Pheyezer Part III: 2016 - onwards
1/ 2016: They acquired AstraZeneca's small-molecule antibiotics business.…

As I mentioned earlier Pheyezer likes to advertise their green cult stance.

BUT the reality is far from the claims
"For the second time in recent years, Pfizer has been fined by federal authorities for violating the Clean Air Act at a manufacturing plant in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico."
4/ Pheyezer also liked to dodge taxes…
5/....and they are greedy.

"British regulator on Wednesday hit U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer with a record $106 million fine for imposing a 2600% price hike on an anti-epilepsy medication"…
6/ It's also important to really look at how drugs are pushed.

In 2020 Pfizer faces DOJ, SEC foreign bribery probes for China, Russia operations

but this practice goes back....…

"In August 2012, the company agreed to pay over $60 million to settle charges by the DOJ and SEC for allegedly violating the FCPA. At the time, the company was accused of paying foreign officials to facilitate drug and formulary approvals..."
" well as increasing sales in eight countries including China and Russia."
9/ "In China, for example, Pfizer invited “high-prescribing doctors” in the Chinese government system to fancy meetings that included recreational activities."
"Various point programs were created, under which government doctors could accumulate points to redeem gifts, according to the SEC’s complaint back then."
11/ 2016: We had the Epipen price gouging

"Mylan says middlemen and suppliers have forced them to jack-up the prices on EpiPens by hundreds of dollars, but two industry insiders say the company pays no more than $30 per device"…
12/ "Meanwhile, some patients are forced to pay a little over $600 out of pocket for a two-pack of the lifesaving medication. Mylan sparked outrage last month when it was revealed the company had hiked up costs for the drug by over 400 percent since it acquired the brand"

"At the same time, CEO Heather Bresch's salary soared over 600 percent to nearly $19 million in 2015."

Fast forard to 2021:

Pfizer, subsidiaries agree to pay $345 million in EpiPen settlement…
"Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help advance potential new vaccine that could provide protection from debilitating infections before and shortly after birth"
17/ and back in 2016 our press was far less controlled.

Are Gates and Rockefeller using their influence to set agenda in poor states?…
"Study identifies Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations among rich donors that are close to government and may be skewing priorities"

"The authors ask whether the foundations are now sidelining governments and shifting influencing the work of international bodies."
20/ “Through the sheer size of their grant-making, personal networking and active advocacy, large global foundations have played an increasingly active role in shaping the agenda-setting and funding priorities of international organisations and governments"

You can see that Pfizer has Gates connections and Rockefeller connections.

Partnership for New York City Announces 2015-2016 Class of David Rockefeller Fellows…

Check out this list....

The 2015-2016 class of David Rockefeller Fellows is:
* Kevin G. Chavers, Managing Director, BlackRock, Inc.
* Julie Goran, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
* Shreya Jani, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Pfizer Inc.
* Edward McLaughlin, Chief Emerging Payments Officer, MasterCard

24/ 2016: We had the Zika virus

Pfizer, J&J, Merck evaluating technologies for Zika vaccine…
25/ “Pfizer is currently analyzing its existing vaccines portfolio in response to the Zika outbreak to see where we might be able to play a role,” Pfizer spokeswoman Sharon Castillo told Reuters in an email"

This headline says everything.

Warp speed was in use long before covid

"A Zika vaccine is being developed at warp speed, but will there be a market for it?"…
"The officials attending the meeting tried to convey an inconvenient reality: Real-world need and vaccine development speed are rarely in sync."
"Vaccines take years to produce, test, and license. The Zika virus, which had received scant study before 2016, was unlikely to prove to be an exception to that truth"
Sound familiar?
"Let’s be clear: That is warp speed for vaccine development, especially in a case, such as this, where the race commenced from a standing start. But will there be a market for a Zika vaccine when the work is done? That question hangs over this work"

Warp speed isn't new
30/ and of course we have Fauci.

Fauci also pressed the administration’s case for budgeting $1.9bn in emergency funds to fight the virus. Some Republicans have agreed.

“We have to act now,” he said. “I can’t wait to start developing a vaccine.“…
31/ Soros also likes Pheyezer

Billionaire investor George Soros exited stakes in several energy-related companies in the December quarter and took a position in drug giant Pfizer Inc.…
32/ 2017:

Pheyezer raises US prices of 91 drugs by 20% in 2017

they continue price gouging…
2017: We have the continued push to provide contraction to poor countries

"Pfizer Inc., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation reduce the price of the injectable contraceptive"

Pharma joins Gates Foundation, international governments in $1B outbreak prep group…

"Dubbed the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), the group has netted $460 million in funding with the aim to initially focus on the MERS-CoV, Lassa and Nipah viruses"

"GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Sanofi and Takeda signed on to support the group, according to a release, in conjunction with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the governments of Germany, Japan and Norway."
38/ and as always we have the evil bill gates (please check out the featured image)

Bill Gates Warns Of Epidemic That Could Kill Over 30 Million People…
"Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year."
"And they say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10 to 15 years."
41/ I also wanted to add a reminder - mRNA tech has been in the background the whole time (see part II)

Here is a TedEx clip from Stephane Bancel (Moderna)

What if mRNA could be a drug?

Bancel says their mRNA tech works better than the original gene therapy he mentions.....but altering our bodies in a global experiment doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
42/ You also have all of these studies going on (see Part II)

Here is a video about nano robots from 2014


"Inside of you, at all times, there are trillions of natural nano robots walking around, taking out the trash, and packaging strands of DNA."
"Below the calm, ordered exterior of a living organism lies a complex collection of molecular machines working together to create something greater than themselves. Physicist and author of "Life's Ratchet" Peter Hoffmann shows us the tiny city beneath the surface"
45/ This tech is far from the imaginings of a lunatic conspiracy theorist. It's been going on for a very long time.
46/ 2017: But don't worry people are looking for ways to track all those little nanbots in your body…
"In the next two decades or so we will be increasingly exposed to nanobots that can perform extraordinary feats as they move around inside our bodies, but up until now there’s not been any way to track them."
48/ and this line of work is lucrative

2017: Nanomedicine Market Size Worth $350.8 Billion By 2025 | CAGR: 11.2%

Key players operating in this industry include Pheyezer…
49/ 2018: Drug Maker Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Liability for Paying Kickbacks…
50/ 2018: They hired Bourla (I covered this in Part II). I had to backtrack a bit bc I missed some important info.

Bourla IMO is an important piece of the puzzle.

"GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE/NYSE: GSK) today announced that it has completed its transaction with Pfizer to combine their consumer healthcare businesses into a world-leading Joint Venture."…
53/ 2018: They hook up with Biontech (part II)
55/ 2019: "Pfizer has agreed to acquire Therachon Holdings for up to $810 million, the companies said today, in a deal intended to expand the buyer’s rare disease portfolio"…


Strengthen their innovative biopharmaceutical business and category leadership in Oncology…
Scott Gottlieb resigned as FDA commissioner in April 2019, joined the Pfizer board of directors three months later.…
Back in his FDA years he wanted to "defuse concerns that speeding up the drug approval process would allow less-safe medications to come to market. He called it a “false dichotomy that it all boils down to a choice between speed and safety.”…
59/ Gottlieb said "the FDA should “lean forward” to modernize and speed the approvals process"

"Gottlieb has long been a fan of what are known in the clinical-trial business as “adaptive trials.” Such HUMAN experiments, which are already in limited use, depart from what many scientists define as the “gold standard” in that their design.....

"....their study populations, and even their objectives can be altered along the way in response to early results"
62/ 2019: Pfizer, Novartis lead $2 billion spending spree on gene therapy production…

"Gene therapies aim to correct certain diseases by replacing the missing or mutated version of a gene found in a patient’s cells with healthy copies."

"With the potential to cure devastating illnesses in a single dose, drugmakers say they justify prices well above $1 million per patient."
"But the treatments are also extremely complex to make, involving the cultivation of living material, and still pose a risk of SERIOUS side effects.

"Gene therapy is one of the hottest areas of drug research and, given the life-changing possibilities, the FDA is helping to speed treatments to market."

You can see where the connection to the FDA is important
67/ 2019: Remember Bill Gates was saying this:…

"Wednesday, Gates revealed the best investment he has ever made in an essay in The Wall Street Journal. It’s the $10 billion he’s invested, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation"
"....into three particular organizations that increase access to vaccines and medicines for people who need them around the world"
70/ Also remember in 2019…
71/ Geneva, Switzerland, 15 October 2019 – The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will host Event 201: a high-level simulation exercise for pandemic preparedness and response, in New York
72/ I think it's also important to remember in 2017 Johns Hopkins also ran the SPARS pandemic exercise.…
73/ During this period Pheyezer was increasing their vaccine reach in China…
74/ I also think we should look at the Pheyezer board:…

Yep this James Quincey (the CEO of Coca-Cola)…
This James Quincey (who looks like he's been dragged through life backwards)…
77/ SUZANNE NORA JOHNSON: Who is a Goldman Sachs sorta gal lol

"She was vice chairman of Goldman Sachs, chair of the Global Markets Institute, head of the firm's Global Investment Research Division, and a member of the firm's management committee"

I needn't say more
78/ JAMES C. SMITH: Head of Thomson Newspapers in North America and chief operating officer of the Thomson Corporation.

* Board member Atlantic Council
* WEF Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

You can't make this stuff up
79/ DAN R. LITTMAN, M.D., PH.D.: Research in
"T-lymphocyte development , cancer, immunology, metabolism, microbiology, microbiome, neuroimmunology, HIV"
80/ SUSAN HOCKFIELD, PH.D.: "Susan Hockfield is an American neuroscientist who from December 2004 through June 2012 served as the sixteenth president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)"

"Sue Desmond-Hellmann is an American oncologist and biotechnology leader who served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation from 2014–2020"
82/ There are more but they aren't that interesting

Sooooo you've got the gates foundation, the press, management consultancy, banking, the WEF and woke global business all wrapped up into the jab

2020: Feature BMJ Investigation:
"Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight. Paul D Thacker reports"…
"A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events....."
".....reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding."
"After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."
87/ "Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails."
88/ "Why is the FDA not inspecting clinical research sites when they are getting credible allegations about corruption? Where is the FDA office of criminal investigations? Where is the FBI healthcare fraud unit? They’re nowhere to be seen.”…
89/ Ventavia "debunked" the story: "Ventavia is aware of recent accusations in an article written by Paul Thacker [investigative reporter and author of the BMJ article]. Mr. Thacker did not contact Ventavia prior to publication"
"The accuser was employed for approximately two weeks in September 2020, and no part of her job responsibilities concerned the clinical trials at issue."
"These same accusations were made a year ago, at which time Ventavia notified the appropriate parties. The allegations were investigated and determined to be unsubstantiated."
92/ BMJ editor said:
"This is nonsense. The investigation was fully fact checked and legally checked. It’s no surprise that Pfizer and FDA are saying there is nothing to see here. There is and trial participants and the public deserve better"

Update as of November 2021: "lawyer acting for the whileblower at the heart of the BMJ story sent a letter to Ventavia on 11 November "to demand an immediate retraction and public correction" of Ventavia's claim"
94/ "...that “no part of her job responsibilities concerned the clinical trials at issue," and threatens legal action if the company does not comply. To date Ventavia does not appear to have issued the requested press release."
Show me the money!…
97/ I love stupid lefties that think they're very smart - they make my day lol

1. They don't know warp speed isn't new
2. They fail to see the Pheyezer received one of the largest Operation Warp Speed supply contracts July 21 2020…

3. The claim that Pheyezer didn't take government money is also patently false.

They have been taking if for a very long time.

The arrogance of ignorance never ceases to amaze me

"Meanwhile, the Pfizer contract has the narrowest protections for taxpayers of any Operation Warp Speed contract released so far, drug policy and intellectual property experts tell NPR."
"It excludes almost all intellectual property rights, forgoing leverage to use if the company engages in price gouging down the road. It may also set a dangerous precedent for future government contracts, they say."…
101/ "As between Pfizer and the Government, Pfizer also shall own any and all data generated by Pfizer within the scope of this Statement of Work ('Subject Data')," it says."
102/ "For the avoidance of doubt, the parties do not anticipate Pfizer generating any Subject Data using Government funding."

Which is insane IMO
103/ "Still, the contract seems to contradict itself. Although it says government funds won't be used for research and development, it also says that the company will get to keep any technology it develops as part of the agreement & those inventions will become trade secrets."
"The opposing ideas strike Love as odd. "If it is the case that all the inventions are really being funded by Pfizer that are related to this contract, then they wouldn't need that provision in the contract," he says."
105/ Unredacted sections of the Pheyezer contract with the Dominican Republic were released

They "wanted additional protections, meaning that the company would not have to pay up itself if held liable for rare adverse effects"…

"....or its own acts of negligence, fraud or malice: the government would pay its costs instead."

They "also asked Brazil and Argentina to put up sovereign assets, which might include embassy buildings or military bases, as collateral against the cost of future legal cases."
"One Latin American government official present in negotiations, whose government has signed a confidentiality agreement with Pheyezer, described the demands as “high-level bullying” and said the administration felt “held to ransom” over access to life-saving vaccines."
109/ I could go on and on about the illegality (yes illegality and lack of ethics) of these contracts but I won't' bc it's a thread in and of itself.
and this should tell all of us everything we need to know about these jabs and their safety.

If they were proud of their work and these jabs were truly safe and effective they would be jumping to share their success.…
Let's face it nothing seems right at all…
112/ Israel signs a deal with Pheyezer and becomes one of the most extreme adherents to jab policy…
113/ Jumping into factories and multiple jabs
114/ They also were the first to see the link between the jabs and myocarditis…
115/ Israel was also the first to note the jab wanes…
116/ Israel was also the first to have 4th boosters

17/ Israel is also warning the 5th wave is coming

They are officially pincushions…
18/ The Who is also warning about more carnage despite the jab…

So jabbed status is always in flux - but don't worry they can solve that with additional testing (this is truly mass psychosis)…
120/ All the while the world pretends to not see the many many elephants in the room.

Elephant 1: THERE IS NO GOSH DARNED DATA. Yep ladies and gents - you can't call something safe and effective when it's been out for less then 1 year! NO doctors know what the outcome will be
ELEPHANT 2: it is NOT a vaccine. Repeat after me. It's genetic therapy - a completely new technology that they changed definition for.


ELEPHANT 3: They change the definition of unvaccinated/vaccinated so they can pump up the stats for people in the hospital etc.

Seriously - if you take any of their shots you should no longer be call unjabbed


ELEPHANT 4: The PCR test is FAULTY and there's never ever been a proper definition for dying OF covid. It's very different than dying with it.

There's no other explantation for this other than the simple fact they want to jack up the numbers
124/ ELEPHANT 5: The jab doesn't stop you from getting covid or transmitting covid.

We don't even know the real facts about hospitalizations and deaths bc they obfuscate the numbers.

Sorry then - there's no reason for passports and mandates.
125/ ELEPHANT 6: We are conducting a global human trial and it's not voluntary. There's been criminal coercion by world governments. Hiding ingredients and data prevents informed consent.

What is unfolding is a crime against humanity and this rollout violates the Nuremberg Code
126/ ELEPHANT 7: Jabbing children is absolutely immoral.

They aren't at risk and we are more likely as adults to give it to them than they are to us.

The worst part? The FDA rubber stamp even states they won't be done with the Myocarditis studies until 2025

"Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a WARNING"

We are failing to heed…

The truth is there are billions of dollars at stake for complies like Pheyezer.

Plus unlimited CONTROL.

Passports, future jab banks, nanobots, tracing and tracking mechanisms.

So we find these people (who have proven themselves over the decades to be some of the most dishonest and unethical on the planet) are now calling people who talk about the elephants in the room criminals.…
129/ Bourla said life for many people can go "back to normal" once many of the unvaccinated get vaccinated.

I say NO

I say show us the data

I say YOU are the criminal
130/ I refuse to listen to a company that has had to pay out BILLIONS in fines for dishonesty and grift.

A company that drafts illegal contracts and hides their data.

Pheyezers background speaks for itself. I was going to wrap this up with a bow but the tweets are enough

• • •

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22 Nov
Why is be kind in every person's bio that also uses f off 🤣

1. It's not a vaccine
2. The "science" isn't in. we are in the middle of a global trial of new tech sooooo Canadians aren't following the "science" because that data is unfolding as I type
Since you think you're so intelligent debate me. I've been studying the science behind mrna tech for nearly 2 years.
You should also know the background of one of the main companies jabbing people. Part I…
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21 Nov
1/ 2011: Well that Nigerian trial that killed kids did not go away.

"A former Pfizer (PFE) employee's letter to a federal judge alleging that the company put a courier on a KLM flight to Nigeria carrying bribes for local officials..."

" a classic example of how hard it is to get away with corporate skullduggery:...."

but yet it is VERY easy as we know with 2020 hindsight
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21 Nov
Ordinary pub savannah
Forsyth Park
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21 Nov
Media messaging right now is pro embracing yourself even if you're unhealthy and obese

I didn't mention the government

But the government is locking down gyms and parks

Of course people are responsible but the messaging is clear
It's everywhere

During covid the emphasis should be on getting healthy

And there's a distinct absence of that
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20 Nov
1/ Thread - I am gong to have to be a bit sneaky this time bc Twitter is already hiding the thread I started on this topic.

So let's take a look at Pheyezer.
2/ Let's go back to Germany 1849. Pheyezer was founded by Charles Pheyezer and Charles F. Erhart in Williamsburgh, NY. The cousins were recent immigrants from Germany. The company produced chemical compounds that included the an anti-parasitic called santonin.
3/ "Santonin was developed in the 1830s by German chemists by extracting the chemical from Artemisia cina, a plant from Turkmenistan."
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