Let us embark, an expeditionary force into the past. What will we draw forth? What will we take into the future?
Thread of threads 🧵
The reason: holistic education. The value of general intelligence. Competition with scientifically trained labor of other countries. Basic math skills and drawing skills for descriptive expression, creativity: "to be freed from narrowness". Cooperation of parents & teachers.
These are Visuals of Power for you. 1919 was *after* the war. Regeneration.
Prince of Wales Canada Tour, 1919. Future King Edward VIII later to abdicate to marry American commoner. I think there's a movie or series on the drama.
Above: Soldiers of the Soil (SOS) to fill wartime labor shortage. Mainly look like kids. O tempora! O mores!
Greater industrial and consumer progress and office work for women, but at the same time there is hardly a girl but what looks forward to the day that she will marry and have her own home.

Marriage as partnership of providing for the home together.
Cooperation of home and school in education of new generation.
Home economics as a scientific method to uplift family life, to become balanced mentally, morally, and physically.

Marriage problems avoided.
Value of foodstuffs:
Cooking times, etc. Very useful!
Canadian trench warfare tactician Gen. Currie: bite-and-hold on the Western Front unto Victory for the Allied Powers.
"First U.F.O. Premier of Ontario". @joerogan
The Scotch Chad that began it all. @russiancosmist
Mac-Pap Rebel. Render, Dixie had allies in Toronto and Montreal. Later battalion in Spanish Revolution. @BuyBookBuyBook
Some real Alt-history for you.
Canada: between two worlds. Huge jolt to system by Loyalists.
Religion: the Roman Catholic Church was for many years the only church in Canada.
Climate: the autumns are ideal.
Christian Girl Autumn.
Ontario was known as Upper Canada. Used as slur outside of province still.
Industry! Labour!
"The Largest (grain) Elevator in the World". Capitalization not mine.
William Lyon Mackenzie's 1837 rebellion spurred responsible government, provincial unification, and Confederation.

World War One termed "the War of Nations"!
"Which goes to show that the people of the province are very literary".
"The maple lumber cut in Ontario is 87 per cent. of the total used in the Dominion".
Toronto wasn't always called "the 6".
It was firstly York.
Then "Toronto the Good".
Toronto's (erstwhile) popular name: "City of Churches".
The beautiful buildings of the University of Toronto are among the city's most conspicuous structures.
The Royal Bank Building, at the corner of Yonge and King Streets, is the highest building in the British Empire.
@cityoftoronto Grenadier Pond.
John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto): 1497.
Jacques Cartier: 1534. Landing at Gaspe, planting a 30 foot tall cross for France.
l'Île d'Orléans
Mount Royal
Cartier having lost heart in the adventure and longing for the sight of France once more.
Collapse of early French colonies. French Wars of Religion (2nd deadliest war of religion) delays development of new country.
Meanwhile, Spanish and Portuguese fisherman in Newfoundland.
Fur trade kicks off.
First heroic character in the story of New France: Samuel de Champlain.
Acadia founded by convicts and rogues, as well as some fine gentlemen.
Quebec City founded after setbacks.
Governor Frontenac led to the discovery of the Mississippi River, and French claim to interior valley.
HBC set up as fur trade rival.
France was planning on a great American empire.
Three-quarters of a century of Anglo-French war.
English warships blockade Canada.
Europewide wars continue in New England and New France.
Turning point: 1763.
Quebec Act of 1774 was practically the Constitution of Canada.
French-Canadians refused to rebel against England in 1775 and 1812.
Revolutionary War in America: chief source of trouble not unjust taxation, but sentimental and geographical.
Revolutionary War not vitally important to Canada.

To this day the descendants of loyalists of King and United Empire from New England are the most important single element in Nova Scotia, eastern Quebec, New Brunswick, southern Ontario.
Canada's struggle for responsible government: Upper and Lower Canada divided, governments given absolute control, leading to struggle for responsible government.
Radical party rebel.
Quebec separatism, independence by Papineau and radicals.
Ethnic tensions led to abortive insurrection.
Class tensions among British for independence after 1812.
Charlottetown conference produces provincial confederation instead of just a Maritime Union mini Canada.
Secret conference.
Irish Fenian Raids from America.
@IrishAntifa @KeithWoodsYT
Outbreak of WWI.
Great loyalty of the Dominion to the Mother Country.
1916 Borden pledge to boost troops leads to 1917 election.
Military Service Act for conscription led to Union party platform and election by close of war.
Teutonic powers bent on war.
War with Austria and Serbia meant general war among all the European nations.
Full duty in the world crisis.
The largest army that ever crossed the Atlantic at one time.
"The Tank".
Not much to add.
Note the puppy alongside the King.
The bottom photo is actually a 1907 Nanaimo, BC postcard. Man the harpoons boys, we're going whalin.
"Cutting and pasting is about the first lesson the child learns".

How children learn fairness. How children taught to do what the piano tells them to do.

Children learn to mimic to do as the farmer does when he sows his seed, as the blacksmith does when he shoes a horse.
Some short stories to ponder as we near the end of the Thread of Threads.
The Thanksgiving Turkey. 🦃 @midwestfuturist
1916 racial map of Europe after book index. Constantinople. Christiania. Petrograd. Greater Germany. Greater Armenia. English in Ireland. Scotland as Erse. Catalans in Sardinia. Great, Little and White Russians. Yugoslav continuum. Smaller groups: Morlaks, Iazigs, Kumans, Wends.
Steampunk racism map. Is this what they mean by "CRT"?
@FistedBy @kunley_drukpa
Changing times and automotive technology: "sport model" jackass.
An old Christmas tag to Charlie.

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