Why don't us longtime Linux users start livestreaming ourselves trying to install and use Windows and MacOS and highlighting all the annoying things as we go, especially 3rd party software oddities?
We can all be like,

"You have to install how many .NET framework versions? How many reboots so far?"

"My Adobe version doesn't support this version of MacOS? No wonder people have so many have trouble taking MacOS seriously. Apple needs to fix this."
The problem with MacOS is that the hardware support is just so bad. I couldn't get it to run on *any* of my Raspberry Pis no matter how many proprietary drivers I tried to install from random sites on the internet.
Wait. I can't even login without a Microsoft account? How do people put up with this? Stuff like this is why people will never take Windows seriously as a mainstream distribution.
All this public fighting between Windows and MacOS users is confusing and overwhelming and a big turn off for Linux users who might otherwise consider a proprietary operating system.
Between Windows and MacOS, there are too many options. Can't all proprietary operating systems users come together and just make one perfect operating system that fits every use case and preference out of the box, but most specifically mine?
Join me tonight as I try to enable TPM 2.0 on this four year old laptop to see if we can get Windows 11 to run on it. It says it supports Intel PTT, so this should be straightforward, right?
I'm surprised that MacOS doesn't even come with a modern web browser installed and you have to go to a website to download one. That's not a great initial user experience.
So do I or do I not need antivirus software and which one?

How do I create a folder in MacOS? Do I need to right click somewhere? Where is the right-click?

I'm having trouble getting @Pitivi installed in either. I wish Mac and Windows had better 3rd party vendor support. Is there even a way to edit videos on these operating systems?

Reddit says I need to "clean my registry" so I followed a few tutorials and deleted a few things and now this Windows box is acting really weird.
How do I print?

(For real- my wife used to dual boot and she'd reboot into Linux whenever she needed to print because Windows 10 kept "losing" the printer.)
How can I make sure all my software is up to date?

I'm used to firmware updates just being automatic through LVFS on Linux. How do I update the firmware from Windows? This vendor site says I need to put something on a USB drive. Can I borrow one from someone?
How do I get my monitors to work with MacOS?

Wait - I have to pay for Docker on MacOS?!
I'm not sure how to intentionally update windows, but I'm also not sure how to keep it from updating when I don't want it to.

Which Windows 11 version do I need?.. What's the difference? Mine came with Home. Do I need to reinstall?

Looks like I need to pay up just to be able to view my smartphone videos on Windows.

It's hostile posts like this from the proprietary software community that totally turn off Linux users from taking proprietary operating systems seriously.

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25 Nov
I hope this was useful for improving the dialog and gives some pause for assumptions about what user experience must be like for other users.
Plenty of introspection has happened in the Linux community after @linusgsebastian examined the opposite scenario of this.

I intentionally did not @ him and please do not attack him. Others are now copy catting it in obnoxious ways and I won't give them publicity.
In many ways, this was very helpful for the Linux community as it addressed real pain points from new users. Unfortunately, it also enabled many to relentlessly slander Linux communities that I care deeply about.
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24 Oct
One of the most infuriating things about this is we've cooked the planet with this for nothing. Imagine if all that compute could have gone to BOINC projects like @RosettaAtHome or @WCGrid. 😔
The greed is literally killing us, both through global warming and opportunity cost for better public research into things like cancer and pandemics.
My BOINC credits are worth absolutely nothing as a currency, but I have no regrets that I have them to my name instead of MemeCoins.
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24 Oct
Cryptocurrencies are pyramid schemes. It's Amway for tech bros.
It's often the same wishy language and hypotheticals given by MLM salespeople. Yes, it does make some people very rich - at the expense of a whole lot of other people.
Some people are convinced that if they can just get enough pennies together to buy an NFT, that things will work out better for them financially. It is unethical, immoral, evil, and wrong.
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24 Oct
This is a great analogy. All that to say, there's no problem with at all with learning python first, but you'll understand how python works much better coming from C.
To be clear, while I believe learning C first is useful, I do not at all believe it's required nor always helpful to suggest.

For example, when learning python, which is a strongly typed language, a beginner will likely be surprised to learn that you can iterate over a string. Shouldn't this be a type error? In C, a string is an array or chars and that carries over into python.
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