society happens

or words arranged otherwise, society happens to you, you got society'd
history doesn't (just) kick back
sorry my face looks like a society, don't call me jesus for it. just stop. you know it's happening. i've published and perished enough. you acknowledging what i have outlined is not me stealing the fire or disgracing your pedagogy. stop profiling me and learn how to talk
you don't like words and talking? that's your motherfucking problem. i am not going to apologize to no god damn god-representatives who ain't don't shit but count the failures of civil rights like they in a platonic libidinal economy

the fuck y'all think you are?
if you wanna drain my dialectic with your damnation ethics, with all that has been afforded you in a society of abundance? why? what the fuck
"yes, aha, it is abundant, be merry!"

shut the fuck up you have no right to speak for data if you haven't measured anything or read any metrics

if you're counting in your 15 minute temporal window vs "eternity" and that's it?!

the fuck. this is so fucking obnoxious
"everybody's lazy! the few are lazy! the many! the Fs are Ging! women are driven by their loins!"

you're doing what my mother does when she's caught in a lie with my gma
i might lose all my teeth and get pwnd in the street, but at least i don't use rationalization like that and pretend it's the philosophy, and clique randos by matrilineal shadow tales about the successful grifts in bookkeeping

• • •

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26 Nov
i have to deal with it so do you, so.

◇ 2+2=5.
necessarily, if ◇ God exists, then it is necessary that God exists.
necessarily, if God exists, then it is not the case that 2+2=5.
Therefore, ¬◇ God exists. (from A, B, & C)
my reply? well, there is no fact in my mental history that determines what i mean when i say things. communication performs, actions express
seems like a standard reply, but i think non-standard ones are conceivable, if not warrantable and even truth-apt. i have defended our lord's name for quite some time now, being the mountain of names. it is any wonder that a particle should pass through a mountain without one
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25 Nov
meta-nomically applied: known past rules, principles, tenets, axioms, policies, prescriptions, etc. form selectable relations for future rounds at play
so CHANGE, UNCERTAIN (CHANCE), etc. probability density stated in contingency tables, thanks wittgenstein

aBb | aBBb | aBBA | ...
0 | f(-1)
1 | f(-1)
¬1 | f(-2)
2 | f(-3)
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25 Nov

=_?= =_?=
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25 Nov
there isn't (just) no unity problem, post-gettier
sΩฯ :|
1. ฯ is grue
2. sθp
3. s@f(|ฯ)==@ฯ
1. ...
-1. ...
2. ...
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25 Nov
the unity problem is the problem of evil
is every number better than the quality of every number?
is relation better than the quality of relation?
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25 Nov
points for signs @anarchomuaddab Image
temporal terrorism? cyber-, crypto-, compositional semiotic meta-terrorismsm
inaccessible, unsustainable, relational capitalism is an operating system for and of the terror of value
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