I’m not usually one to hype things up because literally before Zeoboost (Zeolite) I had tried everything under the sun & nothing had worked for me… but zeolite completely changed my life…
It provided all the answers & more, to all of my health ‘problems’ that had previously been determined as ‘incurable’, by modern day medicine doctors… who told me to ‘just deal with it’… & ‘just dealing with it’ got me very close to death.
I started with taking Zeolite drops in June 2021 & after a month with those, I didn’t notice any difference…
So then I did further research & found that the drops & pill zeolite supplements are usually such small amounts of zeolite that it barely makes any difference because the dosing is not strong enough to make an impact…
With the zeolite powder you can take much more/higher doses & it’s much more productive & efficient for detox purposes… I switched to the powder the first week of July & noticed immediate change…
I was interested in zeolite for the purposes of detoxing heavy metals from my body because I believed, as well as other naturopathic doctors, that the route cause to my problems was from heavy metals in a 💉 I had gotten when I was 19.
Prior to that 💉 in 2008, I had never had any of the symptoms I had developed… I believe the heavy metals in the 💉 triggered a predisposed genetic issues…
I later found out, many years down the road, that the Gardasil 💉 had caused many other women the same issues I had developed & there’s actually various lawsuits for people who suffered from this 💉.
I also found out that my cousin, who had gotten the same 💉, had developed lupus out of nowhere, along the same timelines of symptoms developing & me & her are 1 year apart & she lived in a residing town.
Prior to this happening to me, I was young, naive, & unconscious to the danger of listening to a doctor telling me I need this 💉 & just unquestionably said yes, sounds like a great idea, at the time… although life got really hard, really fast due to that choice…
It was a major catalyst in my awakening& 1 of the primary reasons for my awakening…without this happening,I’d probably still be naive&in-denial that a💉could cause such life-changing unexpected damages…all happens exactly as it should on this journey…&for our soul growth.
I decided to do a 90 day detox of 2 teaspoons 3x a day of zeoboost powder… It completely shattered my expectations & I feel better than I had felt & like a young kid again… in November I started doing a maintenance dose of 2 teaspoons 3 days out of the week.
I cycled off of it for about a week after the detox… I will continue taking the maintenance doses due to the fact that we are still very much exposed to major toxins in every direction of life… whether that be the air, water, food, etc… no one escapes exposure…
They have it pretty well covered so we don’t miss the toxins they shower us with… & that is because the toxins are a major variable in their operation to program & mind control us… toxins create the ‘perfect storm’.

Here are some posts from my journey🙏

Here is a link to the brand of zeolite I used on my own journey👇👇👇

10% off discount code: CJZINGLE (all caps)

A long thread on all of the health issues that metal toxins have been scientifically proven to cause👇👇👇

• • •

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