#tdih 1947 Congress held “Hollywood 10” in contempt for refusal to testify before House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Next day, Motion Picture Assoc. fired “Hollywood 10.” Censorship led to more racism, sexism & militarism in popular culture. ⬇️
"Movies of 1950s did not display any evidence of populist spirit which infused some of more notable ‘30s & ‘40s films. On the contrary, studios complacently turned out . . . movies which. . .debased women, ignored African Americans, & exalted war & imperialism." -- Allen Rivkin
Not in textbooks: "Red Scare was a scorched-earth policy against most progressive forces: labor unions organizing across racial lines; civil rights orgs. . . ; writers, artists, & journalists who advocated internationalism & peace." -- @LadyOfSardines ⬇️ zinnedproject.org/if-we-knew-our…
"Our students deserve to know that anti-communist repression has always been about a lot more than Russian spies & a blustering senator from Wisconsin."

See lesson ⬇️ by Ursula Wolfe-Rocca for grades 7+ to #TeachOutsideTextbook about long Red Scare.

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22 Nov
#tdih 1919 Bogalusa Labor Massacre. Self-Preservation & Loyalty League (SPLL) and Great Southern Lumber Company gunmen killed white allies of African American labor organizer Sol Dacus.

Their goal: undermine interracial union.

Read more ⬇️ #TeachTruth
Read more about Sol Dacus and 1919 Bogalusa Labor Massacre in Louisiana in thread below by @LadyOfSardines #TeachOutsideTextbook
There is a long history of white supremacist massacres in U.S. history designed to suppress voting rights, land ownership, economic advancement, education, freedom of the press, religion, LGBTQ rights, and/or labor rights. See ⬇️
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20 Nov
“Thus grew up a double system of justice, which erred on the white side by undue leniency and the practical immunity of red-handed criminals, and erred on the Black side by undue severity, injustice, and lack of discrimination.” -- W. E. B. Du Bois, Souls of Black Folk (1903)
How to teach about the times we are in? #TeachReconstruction

It's all in "Black Reconstruction" by W. E. B. Du Bois. See ⬇️

Too often the story of the grand experiment in interracial democracy in the U.S. -- and the white supremacist backlash -- is skipped or rushed through in classrooms across the country.

Find lessons, books, films, and more ⬇️ to #TeachReconstruction

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13 Nov
#tdih 1953: Indiana textbook commissioner (Mrs. White) called for ban of references to Robin Hood in schools. Like GOP anti-history ed bills today.

Brave group of @IUBloomington students (incl. in 📷⬇️) challenged #McCarthyism with Green Feather campaign. zinnedproject.org/news/tdih/call…
"There is a Communist directive in education now to stress the story of Robin Hood. They want to stress it because he robbed the rich & gave it to the poor. That’s Communist line. It’s a smearing of law & order & anything that disrupts law & order is their meat." -- Mrs. White
Five IU students in Baptist study group bravely protested. They got poultry feathers, dyed them green, & spread them around campus. Robin Hood is here!

Green Feather movement spread across country.

Read about response of FBI and local media here:
Read 6 tweets
11 Nov
On #VeteransDay and all year long, students deserve to learn truth about war, including from veterans themselves and their families.

Read ⬇️how Koch Brothers founded and funded Bill of Rights Institute exploits and lies about story of Pat Tillman.
#VeteransDay Black and white WWI vets were attacked by U.S. gov't. with tanks, bayonets, and tear gas when they came to D.C. from across the country to demand their wartime bonus in 1932. #TeachOutsideTextbook #PeoplesHistory zinnedproject.org/news/tdih/bonu…
#VeteransDay Remember Oliver Law who served as Commander of the integrated Abraham Lincoln Brigade, fighting fascism in Spain just before WWII.

The U.S. gov't. outlawed the brigade; called them "premature antifascists." #TeachTruth
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11 Nov
#tdih Veterans Day. Read about African American veterans who fought in various wars and upon their return to U.S., were murdered in fight for democracy and human rights. Also resources to teach about vets organizing against war. ⬇️#TeachOutsideTextbook zinnedproject.org/news/tdih/vete…
#VeteransDay WWII vet Maceo Snipes was killed on July 18, 1946 by KKK for bravely casting vote in Georgia Democratic Primary. He may have survived Klan #terrorism, but Jim Crow hospital denied him treatment. #TeachTruth
#VeteransDay In 1955, WWI vet and farmer Lamar Smith was shot dead in cold blood on crowded courthouse lawn in Miss. for urging African American to vote. No one prosecuted. See @naacp primer and film by @KeithBeauchamp w/ @jelani9 ⬇️ #TeachVotingRights
Read 7 tweets
10 Nov
#tdih 1898 in Wilmington, NC: A massacre of African Americans by white supremacists, Black press & businesses burned, and coup d’etat of elected, interracial Reconstruction era government. #terrorism

Learn more & see #TeachReconstruction lessons ⬇️
“They burned down Black newspapers all over the state [of NC]. They shut down entry to the city from Blacks and Republicans. . . It’s important not to forget that this was planned. . ." about Wilmington Massacre in article ⬇️by Vann Newkirk & @AdrienneLaF theatlantic.com/politics/archi…
"Lost in the fire that destroyed The Daily Record were the lives of Black citizens and the spirit of a thriving Black community, and also the most promising effort in the South to build racial solidarity." -- @TheAtlantic ⬆️
Like Tulsa & many more. ⬇️ zinnedproject.org/if-we-knew-our…
Read 6 tweets

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