉GP41. 

➡️GP140 viene creato 👉
@Paann611325591 @AleTrainerxxx @mari0ricca @MartinaSisters 3) eliminando il dominio trans-membrana e citoplasmatico, vale a dire 👉GP140L, che contiene la regione esterna prossimale di membrana completa (MPER), e 👉GP140S, che manca della metà di MPER. 

🎯Il problema che non eta stato tenuto in conto era che il vaccino
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16 Nov
🎯🎯🎯Synergistic effects of natural compounds towards inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 3CL protease.👇

➡️1) While vaccines and other biotherapeutic products for managing COVID-19 have hit the market, a small molecule cure has yet to be developed.
2) ➡️ This is relevant because the cost of manufacturing, storage and ease of distribution of a small molecule drug are significantly more favorable than those of biologics.

➡️ In this article, we present a multi-compound approach, in which two drug molecules are
3) administered simultaneously to offer effective therapy for C19.

➡️ The coaction of the two compounds, each of natural origin, has been demonstrated against the 👉protease 3CL, already recognized as a potential pharmacological target for the inhibition of SC2.
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16 Nov
🎯Structural, electronic and electrostatic determinants for inhibitor binding to S1 and S2 secondary sites in the SARS-CoV-2 major protease.👇

➡️1) The creation of small molecule antivirals specific for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
2) (SARS-CoV-2) proteins is critical to fighting coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The major protease SARS-CoV-2 (M pro) is an established drug target for the design of protease inhibitors. We performed a study on the structure-activity relationship (SAR) of
3) non-covalent compounds that bind at the secondary binding sites of the S1 and S2 substrate of the enzyme, revealing structural, electronic and electrostatic determinants of these sites. The study was led by the X-ray / neutron structure of M pro complexed with
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15 Nov
@MartinaSisters 👏1) Gracias @MartinaSisters , in fact in the patent, Prof. 👉Gallo clearly says: ... "In early studies, it was found that 👉RANTES improves 👉immunity to HIV in DNA vaccines, while the DNA, of MCP-1, appeared to be an effective means to increase immune responses against
@MartinaSisters 2) experimental tumors "...

➡️RANTES is the ligand 5 of the chemokine is a protein that in humans is encoded by the 👉CCL5 gene.

➡️ Gallo also confirms that chemokines and antigens have been linked to create new and more potent immunogens.
@MartinaSisters 3) ➡️ In addition, RANTES is also an HIV suppressive factor released by CD8 + T cells.

➡️ This chemokine has been located on chromosome 17 in humans.

➡️RANTES was first identified in a search for "late" expressed genes, after T cell activation. "It
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14 Nov
🎯 Daszak's mail, uncovered to FOIA.

➡️B.2 (Year 2 NIAID COV Report)

➡️REPORT IR01A1110964 Year 2
PI: Daszak.

➡️Data to parameterize mathematical models that predict the evolutionary and transmission dynamics of COV.

➡️ 1)... "We will then examine
2) scenarios of how COVs with different transmissibility could emerge in
wildlife markets.

➡️ Specific objective 3:

🎯Test COV intersection transmission predictions. We will test our host models
range (i.e. potential for emergence) experimentally using 👉 inverse genetics, 👉
3) pseudovirus and 👉receptor
binding assays and virus infection experiments in cell cultures and humanized mice.

🎯 With bat-CoV that
we have isolated or sequenced and using live viruses or pseudovirus 👉infections, in 👉cells of different origins, or
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