4 life experiences that turn a boy into a man.

There is no better Man maker than these
Life for a man and a boy is very different.

Any boy who doesn't understand what it is to be a man fails at it.

He needs to get a close exposure to the reality of a man's life.

These experiences make him the man the world needs.
1. Being a Father

The way a father makes efforts and sacrifices for his children is divine work.

He puts himself in discomfort and under high stress to give his children a life of luxury and comfort.
He gives all his life lessons to his children to save them from mistakes he made.

His protective side gives his all to keep the family safe.

A man understands love when he holds his kid in his hands for the first time.
2. Living through heartbreak

Heartbreak doesn't make a man.

The way he lives through the pain and darkness of mind makes him.

Those who push through to save themselves and rebuild the man in them make it.
Many men sink to the dark side of life through heartbreak.

They were not saved by any fellow men nor they had courage to fight through the mental war.

A man learns how to pick himself up on his own when life makes a major hit on him.

Heartbreak makes warriors.
3. Being a giver

Not the feel-good bullshit.

Men who have provided for people who can't give back anything ever know that their life is not just limited to people part of it.
Ever helped a stranger who can't pay you back in any way?

Men learn the meaning of living as a tribe and living as a species.

To help people grow and prosper who look are way below our class is god's work.
4. Saving fellow men

Every man must experience saving a fellow man.

When you save a man, you save a family, a lineage.

You give a father to his kids.

A strong husband to his wife.

Live through it to understand the feeling.
I live through it everyday and I want every man to live through this.

To be a man is to understand life.

Only a man can see the true side of life.

Live through it, fight back and rise when it hits you down.

Become a Man.

Rise and conquer.
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