Hypercapitalism, as it's called, is fascism with Communist characteristics. Like in China but with fascism leading instead of Communism leading (China has Communism with fascistic characteristics). This is in line with the Leftist dialectical approach to everything.
We're seeing two versions on the dialectical synthesis of Communism and fascism (Communofascism and Fascocommunism), in which Communism absorbs corporatist markets, logic, and governance and uses them abusively. That's why I just call it Communism. In the end, it is.
These two systems, meant to be the two global powers (Oceania and Eastasia), are intentional dialectical inversions of one another so that they can collide and resolve more contradictions on the way to Utopia. If you understand the Theory, it's artificially elegant.
Same thing is happening with CRT and whiteness studies. Blacks are said to have double consciousness imposed upon them, so whites need it too. Blacks approach it through conscious Black Pride. Whites through conscious self-shame. Dialectical inversions of one another.

• • •

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22 Nov
The Communists only have ONE play. Claim there's a disease, sell poison as though it's medicine, and demonize every real treatment. Once you realize this, you can see the game repeated in everything.
LOL o no Covid! Omg ibuprofen and ventilators, lockdowns and masks, leaky vaccines and expensive mostly inappropriate drugs. Real treatments are a conspiracy theory and only stupid people would use them. Horse paste!!! Wow this isn't just a crisis; it's a catastrophe. More power!
LOL some races have lower attainment on average. Omg let's make people more race-conscious and frame it as privilege (bourgeois cultural property) that must be seized and redistributed ("abolished")! Not racism is racism! More equity; more power!
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22 Nov
ESG = Extremely Stupid Goobs

Could you imagine implementing that dumb crap? You'd probably feel all cluelessly proud of yourself for being the world's biggest useful idiot. Like a dog scratching backwards at the ground all happy that it pooped.
Larry Fink is Goober in Chief. You're the dope picking up his poo in a little plastic bag. Unlike a dog, though, Larry Fink doesn't love you unconditionally; in fact, he hates you and your family.
Klaus Schwab is like the Deputy Undersecretary of Gooberdom, a.k.a. a dingleberry that's stuck in the dog's fur.

Verld Econoomic Foorum!

LOL, and you pretend he's smart and awesome. Because you're an Extremely Stupid Goober.
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27 Oct
Numerous separate articles on this were published the same week trying to normalize a potentially fatal heart condition that didn't seem to exist until recently.
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15 Oct
(Red) states should ban the indoctrination of children by schools into Communist ideologies, fairly broadly construed with stiff penalities.

Let's see what that might look like.
Banning Communist indoctrination is the easy part.

States should also mandate that public schools use curricula founded in a liberal pedagogy that affirms and celebrates the tradition of individual rights as held in the Constitution and Declaration on which our society is based.
States should legislatively define the purpose of their public education systems explicitly as for the benefit of individual students, helping them to develop their individual potential and desires for adult life in a free society where they are the masters of their own futures.
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