What the GOP's real agenda is post 2025 when they have permanent power:

1. Ensure that they remain in power in perpetuity

2. Slash social programs (medicare, medicaid, social security) and push "charity" to churches

3. End the filibuster

4. Continue stacking the courts 1/n
5. Use the courts to end Roe, Windsor, Obergefell, Lawrence, Engel, Newman .v Piggy Park, Griswold, etc...

6. Pass sweeping laws ending abortion, same sex marriage, protections for LGBT people

7. Pass laws enabling government "no promo homo" laws like Russia / Hungary 2/n
8. Slashing taxes on the rich and corporations / preventing the IRS from collecting taxes on the rich and corporations

9. End trans military service, bring back DADT

10. Brutalize / shoot immigrants 3/n
11. Coddle authoritarian dictators (Putin, Orban, Kim Jong-Un)

12. Make the US more like Hungary (competitive authoritarian, theocratic basis for law)

13. Establish guns and religion as the only "real" human rights in the US 4/n
14. Pour federal money into conservative churches, which goes right back to the GOP in contributions

15. Follow Hungarian model for deciding what "real" (read: conservative) churches are eligible for money.

16. Encourage right wing violence to suppress protests. 5/n
17. Purging the party of any moderates or opposition to Trump which might uphold election results

18. Bring back mandatory prayer in schools / eliminate public schools in favor of religious ones

19. Deregulate everything, allowing corporations to pollute / scam more easily 6/n
20. Empower the furthest right elements of the party (MTG, Boebert, Cawthorne, etc...) to set GOP policy and legislative agenda

21. Ban most materials they feel are offensive (anything LGBT, 1619 project, gender studies programs, discussions on race, etc...) 7/n
22. Establish a system that's theoretically color blind, but enhances legal and economic disparities (like Jim Crow)

23. End elements of the ACA their donors dislike (pre-existing conditions, coverage of people up until 26)

24. Massive spending increases on defense. 8/n
25. Degrading workers rights, to make corporate profits bigger, and reduce the influence of labor

26. Instituting mandatory "patriotic" education at all levels

27. Ending legal recognition of trans people 9/n
28. Removing trans people from federal service & federal contractors by revoking clearances (source tells me there was a memo floating around WH to do this, probably McEntee.)

29. Punishing states that do not fall in line by withholding federal funding 10/n
30. Purging top military ranks of anyone who isn't a "true believer", yes man, or conservative evangelical Christian.

All of this is based on what they say they want to do, or sources have told me on background. 11/n
Almost needless to say, this isn't a place fit for LGBT people to live.

• • •

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17 Nov
I think that people need to re-align their understanding of what the January 6th insurrection really means, and especially what it will be used for. It's not going to be a vehicle for overthrowing the government.

It's a map on how to steer it. 1/n

The GOP doesn't need a bunch of crazies hopped up on Tucker Carlson and OAN storming the Capitol to permanently control the government. They're doing it now quietly, with gerrymandering, voter suppression, and subverting election authorities. 2/n
They're doing it by electing representatives who will overturn election results they don't like, and normalizing anti-democratic (little d) beliefs: i.e. winning is more important than the process, because America needs saving from the libs. 3/n
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15 Nov
People need to understand something important: A second Trump term is going to be unimaginably worse than the first. The guardrails of democracy nearly came completely down in 2020. Trump, and the GOP, are making sure they're gone by 2025, and they will exploit it. 1/n
There' no effective institutional resistance left within the GOP to corruption and attacks on Democracy. What little there was is being primaried out of office, and replaced with utter loyalists who put "winning" ahead of all else. 2/n
Trump is almost certain to inherit a 7-2 SCOTUS. Breyer has refused to retire, and after 2022 McConnell will be in a position to hold the seat open until a Republican is in the WH again. I'm told he fully intends to do this. 3/n
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7 Nov
I think it's telling that Republicans are now calling Big Bird a communist.

At this point, "communism" means anything Republicans don't like. I doubt that the majority of the Republican base could define it properly.

To them, it's basically anything that's a civic good. 1/n
Public spending, behaving in ways that contribute to the common good (like getting vaccinated), kindness towards those who are different, acceptance of a cosmopolitan, multicultural world: all of these are are "communist" to the GOP base. 2/n
I'm part of that first generation of kids raised on Henson's original Muppets on Sesame Street, which has always deliberately had a diverse cast. I still have a soft spot for Jim's vision of humor, compassion, and empathy. 3/n

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27 Oct
What's coming down the pike for trans people is really bad. The level of lying, demonization, propaganda, and fearmongering has risen to a fever pitch. We're basically in 2nd or 3rd place behind CRT and masks / vaccines as a culture war wedge.

I expect we'll be moving up. 1/n
If this keeps up for another 4 years, we are so boned. Most prognosticators believe the GOP will control all three branches firmly by 2025, and not relinquish control again for at least a decade (and probably generations) 2/n
GOP politicians won't have a choice but to go after trans people HARD after their base has been whipped into a frenzy for four straight years. They're already entering into "competitive outbidding" to stake out the most extreme positions (see: Mandel v. Vance in Ohio) 3/n
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26 Oct
We're ****ed. Humanity is ****ed. The planet is ****ed.

They're about to claim power over all three branches for several generations, right as the planet needs drastic action to prevent plunging past the point of no return.

Scientists I talk to say 90% of humanity dead by 2100.
Not just from warming, but from acidification of the oceans leading to complete collapse of most higher marine life forms.

Collapse of the soil nitrogen cycle, and global crop failure as a result of both. Plastics resulting is very high infertility rates. 2/n
2 billion people rely on the oceans for food, and that's gone by 2060. Soil is being made poorer by overfarming and chemical farming. 24 billion tons of soil erode every year. And insects are going extinct, decimating plants that rely on pollination. 3/n
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1 Oct
This is terrifying. It is the right admitting to everything I have accused them of.

They intend to impose single party rule for generations, to eliminate "CRT" and "gender ideology", and restore Christianity as the basis for our government and society.

Some quotes:

"The Constitution is really only fit for a Christian people”

The ideal endgame would be to effect a realignment of our politics and take control of all three branches of government for a generation or two"
More quotes:

"The high incarceration rate of Black Americans is due to their much higher propensity to commit violent crime."

"If you don’t think your rights ultimately come from a Creator, you’re halfway down the road to our modern confusion."
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