Reminder that J.K. Rowling is factually wrong in essentially all her claims about trans people, trans rights, and trans-related issues generally. This isn't a matter of differing opinions or interpretations of evidence, this is just plain getting it wrong.…
She doesn't have *any* remotely good points about anything that could warrant her ongoing hostility toward us. Her arguments are fully detached from the facts of trans people's existence in the world and we're just dealing with needless random bigotry from a famous rich person.
I went to the trouble of listening to everything she's said and seeing how it lines up with everything else we know about trans people in society. And what I found is that it doesn't make sense at all in the context of, well, reality.
It's just a mishmash of mutilating numbers to create the appearance of scary statistics, broadly misunderstanding all existing science on trans people and promoting pseudoscience instead, and ginning up unwarranted fear of innocent minorities. She does not have a good point.
I have 12,000 words of documentation upthread to support that and I hope you will avail yourself of those resources so everyone doesn't have to hunt all of this down on their own, although you certainly could and the information is not even difficult to find. She has no excuses.

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23 Nov
[Matrix Resurrections] Posters are a rainbow
this is going to be the gayest transest Matrix ever from a legend with the ungodly industry clout to make that happen and make it happen hard
please let Jessica Henwick be a blue-haired SJW
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22 Nov
Joanne still going on about how she's so threatened and so impossible to threaten at the same time? Good shit I spent all morning getting teeth crunched into bone shards and pulled out of my jaw blehhhh *spits blood everywhere*
Is blood considered a meat
If I were unfathomably rich I would simply not whine
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27 Oct
Any person is possibly transgender until proven otherwise, but gender in language doesn't really enter into it when I'm like "Hi can I get four espresso shots in a tiny cup, yes, just four espresso shots, nothing else. Hot please"
You can say things like "Wow you look awesome" which also doesn't involve gendered pronouns
Singular they and them are so fundamentally incorporated into the language that you use them without even realizing it all the time when you're not consciously being a jackass about it
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26 Oct
The thing about transphobes is they will get additionally upset that one of their precious cis girls had been having consensual sex with a trans kid
Nobody acts like cis girls are monsters for bringing trans kids into school bathrooms for sex, although she did do this at least twice
That wasn't what exploded this into a Trans Issue while it was going on. Nobody seemed to care! But their relationship ending in criminal violence has apparently now made it a Trans Issue just due to how convenient that narrative is for transphobes
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26 Oct
So how much of this is just terves having a thing for us, sleeping with us, then going back to their terf friends all like "but I promise I didn't like it!"
They have the ideology and passion of a Christian youth group and maybe half of the maturity
The only real thing that happens here is terves pressuring cis lesbians *not* to sleep with trans women. Before /r/GenderCritical was banned they treated this like a history of contamination. Rose petals. Born again virgins
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26 Oct
*waking up in my 11th year as an out trans woman, getting my wife and kids ready for work and school* What a lovely morning, I wonder what the day will OOPS
It's a phenomenal deficiency of transphobes that they imagine themselves being so inherently appealing as to make trans women desperate to sleep with someone who hates us
Because we're so known for prowling Trump rallies and Chappelle shows
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