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Radical Democracy: This group advocates that all decisions be mediated with as strong of a consensus model as is reasonable, given the conditions. Representative democracy only allows people to elect their rulers. (1/?)
Instead, temporary and revocable delegation should be used in order to carry out specific tasks and then the delegation ends. All proposals and votes should be carried out by confederations of the people. (2/?)
Anti-Hierarchy: All hierarchies of power and privilege should be abolished. White supremacy, anti-Blackness, capitalism, the state, patriarchy/androcentrism, ableism, cisheteronormativity, and all other forms of bigotry only empower the exploiters. (3/?)
There is an inherent interconnection between means and ends and if we choose to configure the revolution along the lines of hierarchies of power and privilege, that is precisely the society we shall create. (4/?)
Social Ecology: The domination of nature by our species is mirrored in the domination of our species by ourselves. Society cannot repair its exploitative relationship with nature until it repairs its own exploitative relationship with itself. (5/?)
There must be a return to, and beyond, pre-colonial notions regarding land and resources. (6/?)
Intersectionality: All intersections of identity are fundamentally reconstitutive. This means that the way we are affected by the intersection of our various identities is not simply an addition of those oppressions, but instead forms a new experience which is unique and (7/?)
is not co-linear and therefore must be addressed on its own grounds. (8/?)
Horizontal Economics: The capitalist system of production is insufficient to meet the needs of the people. We endeavor to create a system which serves the people, not the profit driven ideals of capital. (9/?)
As a vehicle for revolutionary change, we wish to promote the expansion and normalization of more solidaric forms of economic organization within this world, including: worker and consumer controlled cooperatives, radical unions/workers’ councils, housing cooperatives, (10/?)
community land trusts, time banks, mutual aid networks, communes, intentional communities, credit unions, alternative currencies, squatting, guerilla gardening, and community gardens. All grounded on the principles of participatory democracy and consensus. (11/?)
Our economic goal should be to give optimal control of the people over the production and distribution of their society. We seek to eventually abolish the production of things for the purpose of exchange and replace it with a system of production based (12/?)
on ability and distribution based on need. (13/?)
Dual Power: We want to create power structure(s) controlled by the masses which countervail and eventually overtake and abolish the current form of civic society, creating a new form of social organization focused on solidarity, autonomy, and dignity. (14/?)
Community Self-Defense: We must prepare the ability to defend ourselves when the time comes that the state and capital decide that we are too much of a danger to their rule. (15/?)
Further, we must abolish the institutions (such as the police and prisons) designed to suppress and exploit our communities. We support and encourage the right of peoples to arm themselves and defend against their oppressors and dismantle the system which harms them. (16/16)

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