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24 Nov
1/ This thing about "there's no such thing as a Jewish Christian."

When you grow up (even, as in my case, in part) ethnically Jewish, you grow up with at least some kind of awareness of four thousand years of family lineage that roots you in God's demands on humanity.
2/ Imagine a family project, a family tradition, a sense of who you are that goes back that far. That's what Abraham's covenant is. And you can feel it, even if only a little bit.

And all the consequences of that, all the costs of that, are part of your sense of self.
3/ When you convert to Christianity, as a Jew, that is something weighty. You're not converting from nothing. You have something, and you are figuring out (it takes a while to figure out) how the old thing and the new thing are related.
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23 Nov
Good afternoon. Second-wave feminism was a psyop designed to funnel as close to 100% of human productive work as possible through the corporate wealth-skimmer and instantly double the labor force in order to cripple the union movement.
'50s housewifery wasn't that great either, nor '50s man-in-the-grey-flannel-suit drone work.

what if we went sicko mode and insisted on good work for everyone and cared for our families and each other.
This is "cigarette companies are not your friends" level of obvious by now, you guys.
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21 Nov
In this airport bookstore: five (5) books by Pope Francis plus BXVI/Cardinal Sarah’s β€œFrom the Depths of Our Hearts”

What is going on
TWO books by CS Lewis, plus Thomas Γ  Kempis, plus Bonhoeffer’s Cost of Discipleship
Half a shelf of Tolkien, the tenth anniversary hardcover of Name of the Wind, and a distinct lack of Philip Pullman
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9 Nov
.@ubookman had such relish in being a member of the subversive postliberal/traddish intellectual subculture; he had the instincts of a schemer; his schemes were all things like promoting his friends’ books and getting people internships and fostering excellent conversations.
He had a parallel glee in being a sort of a normie married-with-kids suburbanite among the intellectually exotic, or at least extremely bespoke, Manhattan (and Too Online) circles he inhabited. But he wasn’t a normie, not really.
He was convinced that if the world was going to be won for Christ and the culture pillaged back for the cause of humane sanity, that the publication and successful launch of hardcover books, and the rediscovery of old ones, was going to be a major part of how that would happen.
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9 Nov
my dad recently told me about a Hollywood-adjacent acquaintance of his who had, with his wife, hired a surrogate mother for their first child, and were planning to do the same for any future children. to preserve his wife's body in its non-mom highly cultivated state.
I have never more wanted to burn it all down.

Obviously it used to be the case that upper-class and bourgeois women would get wet nurses for their children to avoid inconvenience and sagging breasts. This is not a sickness specific to modernity. But it is so dire.
And it's going to get worse. (Some of) the rich always have and will always try to dodge aspects of the human condition, to reject the solidarity of the body. As our technology makes it more possible for people to do this more effectively, they will.
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9 Nov
clawing my brain out vogue.com/slideshow/insi…
β€œI had the list of creatives surrounding me that I always knew would help plan my wedding. The process showed me how much planning and effort goes into a wedding, and I had so much fun doing it!”
β€œToby set his iPhone timer and got down on one knee. The timer went off at the perfect moment as we have the most incredible photo.”
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