Think for a second how absolutely asinine it is that two days ago a Hamas terrorist murdered a Jewish civilian in cold blood on the streets of Jerusalem, and the terrorist's family will be getting paid a stipend for that heinous act every month in perpetuity.
Think about how asinine it is that the Shin Bet foiled an enormous terror plot and arrested 50 Hamas terrorists as ignoramuses in the west continue to demand the removal of checkpoints, walls, and other extensive security measures.
You can call these security measures oppressive, you can call them dehumanizing, you can call them whatever you want. What you cannot ignore, however, is that they have thwarted many attacks and saved countless lives.
Think about how asinine it is that folks in the west are totally silent about the Palestinian Authority's ongoing pay-for-slay policy — which pays terrorists and their families for murdering Jews — but is consistently up in arms over Israel's life-saving iron dome technology.
Think about how asinine it is that Israel is called a "genocidal ethnostate" and a perpetrator of "apartheid" when Israeli civilians continue to be the target of terror orgs who for 73 years have not accepted that their pan-Arab dream is dead and the Jews are there to stay.
The oppressed vs. oppressor narrative that the west so badly wants to assign to Israel-Palestine simply doesn't hold up when:

A) There are active terror orgs that have openly expressed their desire to kill Jews and dismantle Israel.
B) Israel has put into place extensive security measures to make sure that doesn't happen.

C) Palestinian civilians suffer as a result.

If you want to solve problem C, you must start by addressing problem A.
It is truly devastating that Palestinian civilians live with the consequences of Hamas' actions and the actions of other terror orgs in the region. That is a legitimate conversation to have. We should always try to find ways to make life better for civilians eager for peace.
What isn't a legitimate discussion is the one that's been happening on Twitter over the past three days, with people in the west defending the Hamas terrorist who murdered Eli Kay, saying that acts of "resistance" are justified against the "oppressor" "by any means necessary."
Kay was a 26-year-old tour guide who made aliyah from South Africa. If those justifying his murder cared about Palestinians, they wouldn't be defending violence against Israelis because that only leads to stricter security measures for Palestinians.

... And the cycle continues.
There's this narrative that's been tossed around in good faith that both sides have an equal responsibility (or even that Israel has *more* responsibility) to put an end to the conflict once and for all.
Admittedly, I'm finding that harder to believe when candies are being distributed in Gaza every time a Jew is murdered in their homeland and peace offers have been made and turned down repeatedly.

We must be honest about what's happening here.

• • •

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